Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Celebrations! (+ a little award)

Hey there!
So hopefully by now you've noticed the lovely new layout! Yes, I am obsessed with everything cosmic. I can't afford galaxy leggings so I got myself a galaxy layout instead (thanks mainly to the lovely boyfriend). It took a long time coming and a lot of mind changing but here it is! I hope you like it, I know I do.
If you don't follow me on Twitter then you won't know that I put it up in celebration of 100 followers of GFC (and 10 on Bloglovin') as well as over 10,000 individual views. I am so happy that that many people even care slightly about this little blog, it's such a great motivation that keeps me going.
As an extra little bonus Jennie from Fancy Dresscapades and Sophie from Bacon Tastes Nice nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award, which is basically just a tag thing, but it was nice of them to think of me anyway!
So, I have to give you all 7 unknown facts about me and then tag some other people to do it.
Alright, facts!
  • I'm half french, half english with a bit of spanish mixed in as well and I also speak fluent french.
  • I am currently studying Neuroscience w. Cognitive Science at university - and I love it!
  • I am also currently rehearsing a steampunk version of Shakespeare's As You Like It in which I'm playing Rosalind.
  • Like so many people I'd really love to travel, so far Japan and Italy are high on the list (preferably in a VW camper van!).
  • I really love to dye my hair, I've been purple, pink, turquoise and a host of other combinations. The minute I go one colour I'm pretty much instantly thinking about the next (currently thinking about orange, or maybe a cruella...or maybe many options!).
  • I am one of the most indecisive people ever and due to this whenever I've deciding on a face or outfit of the day I'm always asking the boyfriend his opinion (and he never complains, bless him).
  • I love animals and I go through phases of really liking different animals, previously there's been owls, deer and at the moment it's rabbits and jellyfish.
And now I have to tag some other people, so I'm gonna go with Bekki from The Ghost of Dragon's Past, Amy from Paperbacks & Postcards and Lauren from Belle du Brighton.
Ciao for now!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ jellyfish princess.

{The piece of my soul in the holy land
with bruises on her thighs
and scarves in her hair, songs in her teeth.
To be more and more
, wrote Miller. Shooting stars
of thought
, wrote Kerouac.
Jellyfish pulse across the ocean,
electric heartbeats in the void.}

~ Alea Shurmantine, On Growing 

I love aquariums! This one is the newly re-opened Sealife Centre in Brighton that me and the boyfriend visited last week. Visiting a place like that makes me want to work there, even though realistically I'd probably be too grossed out to touch half of the animals, e.g. the octopus, because let's face it, they look really cool but also exceptionally creep. My favourite animals there have to be the jellyfish (which are new), the giant sea turtles (that always look so wise and old) and the seahorses - especially because there were baby seahorses which are just so cute it's untrue. Due to my obsession with unicorns when we were in the underwater tunnel thing I couldn't help but get excited about the fact there was a type of fish with a horn and thus the unicorn fish was born.
As for the actual outfit I'm sorry there aren't any full body shots, we were in a pretty confined space so it was difficult. I totally love this ensemble though. Do you like my pearl snake-bite piercings? They're not actually real - I went to a massive craft show the other day and they were going really cheap so I bought a whole load (I like to make cards) and then the boyfriend has the thought of using them as fake piercings. I think it looks pretty neat, right? My top is a DIY that went wrong in that it was supposed to be galaxy print but I used old transfer paper that wasn't specifically for dark colours and then I accidentally ironed some paper onto it, I think it somehow turned out okay anyway. I will probably do another at some point, I've been getting into DIY a lot, I've been studding and cutting everything in sight (the boyfriend keeps trying to persuade me not to cut up every top I own). What about you guys? Done any recent DIYs and did they turn out okay?

As usual all these lovely photos were taken by the very talented boyfriend, find him here.

Cross top ~ DIY
Cardigan ~ New Look Men's
Lace skirt, suspender tights (that you can't really see), 
Boots, key necklace ~ New Look
Pearl bracelet ~ originally necklace, unsure of origin
Black lipstick ~ Portland Black Lipstick Co.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Haul Post!

