Friday, 23 August 2013

Review & Swatches ~ My Beauty Addiction Lipsticks

I found out about My Beauty Addiction when I was browsing Etsy for exciting lipsticks (when am I not?). I really liked some of their colours but as is often the case didn't want to buy a full size and find out the pigmentation was rubbish or I didn't like the formula or something. Luckily they recently introduced sample sizes, where you can choose any three colours for £2.73 which I think is super reasonable, even with postage and packing. I will probably (definitely) be ordering a few more, especially since they've now introduced some more interesting shades.

Packaging: each sample comes in a sweet little clamshell with plenty of product, which is easily accessed with a finger tip or lip brush. The label simply gives the name of the product (but not the company, which is kind of odd) and the quantity of product (0.16oz).

Price: £2.73 ($4.00) for three samples, or £5.12 ($7.50) for one full sized, bullet lipstick. The sample price is amazing considering how much product you get, and the full size price is also very impressive!

Formula: I found the pigmentation varied a little between colours. Emerald was definitely the best and would totally recommend it as a dupe of Lime Crime's Serpentina, it's slightly brighter but the general deeper metallic green theme is the same. I applied each lipstick with a combination of finger and lip brush. As a general idea, I wore Emerald for three hours in which I experienced no fade, then I ate some pizza and after that there was fade but it wasn't that bad, so I'm pretty impressed. Paranormal and Sapphire performed slightly less well.

A bright, metallic true purple. Not too pink, not too blue.
my beauty addiction lipstick swatch swatches paranormal purple

A bright, metallic green. 
my beauty addiction lipstick swatch swatches emerald green
A bright, metallic electric blue.
(I also included this in the second part of my blue lipstick review)
my beauty addiction lipstick swatch swatches blue sapphire

Let me know which is your favourite shade! Ever tried My Beauty Addiction products before? Would love to hear about your experience.

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Style Inspiration ~ Bloggers, part 3.

Okay, last part of my series focusing on fashion bloggers that inspire me with their unique style! I'll be doing one more bonus post focusing on a few beauty bloggers who wield make up brushes like no other as well. You can find Part One here, and Part Two here of the Blogger Style Inspiration series. I also wanted to feature Karin from Wunderlust (of the Rouge Pony accessories fame) but her blog seems to have disappeared? Anyhow, let me know which bloggers inspire you! I'd love to find more and you can never follow enough blogs.

Let's start with the fact that Hannah looks like a complete model. But let's continue with the fact that she rocks simple, almost minimalistic grunge so well. And I wish I could pull off a bindi as well as she can.

Ah jeez, Annika is so freaking adorable! Plus she's also studying neuroscience and blogs about science in a really accessible way which makes me feel so bad for under-representing my field of study. And she's a wearer of wigs! I love her quirky style, especially her lolita, vintage and pastel looks, including that super cute boater hat! Also check out her 30 day outfit challenge where she generates 30 outfits from 12 items, all of them are golden!

Jessie's got acid grunge dooowwnn. I love how colorful and bright her style is whilst still being edgy and interesting. Always jealous of her shoes and how well she can accessories!

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ Ghost World.

Tartan skirt ~ New Look
Horse t-shirt ~ charity shop
Wig ~ Geisha Wigs
Creepers ~ New Look
Socks ~ Primark

Well, I know that Enid from Ghost World hasn't got long white hair, but the whole tartan skirt + baggy t-shirt and general grunge goth vibe still makes me think of her. Speaking of wigs, one of my darling friends trimmed this one for me, but I feel like it's still slightly too long so I may get it cut a bit more, she also cut a fringe into another one and I'm looking forward to incorporating that into an outfit. I also really like how simple but effective wearing just red eye shadow (Sugarpill forever <3) is, definitely need to try this with other colours. And also I am so so in love with my new brooch, I'm all about subversive kawaii, e.g. rude or empowered thing wrapped in adorable ways and this is just perfect, and made in England and ridic affordable - seriously, check out Cryybaby for more awesome stuff. Mimi sent me two brooches and the other one, which was a custom request, will be being featured soon as well (and it's equally as awesome).
In terms of general life, it's my birthday tomorrow! The big two-one! I'll just be spending it with family but on Friday I'm having some friends round which should be a laugh. It feels odd organising stuff for my own birthday since I usually do it for other people (which is the way I like it). I'm also learning lines like a crazy person, out of the 41 pages of duologue I have learnt 12, so I'm about a third of the way through! 
Hope you're all having a good week!

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Haul Post ~ H&M, New Look and Collection!

So pleased with my recent purchases, not least because it barely cost me anything; the New Look stuff was paid for by a voucher, the make up was paid for with Boots and Superdrug points, so all I paid for was the H&M stuff! Huzzah! Currently New Look is kind of disappointing, but I am so loving H&M! All of this was bought during one glorious shopping trip with my mother, who is good at encouraging me to spend money.

It's just super cute and I need more red in my wardrobe!

H&M Oversized T-Shirt ~ £6.99
Simple and easy, and isn't liable to slip off my shoulder or fall forward - two things I've been finding irritating about some of my tops.

H&M Grey Cut Out Mesh Dress ~ £17.99
I just couldn't resist - it's such an awesome, interesting cut, and mesh is so hot right now. Not sure how much I like the grey, but I can always dye it or something.

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla Sky ~ £3.19
Starting to get into coloured liquid eyeliners and I liked how this one was obviously not black - some of the alternative colours are a little dark for me, but this one is lovely. I was thinking the eye pencil might make a nice primer for my matte eyeshadows - we'll see if my theory is correct

(not pictured) B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer in Light ~ £5.32 (usually £7.99)
Whilst looking for a new concealer, I compared all the lightest shades in Superdrug and this came up as the palest, so I thought I would grab it whilst it was reduced.

