Friday, 29 March 2013

Nail of the Day ~ Aqua Violet.

models own aqua violet beetlejuice beetle juice duochrome collection 2000 parma violets swatch swatches
Models Own ~ Aqua Violet
Collection 2000 ~ Parma Violets

I haven't painted my nails in what seems like an age. I went for something fairly simple; layered a gorgeous duochrome onto a dark purple blue base. The colour shift is pretty subtle and mainly stays within the blue-turquoise range with a few flashes of purple. Also by some freak accident my right hand came out better than my left, what are the chances?
Today's is a short post - I'm still in Scotland (which is horrendously cold but warming up gradually). I will also be posting a little haul post of the things I've bought soon, which means that, yes, I did break my spending ban further...I have no self control apparently. I will be continuing my ban into April as well, even though I'm finding it hard to quantify how much I've actually saved. I think in a way it's the knowledge that I am trying to spend less that I have to keep in mind. I will also be participating in NaNoWriMo camp in April, this time with a little more planning than last time where I had no ideas and gave up after about 9 days. Other things looming in the horizon include choosing a research project for my 3rd year of uni, depending on interest I may or may not talk about it on here, I'm not sure of the interest about the scientific side of my life on this here blog. Oh, and I'm getting a hair cut, which I am super exciting about! No more accidently eating my own hair when it's windy for me thank you!
models own aqua violet beetlejuice beetle juice duochrome collection 2000 parma violets swatch swatches
models own aqua violet beetlejuice beetle juice duochrome collection 2000 parma violets swatch swatches
models own aqua violet beetlejuice beetle juice duochrome collection 2000 parma violets swatch swatchesmodels own aqua violet beetlejuice beetle juice duochrome collection 2000 parma violets swatch swatches

Friday, 22 March 2013

Breaking news ~ spending ban!

I thought it was essential that you should all know I broke my spending ban BUT I thought I would also show you what caused this sudden urge to buy.

These, ladies and gentlemen are the new Portobello Velvet Bordeaux Platforms from ASOS's SS13 shoe collection. They had a 48 hour 25% discount code so I snagged these beauties for £22.50. Tell me you wouldn't have done the same.
And that is all.
Regular programming will now resume.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Outfit of the day ~ '90s denim.

Cut out denim dress ~ ASOS
Off shoulder crop top ~ Missguided
Suspender tights ~ Pretty Polly via New Look
Creepers ~ New Look
Sewing machine necklace ~ gift

I know I probably say this every time but I love this outfit - it is good when mild experimenting works out. I was inspired by Topshop's product photos on their website, which currently feature a lot of t-shirts under dresses, which looks really cool. I will be trying this out more, using baggier t-shirts with different dresses. It was nice to be able to wear this little denim number again, it's a little light for the current weather we're having but I love the weird way in which it's cut.
In other life news, uni is starting to wind down a bit; one of my modules is already finished and the others aren't very regular, so the only things to worry about are assignments and revision. It's nice not to feel swamped although my recent assignments have been such pains in my rump - I do not handle stress well, especially when it comes in the form of a 3000 word philosophy on a topic I have very little interest in. Apart from that recently I have been continuing my Veronica Mars marathon with BFF1 (and getting very excited about the news that a film is now in the making - if you're a fan go and donate to their Kickstarter!), packing for my week's holiday in Scotland with the boyfriend and his family, breaking my spending ban a little bit and testing out blue lipsticks for an up and coming post. Oh, and I got cast in a play at my local theatre called Departures, as a Czech prostitute. Also currently rehearsing Wind in the Willows in which I'm mole meaning having to learn a northern accent which is no fun but I suppose good practise.
And that's it! Short and sweet. I'm going away on Sunday but should still be able to post.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Book Club ~ Recent reads.

I really love books and I need to shout it from the roof tops. Or I could tell you occasionally about books I like or have read recently in a new little section I'm calling Book Club, which may nor may not be successful. But onto my recent reads and what I thought of them.

Neverwhere ~ Neil Gaiman
The book I bought for this post. So the story is Richard is your everyday business man who finds himself in alternative version of London, known as London Below, which is full of the people who 'slipped through the cracks'. The characters were really likeable and colourful, the story was fairly straight-forward with a few twists along the way. Even though I wasn't completely gripped I still enjoyed the world that was so vividly painted. I do feel like I wanted to explore the world more though, there were so many ideas that just brushed past, without a more in depth second look. I also liked the ending to this book a lot, the kind that is satisfying. If you're interested there's also a radio adaptation that started just recently, with an amazing cast (Cumberbatch and James McEvoy for example).
I have been a fan of some of Neil Gaiman's other work, including the episode of Doctor Who he wrote (called the Doctor's Wife - it was basically the highlight of that season) so I'd be interested to read some more of his stuff. I've heard good things about American Gods and my boyfriend really likes The Sandman.