 I go through phases of spending very little and then spending a lot and in these past few weeks I have been spending a fair bit, well for me anyway, which I think for most of the population isn't very much but I'm a bit of a scrooge so the minute I spend more than £25 in a short space of time then I consider it a lot. So without further ado; my purchases!

★ Cold shoulder top from New Look, £6.99. You can't see it very well in the photo, it's the black mass on the right. I'm so happy I found this since they don't seem to sell the black colour online anymore. It's really comfy and baggy (I got in a few sizes too big). I just love how cold shoulder tops look!

★ Moon and star earrings, Maggie Angus (£12). From the most awesome kitsch jewellery shop in the Brighton lanes called Porta. They are just perfect and that is all there is to say about them. Oh and that they came in a creepy mitten pouch.

✪ Blue velvet bodycon skirt, Topshop via Ebay, £6.00 (incl. P&P). I am currently so SO obsessed with velvet. And I just couldn't resist the colour. I'm definitely feeling the gothic/witchy vibe if you hadn't notice.

★ Miss Sporty Hollywood Gothic lip gloss in Punk It Up, £1. I got this at Poundland even though Miss Sporty are still selling it for £2.99. Baarrggaaiin. I'm planning on layering it up on some black for a cool subtle effect, or on my Illamasqua Disciple (which is dark blue) to give it more dimensions or even on top of a red to darken it a bit. So many options!

★ Pack of 3 notebooks, Waterstones (£.4.50). Got these half price. I have about a million notepads but these ones are so cute I couldn't resist. I might use one as my blog ideas book once the one I currently use runs out.

★ T-shirt from Orange Circle Company (£14). This website has so many amazing designs! I love pretty all of the ones that involve stags and cosmic prints. A few weeks ago they had free P&P so I was like I NEED ONE. It took me a veerrryyy long time to decide which one to get and this is the one that won although due to the fit being a bit weird I will be giving it to the boyfriend and buying myself another. Oh well.

★ Burgundy velvet skater skirt, Ebay, £15 (incl. P&:P). A continuations of my velvet obsession. I'm not 100% happy with the fit of this one but since it came from China I am very unlikely to send it back - it might grow on me anyway.

★ And finally Company magazine! I don't normally buy magazines (though I do a subscription to Elle) but I really like Company's new look and stuff.

I forgot the photograph them but I also received my tickets for the Vintage Nation at the Brighton Racecourse. I am so excited!
That's about it really. Have you bought anything you're super pleased with recently? Show me!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nail of the Day ~ silver foil

I've recently bought a whole bunch of Barry M nail varnishes (including two of their super new ones!) and this is one of them! I'm pretty impressed with it to be honest, it applied completely opaque with just one layer although two did help it last longer. I'd say you have to apply pretty swiftly though because it starts setting very quickly. I wish it was just slightly more reflective though - like actual foil, but apart from that I really like it!
Do you have a favourite metallic nail varnish? Or tried the other two foil options from Barry M?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ 90s kid, 80s style.

 {There were lasers and computers
And living in space
The 90's kids' dream is for the whole human race.}

~ 90s Kids, Jennifer Love Hewitt 
I suggest reading the rest of these lyrics, they are hilarious!

Last weekend me and the boyfriend wanted to go to London but due to the trains looking very unappealing we decided to go somewhere a little closer by car, so we picked Portsmouth. When we got there the obvious place to go was the shopping centre/outlet mall place, which was so nice. I know this sounds weird but I really like places that look clean and that's exactly how it was and full of loads of high-end outlet stores with heavily discounted stuff. In the end the boyfriend bought more than I did (2 tshirts from O'Neill), although I actually quite like his purchases so I think I'll probably end up 'borrowing' them at some point or other.
I really love this outfit! Firstly I'm enjoying putting my hair up in a rockabilly quiff style, it's such a great way of getting my extremely annoying fringe out of my eyes and I think it looks really nice too. As for the denim shirt, it was another of those things my mum was going to mindlessly throw out, luckily I saved it just in time. I really want to grunge it up a bit more, it's currently a bit too sweetness and light for my taste, though I'm sure after some studding and dying it'll look perfect. And I got to take my new bag out for a spin which I got in the New Look sales for £10 - I love it so much!

