Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ monochrome heat.

Crochet tights ~ ASOS
Creepers ~ New Look
Rucksack ~ Primark
Choker ~ New Look
Pentagram necklace ~ Me & Zena
Planet necklace ~ ASOS
Sunglasses ~ Urban Outfitters

Again, like the last outfit, although I'm back from my holiday these were taken on the grounds where the Way With Words festival was held. I wanted to layer up a bit more but it was so goddamn hot I couldn't. I like how even when I'm trying to dress light, I wear black, smart move me, smart move. That H&M dress is recent and part of their awesome new collection, which makes me think a bit of Wildfox, which is good! Especially the thin, loose jumpers and particular patterns and stuff.
In terms of wonderful things from recent life, a few weekends ago I went camping to a spot of woods one of my friend's family own - a bunch of us go whenever everyone is free enough and it's always fun (apart from the one time we went in January and I have never been so cold in all my life). A more significant occurrence was going up to London to audition for an acting agency. A friend at the theatre where I do most of my plays recommended me and the people there seemed impressed and said that as long as nothing major changes they'd like me after I finish my degree. Which is amazing and ridiculously exciting and now I just want to get on and work as hard as I can and hope this academic year flies by!
Short post today! Look out finally for the second part of the blue lipstick review, the photos have been ready for ages but I wanted to spend a proper amount of time wearing each one, I always worry about how much importance I might have over someone's decision. Hope everyone's having a good week!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ petal head.

Maxi skirt ~ New Look
Crop top ~ New Look
Victoriana booties ~ stolen from my mother
Floral crown ~ ASOS
Sunglasses ~ Urban Outfitters
Ruck sack ~ Primark
Belt ~ New Look

This is the sort of outfit I've been wearing in the blistering heat of England at the moment. I love this maxi skirt - my legs are really sensitive to sunlight so it's nice to cover them up (that, and I don't like my legs and no one really needs to see them). I've also been trying to find something good to pair with this crop top, which I've had for a couple of months but not found a good partner for. It's such a nice, light top though, I like how loose it is. My make up was kind of messy though...still trying to perfect my technique for matte eyeshadow on primer, currently I'm finding it hard to blend. Anyone got any tips for that?
I'm back from my holiday now but these were taken during mine and the boyfriend's time in Devon with his brother and sister-in-law. We were down during the Way With Words festival which was so so good, I went to talks by neuroscientists, biochemists, divers, writers, philosophers, radio presenters. Ah, it was so fun and interesting and the location, a place called Dartington, which ridiculously gorgeous. I also spent an evening stargazing with a group of people using the boyfriend's brother's telescope and we ended up hanging out with Robin Ince of the Infinite Monkey Cage fame, who is intelligent, thoughtful and funny - definitely a winning combo. I also got to see Saturn which is so unbelievably perfect when you see it through a telescope - it's genuinely hard to really accept the idea that that perfect sphere with its perfect rings is actually real and a long long way away.
Other highlights of the holiday included a midnight paddle (fully clothed) in the river near their house, their giant, slightly feral, fluffy cat and visiting the local areas including Totnes and (if it wasn't obvious from the photos) a butterfly sanctuary that also had otter. I really love butterflies so it was awesome - there were so many and they were all so beautiful. And yes, that is a butterfly resting on my floral headband in the photos. Perfect timing! Generally the holiday was awesome, and when we were in Swanage I bought an inflatable ring and we spent some time chilling in the sea, sort of piled on top of each other.
I hope everyone else is having an enjoyable summer! What's your favourite thing to wear in the hot weather?

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Style Inspiration ~ Bloggers, part 2.

Following Part One, I'm sharing some more bloggers who's styles I love and wish to steal. Each of them are super unique and that's what I admire about then. Unfortunately I am not as cool as these awesome ladies so there is little chance of me pulling of their awesome looks but I can still draw inspiration from them and weep at my less-coolness. But enough of that, here is Part 2 of my style inspiration! Part 3, the final part, to come at some later date.

Jodie is one of those bloggers I would love to be friend with in real life. Not only is her style fearless and fierce, she has the most banging legs (which she's not afraid to admit). It genuinely took me ages just to choose a few of my favourite outfits, I literally (literally!) went through her entire blog, not because I couldn't find anything I liked but because it's genuinely enjoyable. I feel like our styles have a lot in common with each other, but she definitely steps it up. I mean, wedge sneakers, silk slip, thigh garters, a corset and an army jacket. Ah man, it's killer.

