Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Last Monday I attended LondonLipgloss (a.k.a. Zozo) and ReeReeRockette's blogger event marking the collaboration between the two in the form of a new shade of Rockalily lipstick - ZOMG, as well as celebrating social media as a general. It was basically a party full of a huge diversity of different bloggers and small companies all having a good time thanks to the ton of stuff available to do (and the good company helped as well). ReeRee and Zozo were amazing hostesses, so friendly and both looked amazing - I need ReeRee's baby blue framed glasses with gold detailing (they're amazing) and Zozo (+ her hair) looked super cute, be assured.
Leading up to the event I was pretty damn nervous considering it was my first blog-centric event but everyone on Twitter was really friendly and my feed was buzzing with #ZOMGbloggersbash, which in turn got me buzzing. (If you want to see the dress I wore in full go here).
Upon arriving we (being me and the boyfriend/photographer) were hit by a wall of bloggers. There were so many people (or maybe I'm just small town, quite possibly) and the actual venue was gorgeous; lilac-accented chandeliers and silver damask wallpaper anyone? Everyone was dressed amazingly, the entire evening had this delicious retro rockabilly vibe to it. We were handed a sheet for blogger's bingo, which had two purposes: to get us to mingle (which worked really well actually, so kudos!) and also once completed could be entered into a prize draw (but more on that a few paragraphs).
an amazing hat, another retro hairstyle, ReeRee, Fancy Dresscapades
When I say there was a ton of stuff to do, I do mean a ton. There was (to name a few) cupcake decorating, card making, history lessons, hat trying, wig fitting and hair styling. After yabbering to a few people including the girls from Illamasqua (I lust their lipsticks), a few fellow bloggers (including Jennie and Betty)  and being slightly starstruck having seen some bloggers I follow (again, possibly a small town girl thing) the retro hairstyling caught my eye big time and waited for a turn. The amazing Miss Honey Bare of Heyday Honey turned my boring, vaguely wavy mess into something beautiful and I love it so much that I'm gonna bung all the photos Harry (the boyfriend) took into another blog post, so look out for that. It broke my heart to have to undo it later at home.
it got a bit Marie Antoinette meets Jean Paul Gaultier new Amy Winehouse inspired collection at one point (the middle image)

After that (which took a while - not that I'm complaining, who doesn't love having their hair played with, and I just know the boyfriend loved watching) I went to look at the Rockalily lipstick range. I'd seen them on the website so I was interested to see how they looked in real life. I've got to say I fell in love with Roulette Red which I think I'm going to need in my life sooner rather than later.
 swatches (ZOMG is the first one on the left), trying on Roulette Red (and rocking my new hair), wearing Roulette Red

After that I plucked up the courage to speak to Amy of Paperbacks and Postcards and we shared our affection for sea creatures. It was great to get to know someone I felt I sort of already knew in a "I watch you but you don't know who I am" kind of way. Then can the surprise of the evening - two burlesque perfomances. The first was a funny and original routine by Rubyyy Jones, I loved her style of dancing. Then came Banbury Cross, who - as I mentioned on Twitter - I have a raging lady boner for. She was classic, old-style glamour in a nutshell (an incredibly sexy, crystal encrusted nutshell) and to top it all off she showered us in champagne, I literally could not ask for more.
unfortunately we were behind a wall of people, so these are the best shots we could get

Once that was over and all the ladies (questioning their sexuality) had calmed down the bingo sheets were drawn for the prizes and I won something! Little old me! I have won a hair-styling lesson from Vanity Box (worth a freaking £150!). I hope I can learn something since I am pretty hopeless with hair but seeing what can be done I'd love to give it a go. After that the evening was pretty much over and we had to make a pretty speedy exit to catch our trains. All in all it was the best first blogging event I could have wished for and I challenge the next one to be anywhere near as good as that!
As always all photos were taken by my boyfriend/photographer, check his tumblr out here.


  1. You looked lovely. It was nice to meet you - and great snaps!

  2. I love that you enjoyed your hair from Miss Honey Bare so much and then you won the Vanity Box prize!!!

  3. that last pic of you is lovely, something about the shadows maybe... your boy is talented!
    and lady boner is a phrase that I am going to be using I reckon!

  4. Your hair did look amazing! Can't wait to see what you learn in your hair lesson! It was lovely to speak to you too! I'm so glad you did as I was being a total shyface and you made me feel all lovely and special! xx

  5. wow looks amazing wish i could have gone !! im a new follower of yours <3

  6. Great blog. Looks like you had a fab night at the blogger bash. I hope you had time to try our wigs out.
    Sam xx


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