The Bell Jar ~ Sylvia Plath
A classic, right? I wasn't aware it was before I bought it but found out shortly afterwards. The Bell Jar revolves around a young female socialite who begins to question her role in society, whether she wants that role, and whether she has any choice about it. You might have guessed this book wanders into slightly dark territory when Esther's mental health begins to take the strain. What I find really interesting about this book is it's context; the fact that Sylvia Plath committed suicide gives the book an extra dimension of meaning. I also found the main character to be scarily relatable and could completely sympathise with her. I've heard that The Bell Jar is said to be a classic, feminist book. If for whatever reason that word normally puts you off the idea, I suggest still reading it.

Le Petit Prince ~ Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry
This is the first book in French I have chosen to read as an adult. I actually bought it at an airport about a year ago during a 3 hour wait for the boyfriend. It's pretty damn famous and looked like the kind of whimsical read I would like. Luckily I was not disappointed. I actually haven't quite finished it but so far it's been really thoughtful and genuinely funny and all round adorable, with some deeper and sadder topics wrapped in sweetness with a little dollop of surrealism to help it all go down. I might try and read the English translation and see how it compares.

Also, on my currently reading list are:
  • Haruki Murakami's 1Q34, which is a beast of a book making it difficult to transport
  • David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, which I'm hoping to do a comparative film/book review after reading
So that's it! Hopefully the next Book Club will be about my all time favourite books.
Have you read anything recently that you love? Let me know, I am always on the lookout for a good read.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Important! Google Reader and Bloglovin'


I know you've probably been told a million times by a million different bloggers but on July 1st people using Google Reader to follow blogs won't be able to use it anymore because it's being shut down!
But do not fear! There's an alternative!

You can follow Good Morning Angel on Bloglovin' via this link or alternatively receive updates about new blog posts via Facebook.
If you don't have a Bloglovin' account get one! It's really easy and the format is really nice and neat. If you already have an account then it should offer you an option to transfer all the blogs you're following from Google Reader to Bloglovin'.

I implore you to re-follow me via Bloglovin' or Facebook, I value all my followers and I am rather afraid I'm going to lose a large number of them due to this switch.
Thank you!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ Little Demons.

  Off-shoulder crop top ~ Missguided
Skeleton tights ~ ebay
Tie dye socks ~ DIY
Velvet skater skirt ~ Primark via ebay
Studded choker ~ New Look
Space charm necklace ~ ASOS
Creepers ~ New Look

I wish I could've done this outfit outside - it just feels like an outsidey type outfit, you know? The boyfriend called it very theatrical, which is quite like. This is a variation of what I wore about a month ago to go and see John Green (the author) and his brother (Hank Green) who make up the Vlog Brothers; if you don't know who they are and are partial to a bit of geekery, youtube them!
So, that actual outfit; I like it but I wish I could've incorporated a bit more colour into it, maybe something mint or lilac for a more pastel goth vibe, I guess lavendar lipstick will have to do for now. Speaking of goth, I am currently craving big, chunky goth boots with a million buckles and a chunky platform, even though I highly doubt I'd suit them. As for the horns; I am torn, the ones on the listing looked slightly different, less fat, and I think that's better but I still really like them, just need to work placement and burying them in my hair so they look a bit more...natural...or at least as natural as little black horns can look. Finally, I have been seeing a lot of my fashion inspirations wearing skeleton tights and I bought them on the day before my spending ban began, I am so relieved they fit since they came from a japanese company. I expect to be living in them for a while.
I am also going to casually suggest/desperately beg for you to nominate me for the Company Style Blogger Awards. Because even making the shortlist would make my life, even though the likelihood is like...minimal.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Current Wishlist!