That's it for my recent purchases. My birthday's coming up soon (in four days - on the 14th) so maybe I'll treat myself to something afterwards, we'll see!

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ English Country Garden.

Vintage pleated skirt* ~ Brag Vintage
Sleeveless chiffon shirt ~ New Look
Heart locket ~ Gift
Cuffed boots ~ New Look
Ladybird brooch ~ from a fair

The first day I wore this skirt a lovely worker at the train station told me I looked like the girl from the chocolate advert which I then confirmed that he meant Audrey Hepburn. That was a good start to my day! The skirt comes from Brag Vintage, a store which can be found both online and in real life in Sheffield. They approached me asking if I would be up for featuring something from their website and after looking around I decided I would. Firstly, it took forever to choose one garment because there are so many golden pieces - they're not like poorer quality vintage store with pieces that no one really wants. I'm particularly in love with some of the t-shirts (an old Taylor Swift or Nickelback tour t-shirt for ironic days?). Not only that but the prices are great and the website is really nice - simple, clean, loads of detailed shots of the products including any damage. I was genuinely impressed, especially since I don't like browsing real vintage stores but sometimes you can't trust online stores, but this one was perfect and they were thorough about listing anything wrong with the garments. It arrived in perfect condition, without smelling musky and it fitted perfectly (which I was able to ensure thanks to the measurements also listed on the site). All in all, definitely recommend Brag Vintage!
As for the rest of the outfit; the locket was a third year anniversary present from the boyfriend (he had it engraved on the inside, so sweet!). I also wanted to mix up my under eye dots a bit, which I've been doing recently (tried crosses and lines so far) so I went for a teeny tiny crescent moon and a slightly wonky star, I quite like it. I've also wanted to focus on the ladybird brooch which is so adorable - I currently like wearing it on collars and on head scarves and I've had a few people mistake it for a real ladybird! I like that idea - that it's just landed and is chilling for a bit.
These photos were taken in Nymans (a National Trust property) - aren't those blue flowers just stunning? It's the perfect time of year to go and visit gardens - everything's in bloom and there were bees and butterflies everywhere, it was just really freaking lovely! Other than that I've been working on my MCM Expo cosplay and learning lines and generally chilling.
Hope you're all enjoying your week!

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Blue Lipstick Reviews ~ Part 2: the other shades.

It's been a long time coming but here it is! Part two! In the first part of my blue lipstick reviews, part of my series looking at alternative lipstick colours, I focused on a few darker blue shades, including Illamasqua's Disciple, Stargazer's 105, Sleek's Peek-a-Bloo and Portland Black Lipstick's Indigio Bridge. For the second part of my collective review of various blue lipsticks, there are four more products to look at. This time we will be looking at the lighter, brighter and more turquoise based shades.

An opaque pastel, grey-hued blue. 
Price: £5.29 ($7.99)
This comes in the form of a liquid lipstick, in a similar style to OCC's lip tars and Sleek's pout paints, however the consistency of Nordic is much thicker, squeezing product out of the tube did take some effort and of course application required a lip brush. I personally really like how this smells, but as with most lipsticks I barely notice any scent once I've worn it for a while. The fade on this happens pretty soon, I'd say noticeably within an hour or so, but it is a subtle fade, without being ugly or obvious. I'd say the product also feels a little heavy on my lips, but I think that may be a personal thing.

An opaque metallic, turquoise blue.
Price: £3.50
I was happily surprised by this one. The last few Stargazer lipsticks had been slightly disappointing but this one was quite opaque pretty much straight away and the consistency, although slightly waxy was bearable. As always it smells like cheap makeup but again, I got over it (although I know for some people this is a complete turn off). The fade appeared after about an hour, having had drunk and eaten tiny cookies, but like Nordic, it wasn't too ugly and since application is easy so is reapplication.

A bright, opaque metallic electric blue. 
 Price: £5.09 ($7.50)
This was a new company I hadn't tried before but they had some interesting colours (more swatches of different colours to come). Although the application wasn't as opaque as I would have liked, but it lasted longer than expected - around two and half hours before it was noticeable, was impressive, and it also faded gracefully, as opposed to patchily. I may have gotten a more opaque application had I had a bullet instead of using a combination of finger and brush but still, would have liked a bit more pigmentation.

An opaque, matte turquoise blue. 
Price: £6.89 ($10.00)
Whilst wearing this lipstick, I completely forgot it was on and I ate a cream slice. Half way through devouring it I remembered I was wearing a lipstick and I was annoyed about the mess I had probably made, but upon looking in the mirror it had no budged an inch. Seriously! I had licked my lips and eaten like a general pig and this baby still stood strong. As always, PBLC never fails to impress me. The product in the tube wasn't completely blended but this solved itself once applied, and always the slight minty scent of the lipstick also made my lips tingle slightly.

And finally all of the eight lipsticks reviewed swatched together, for reviews of the other four, go to part one.
(L-R): Sweetpea & Fay ~ Nordic, Portland Black Lipstick Company ~ Difficult Island, Stargazer ~ 104, 
My Beauty Addiction ~ Sapphire, Sleek ~ Peek-A-Bloo, Stargazer ~ 104
Portland Black Lipstick Company ~ Indigo, Illamasqua ~ Disciple. 

Which was your favourite shade?
Have you got a blue lipstick you would recommend? I would love to hear it, I'll be making a comprehensive list of blue lipsticks (in the style of my purple one) so the more blue lipsticks you tell me, the better. Personally, I think I prefer the darker or more turquoise shades and I've discovered that the paler colours don't suit me.
(Unfortunately, due to Parcel Force screwing up I never received my delivery for Muylinda Collection's Kool which really sucks, I would have loved to have added it to this series of reviews.)

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