Friday, 12 July 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ fields of gold.

Gingham maxi dress ~ Charity shop
Off shoulder crop top ~ Missguided
Folded boots ~ New Look
Cross bracelet ~ ASOS
Wing necklace ~ Tatty Devine

Oh my goodness. The British summertime has begun and it is glorious! The timing is perfect as well, since a few days ago the boyfriend and I drove to Swanage for a two week holiday, which is where these photos were taken. I may have spent more time than I should have trying to chase a gorgeous, curious white moth with wings that looking like torn feathers. We've currently moved onto the boyfriend's brother's place in Devon since his sister-in-law organises the Dartington Way With Words festival, which is basically a festival full of loads of different talks by different people, and there are usually lots of books involved. It's my first year going and I'm super psyched. I've got to be careful though, since if I spend too much time in the sun I come out in a really weird rash...that and I burn really easily. So far no burning, but my legs have gone really weird. Other than that the other week my musical partner and I (I'd say my band, but there's only two of us) did two mini gigs at a folk and beer festival which went super well. Right at the end of the second set a little old lady stood up and asked us what our name was, which was really sweet and inspired us to set up a Facebook page (search: Nighttime Creatures).

As for the outfit, I bought the maxi dress for £4 in a charity shop during my last holiday (the haul of which can be found here). I love it but I did have to put a pin below the last button or else the slit rises just a little too high. I'm thinking I might wear it unbuttoned as a cardigan type thing next. And as always at the moment, I am just loving putting that off shoulder crop top underneath everything - it just always makes my outfits look that bit better! I couldn't quite find the right kind of jewellery for this outfit, so I made do my cute wing necklace.

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  1. The dress is so cool. Love the pictures

  2. These pictures are so nice! They remind me a little of Andrew Wyeth.


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