I think I'm borderline infatuated with Emilia and her style. She looks amazing in any look; lolita, gyaru, party cult. Her wigs and accessories trigger some kind of horrendous jealousy inside of me but she is a massive source of inspiration, even though I will never look as adorable as she does. Not only that but she's friends with Irodohieru, who was featured last time.

One of the people who really influenced me when I had just started blogging and finding my style. She does a very nice classy, grown up brand of grunge/goth vibe that I love, with a huge, healthy dose of '90s. She's also ridiculously pretty and that fiery hair is amazing. She's the one re-ignited my love for the slouchy beanie which I am eternally grateful for.

Born in the same year as me. You really should look at her blog to appreciate each of her outfits, since she does loads of cute, simple gifs for each of them. She also has a "Caring for Creepers" info post, which I've found really useful. She has the coolest sense of style and I love all her accessories, she definitely rocks the Lolita (the book, not the Japanese style) look.

Finally, special shoutout to Ruby Armoire for her amazing vintage clothes and retro hair styles!

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Wishlist ~ Birthday treats.

My 21st birthday is coming up in about a month (14th of August) so I thought now is definitely time to compile a wishlist of things I would love to treat myself to...if I had the money, or potentially more accurately, wasn't such a Scrooge (e.g. super tight with my money). Although really, let's be honest here, this is just another excuse for generating a wishlist of stuff I want, because who doesn't enjoy a good wishlist? This is by far the messiest wishlist I have compiled...that composition just is not pleasing to the eye (why can't people take consist product images!?) but each item on it's own is wonderful.

(or maybe in super cute pastel pink. Ah wigs.)
(just tell me this isn't the most gorgeous thing, I don't even care that it's entirely see-through.)
Etsy Velvet kimono ~ £39.99
(or this slightly more expensive version OR weep at the beauty of this unattainable piece of art.)

(been lusting for a pair of chunky goth boots for a while now...and I think at £77 I will have to continue lusting)
(red eyeliner! Red eyeliner! Who doesn't want red eyeliner?)
Cardcaptor Sakura Key Necklace ~ £21.99
(it's like a little, adorable ode to my love for that show. Or this adorable creepy cute 'Magical' necklace)
(there is currently not enough pastel to my goth, I may have mentioned before. This is perfect.)

And I still dream of these shoes (which I have already featured at least twice on this here bloggity). I've also been looking at body harnesses and thigh braces and although I may buy myself some thigh braces (like these ones) I may make my own body harness. We'll see.
So, has anyone got a birthday coming up? Do you wait until birthdays to treat yourself, or do you do it the other way round? Let me know!

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ fields of gold.

Gingham maxi dress ~ Charity shop
Off shoulder crop top ~ Missguided
Folded boots ~ New Look
Cross bracelet ~ ASOS
Wing necklace ~ Tatty Devine

Oh my goodness. The British summertime has begun and it is glorious! The timing is perfect as well, since a few days ago the boyfriend and I drove to Swanage for a two week holiday, which is where these photos were taken. I may have spent more time than I should have trying to chase a gorgeous, curious white moth with wings that looking like torn feathers. We've currently moved onto the boyfriend's brother's place in Devon since his sister-in-law organises the Dartington Way With Words festival, which is basically a festival full of loads of different talks by different people, and there are usually lots of books involved. It's my first year going and I'm super psyched. I've got to be careful though, since if I spend too much time in the sun I come out in a really weird rash...that and I burn really easily. So far no burning, but my legs have gone really weird. Other than that the other week my musical partner and I (I'd say my band, but there's only two of us) did two mini gigs at a folk and beer festival which went super well. Right at the end of the second set a little old lady stood up and asked us what our name was, which was really sweet and inspired us to set up a Facebook page (search: Nighttime Creatures).

As for the outfit, I bought the maxi dress for £4 in a charity shop during my last holiday (the haul of which can be found here). I love it but I did have to put a pin below the last button or else the slit rises just a little too high. I'm thinking I might wear it unbuttoned as a cardigan type thing next. And as always at the moment, I am just loving putting that off shoulder crop top underneath everything - it just always makes my outfits look that bit better! I couldn't quite find the right kind of jewellery for this outfit, so I made do my cute wing necklace.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wishlist ~ New Look shoes!

This is a wish list dedicated entirely to New Look's current Summer offerings. I know, just New Look shoes, but seriously. They've done good, they've done real good. There's such a strong '90s grunge vibe going on! I'm also really into white shoes at the moment, especially boots and chunky heels. They've done some great cut out boots if you can't afford the Topshop ones. I'm particularly in love with the heeled loafers with the double buckle (is it just me, or is there a sort of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' vibe going on there?) and the kind of ugly, chunky heeled sandals. I may actually buy the white gladiator sandals since I don't actually own a pair of sandals.