Headscarf ~ unsure
Batwing top ~ H&M
Denim shirt ~ vintage
Cords ~ Fashion Union
Boots and bag ~ New Look
Peacock necklace ~ Accessorize

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Face of the Day ~ starry eyed

  Eyeliner ~ Maybelline Master Precise
Dark blue lipstick ~ Illamasqua in Disciple 

After having reviewed Maybelline's Master Precise liquid eyeliner I thought I'd try a look with it. Due to the weaknesses I found with it (that it leaves a shadow on the lid) I decided to apply it where that sort of thing didn't matter so I used it for my lower lid line and for a little extra flair in the form of stars. I thought it would be good to test and see just how easy precision application is as well - pretty good I'm pleased to report. I really love doing little details like this and am definitely going to do more of them in the future (e.g. Marina and the Diamond's adorable little heart beauty spot).
I've also been wanting to wear my navy Illasmaqua lipstick as well (which I reviewed here), I still think it's such a perfect shade. I need to wear it more often but it's one of those lipsticks that I just don't want to run out of so I use it less often (it's a bit catch 22 really).

Monday, 14 May 2012

Metallic Teal Nail Varnish Dupes

A colour I've been seeing surfacing recently, especially in terms of nail varnish is teal (or turquoise). And more specifically metallic teal; really lovely multi-dimensional sea colours that vary from being quite blue to rather green. I personally own two and I love them so I thought I would share with you a few affordable varieties from a few different companies so you can find your favourite perfect shade

17 Fast Finish ~ Peacock, £2.99
Rimmel 60 Seconds ~ Green with Envy, £3.69

Gosh ~ Ocean, £4.99

Fashionista ~ Dragon, £5.00
Miss Sporty ~ Hypnotic Turquoise, £1.99
Barry M ~ Teal, £2.99
MUA ~ Shade 13, £1.00
So, what's your favourite?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ bricks & bones.

{Without an answer, the thunder speaks for the sky, and on the cold, wet dirt I cry.
And on the cold, wet dirt I cry.
Don’t you wanna come with me? Don’t you wanna feel my bones
on your bones?
It's only natural.}
~ Bones, The Killers

Wow, that's a pretty New Look dominated outfit. So, the boyfriend moved the other day which means I now have more locations for outfits, not that I'm ever short of them really but these will be within walking distance, yay! We wanted to take more photos in the tunnel but some youths wouldn't clear out and then it started raining. I swear the world just doesn't want me to do outfit shoots - it is always interfering. As you can see I'm still feeling the goth/grunge vibe, in fact the boyfriend asked me if next time we do an outfit I could include a bit of colour. I'm considering it, maybe. I did hasten to point out the trousers aren't black - he wasn't impressed.
I really love this jumper, I pretty much wear it all the time. It reminds me of sugar skulls from the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations and I really dig the wide scoop neckline as well. I've been wanting to try out the whole collared shirt under jumper look that I've seen everywhere but it's taken me this long to find the perfect combo, I'm pretty chuffed though.
Highlights of recent include going to London to do a shoot with the wonderful Hiven. It was really cool meeting her and sitting in Pret whilst two ladies attended to my hair and face then wondering around some random market and getting scowled at by a florist. Hopefully I'll be able to show you all the photos at some point.
I'm also nearing 100 followers of GFC and as my new layout is pretty much ready to go I thought as a celebration I could put it up once I actually reach 100. I can't wait to show you it! I've (well, we, since the boyfriend has helped me with it a lot) been working on it for ages.
I recently added my blog to Fashion Infatuation's UK blogger map. If you're a UK blogger I'd recommend doing it or looking to see if there are any other bloggers in your area.
That's about it - hope you're all having a good week!
As usual these photos were taken by the wonderful boyfriend, check out his tumblr here.

Collared blouse ~ New Look 
Skull jumper ~ New Look
Burgundy cords ~ New Look
Boots ~ New Look
Lips ~ Chinchilla by Lime Crime
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