Well hey there. So, today I had the oppertunity to do an outfit outdoors for once but unfortunately I am ill and my face should not be gracing any digital platform, instead I will provide you with a list of things I desperately want but cannot buy this month since I am on a spending ban (not including presents for other people...I bought my mum and Mother's day present and the boyfriend two presents he chose - I feel like a terrible girlfriend for not having chosen them myself without his help!). Having said that a lot of these things I wouldn't able to afford anyway...but one can only dream.
1. 'Elijah's Mermaid' by Essie Fox ~ £7.99, when I was browsing Waterstone's deciding the book I was going to get for this post and I spotted this one, not only is the front cover gorgeous but the blurb sounds right up my street as well.
2. Forever 21 Mint Lace Bralet ~ £8.90, ohgoodness! I don't own anything mint but I think this can be the start of something beautiful.
3. New Look Ankh Cross Drop Earrings ~ £2.99, I actually ordered these ages ago by New Look screwed up and refunded but now I still want them!
4. Illamasqua Lipstick in Apocalips ~ £16, I've been lusting after this for so so long. I also want Kontrol which is a gorgeous blue-based purple.
5. New Look Pinafore dress ~ £19.99, there's a cute floral version too, or the completely desirable Topshop courdroy verson.
6. Topshop Nail Varnish in Rising Star ~ £6, what you can't see from this photo is that there are tiny little stars amongst the silver glitter!
1. Black Milk Green Galaxy Suspender Leggings ~ £85.45, because what is better than galaxy leggings? Galaxy suspender leggings. No, I am not over the galaxy trend yet. I am also in love with their Oil Slick leggings too.
2. Missguided Platform Mary Jane Heels ~ £32.99, they're kind of gothic lolita which is appealing to me. And those chunky heels are perfect.
3. Romwe Retro Lapel Dress ~ £22.82, because I love Amish/Wednesday Adams look. And they'd look great with those platforms, right?!
4. Topshop 'I Hate You' t-shirt, £22, I actually tried this on the other day but the colour didn't suit me. But I still love it and kind of want it.
5. Jade Clark Holographic 'Sick' Jumper ~ £50, I am a fan of the drippy 'horror' font going on at the moment, and holographic prints are awesome, which also comes in silver holographic as well. The green is kind of weird but I like it.
6. Moon Kitty Productions Bishoujo Tights ~ £16.64, Oh. My. Goodness. My inner magical girl is screaming. Screaming.

See anything that has takes your fancy? Made your own recent wishlist? Link it in the comments, because what I really need is more stuff to want!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

50 Facts About Me!

If you hadn't noticed the whole fashion blogosphere has divulged 50 facts about themselves and I thought it only proper if I did the same. I'm afraid these won't be very exciting but genuinely (to my surprise actually) enjoyed reading other people's facts so I can only hope the same will apply to you. Although I am doubting whether I can come up with 50 facts (interesting or otherwise) about myself, or whether anyone will read til the end, but the boyfriend has informed me that he will regardless.
Thought I'd include a photo of me in a normal situation, as opposed to a 'blogger' one