So, what do you think? Are there any Summer high street collections that have caught your eye?

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Haul Post ~ Topshop, Primark and more!

The other day day BFF1 and I went shopping in Brighton, for a total of 6 hours. I hadn't done the main high street in ages and the tail end of the sales were calling my name. So here's what I bought! I've also included a few recent online purchases as well.
Also, a question to my regular readers; I was considering making this a video post since I was struggling to lay all the thing out in a pleasing way, but in the end I didn't, so I was just wondering whether you guys would like videos hauls in the future or do you prefer this format?

MOTO corduroy pinafore dress ~ £25 (originally £42)
During my hunt for the ideal pinafore a few months ago I came across this one online and it was perfect, apart from the price tag. I had given up the hopes of ever having it when it sold out on their webite during the sales. But by some curious miracle I found it sitting on the sale rack, without a tag, in a size too big. I still haven't decided if the fit is alright or if I've just trying to kid myself because I've wanted it for so long. Only time will tell.

I love cats badges ~ £1.99
Statement t-shirt ~ £5 (originally £7.99)
Lace vest top ~ £10
H&M can seriously take all my money. They are just ticking all my boxes at the moment; their prices, their clothing and accessories, just everything! There was a tonne more stuff I could have bought if I hadn't been strict with myself. Also massively pleased to have found the last 'I Never Liked You Anyway' tshirt in the sales. I'm currently on holiday in Swanage and it's pretty damn hot so I think this will come in super handy as a light, thin top for general chilling. This photo doesn't really show everything off very nicely but rest assured you will be seeing them all in outfits soon.

New Look
Plain black bandeau ~ £2 (originally £2.99)
So cheap! Hurray! Just for maintaining minimum modesty with sheer or lacy tops or super low arm holes (see above). H&M does a pretty cute lace one but it's £5.99. I know, shocking. I am such a cheapskate sometimes. I didn't even pay for this - I still have vouchers left over from Christmas.

Lace crop top ~ £4
Aztec/Navajo ruck sack ~ £9
Hurray for Primark! After having purchased these, we went into Miss Selfridge and found the same top but for £16 instead (although I do imagine the lace is of a much better quality). And even though I have enough bags I couldn't say no to adding this one to my collection, it's a perfect size as well.

Urban Outfitters
Zinka coloured sun block ~ £4
Circle sunglasses ~ £8
I bought these online during the UO sale, I've been wanting another pair of circle sunglasses (I have a pair from Primark that are a bit smaller and with thicker frames), plus these are darker which I like. And although there is not much of a need for purple suncream I'm just obsessed with the idea of using it as war paint onto of my usual sun cream. If you're interested they also sell lime green, pink and loads more colours.

Roses & Clementines
Roses and Clementines floral crown ~ £14
This is the boyfriend's present to me for getting 200 GFC followers, bless his face! He let me choose it and by the time I decided this was on sale! It is really big - a lot more upright than I usually go for but I have a wig that I think would go perfectly with it. Hopefully I'm right!

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ 1950s housewife.

Brogues ~ New Look
Skirt ~ Primark
Cardigan ~ Monsoon via charity shop
Necklace ~ Accessorize
Belt ~ New Look
Lipstick ~ Illamasqua in Apocalips

I've recently been trying to force myself to wear things that have been sitting idly in my wardrobe, having not been touched for far too long. I re-discovered this skirt a few weeks ago, having originally spotted it in Primark a couple of years ago, fallen in love with it and its price tag (I think it was £12) and bought it even though it was a size too small at the time. This is the kind of thing I like to wear when my retro urges take hold. However, yesterday I also wanted to wear one of my new Illamasqua lipsticks out and serendipitously the boyfriend I were going to Brighton and Apocalips matches the teal on my skirt perfectly. I've also wanted to do an outfit shoot in front of that big red door for a while now as well, so everything really did fall into place rather nicely.
Recently I've started reading the biography of a lesser known author called Vita Sackville-West who I will be playing in a performance of 'Vita & Virginia' in a few months time. It's a play based on the letters between Vita and the decidedly more famous Virginia Woolf, who were lovers. I'm genuinely excited to be doing this play, it has a cast of two and should be a challenge, but definitely the good kind. Other than that I'm going on a mini holiday with the boyfriend for two weeks in Swanage which should be super nice.

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