1. I'm currently studying at the university of Sussex, doing a degree in Neuroscience with Cognitive Science
2. The boyfriend and I have known each other for nearly 9 years, been best friends for a lot of those years and together for about 2.5 of them
3. I am half french from my mum's side and french was my first language
4. I am currently considering a fairly big career change once I've finished my degree and it's pretty scary
5. One of my pet peeves is people talking about/to their pets all the time, unfortunately I am also guilty of this which is even more annoying
6. When I was young I used to be afraid to go to sleep in case the next day when I woke up I wouldn't be me anymore - pretty strange
7. I have an absolutely terrible memory and I really hate it
8. I am currently planning on getting a pixie cut very soon (think Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson)
9. I'm a massive book worm, always have been
10. My favourite book of all time is probably Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (which I plan on reading in french soon - it's good practise)
11. I'm one of those people who wants to do about a million things with their life which makes making decision about the future and balancing time between different interests hard
12. I can't cook for my life, apart from pancakes
13. I don't have one specific favourite colour, there's usually about four at any given time and they change all the time
From a recent production of Pride and Prejudice I was in, can you spot me?
14. Used to do a lot of sport when I was younger, including fencing, horse-riding, karate, golf and swimming but now I do barely any
15. One of my proudest academic achievements was my teacher giving full marks for the first time ever in his career to me, for my creative writing coursework during my GCSEs
16. I'm currently learning to drive and hoping to pass before the summer *fingers crossed*
17. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily a geek, but I enjoy video games (even though I am poooor at them), anime and X-Men.
18. I'm 20 years of age
19. I feel kind of insecure when my hair isn't dyed an unusual colour, which is pretty sad, especially since if I get a proper, normal job it will have to be a normal colour
20. Having my blood taken causes me faint to and means I can't give blood - luckily the boyfriend can pump that stuff out in no time so he does it on my behalf
21. My hobbies outside of blogging include acting, writing, singing and occasionally drawing
22. I have recently developed an addiction to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Omg.
23. Currently on a spending ban so I can afford to go to both Comic Con in May and IMATS in June
24. I used to be part of a band and we recorded one song called 'Rave on the Moon'
25. Out of all the hair colours I've had I think turquoise was my favourite
26. If I could choose one book for the world to read it would be Ben Goldacre's 'Bad Science', it's a depressingly eye-opening read
27. I'm kind of socially shy/awkward, which results in me swearing a lot (not agressively though), usually in the presence of new acquaintances
28. Most of my friends used to be male so it's taken a while to realise it, but having girlfriends is awesome too
29. My old best friend was the vicar's daughter which meant I went to church for a fair few years when I was younger even though I'm not religious, but it was fun
30. Sometimes I like to wear fake glasses and a lot of people hate that about me
31. I attract weird/broken people. But I like weird/broken people so it usually works out
32. One of my biggest regrets is leaving my two big art projects at school and never picking them up, meaning they've probably been disposed of now
33. Favourite holiday is Christmas, quickly followed by Guy Fawkes' Night and Halloween
34. But I hate horror films
35. I'm currently into The Pretty Reckless, Gotye, The Pierces and Alt+J
36. I used to have a lot of insane house parties but now I can't really drink alcohol; it was crazy fun while it lasted though
37. Sometimes I wish I was just covered in loads of beautiful, colourful tattoos - but I am way too afraid of the pain (and the cost and any multitude of other reasons)
38. I have a constant internal battle about what I want my personal style to be; sometimes I want androgony with super short hair, sometimes I want to embody the pastel goth look, sometimes I want to be all vintage.
 Dorkiest photo of me ever? Potentially. Best photo of a Lion King reenactment using a puppy ever? Definitley.

39. Indecision is the bane of my life
40. Of my many ambitions, I think I would one day like to publish a book
41. I don't like my legs at all, but I'm fairly fond of my waist
42. I don't get people's proper hatred for Coldplay, James Blunt or Nickelback. I like all three
43. I hate clubbing, and dancing, unless it's male lead, like Ceroc
44. I really like mythology (including Egyptian, Greek/Roman and Norse) and fairytales
45. I'm currently reading Cloud Atlas (having seen the film and enjoyed it) and 1Q84
46. I go through phases of being completely at peace with how I look and then loathing all my features. But I'm pretty sure that's standard for girls my age
47. I really like flowers of all kinds
48. I'm currently hunting for the perfect framed taxidermy butterfly
49. I'm a cat person, but I still love certain types of dog - as long as they're soft
50. Sometimes cute girls are too cute and I want them all, is that just me?

And that's it! If you got the end, let me know, 'cause you probably deserve a medal or something! And I keep considering not having that Circle of Life photo, but I think it's funny enough to leave. We will resume normal, fashion and makeup related programming soon.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spring Summer 2013 ~ Affordable alternatives!

I am in love with so much of what the catwalks have to offer this season. Unfortunately all I can ever do is draw inspiration and hope I have a distant, billionaire relative. I feel like a lot of people can relate to this feeling so I have scoured the internet to find items that represent the essence of a particular look or collection, so many things won't be direct dupes but they will follow the same general idea. And they'll be a lot more affordable.

Inspiration: Moschino Cheap & Chic's Novelty Pineapple Bag & Print

Inspiration: Giles' photographic Horse Print
Alternative: LovelySally Majestic Horse leggings, £38.79
( and a special mention to Giles' shattered glass print which I couldn't find a dupe of, but looks awesome, including a really cool cut-out version)

Inspiration: Burberry Prosum's Iridescent Sequins
Alternative: Motel's Gabby Sequin Plunge Back Dress, 

Inspiration: Balmain's sheer stripes + leather skirt

Inspiration: Alexandra McQueen's Bee collection

Inspiration: Olympia De Tan's Cute Hairspray '50s collection

Inspiration: Alexis Mabille's Gingham Skirt

Inspiration: Viktor & Rolf's Metallic Pleated Skirt

So, that's about it! I hope I've managed to provide you with some inspiration at least! Have you found any cool highstreet or online brands that reflect one of your favourite SS13 collections? Let me know! And tell me which is your favourite look!

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