Monday, 11 March 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ Little Demons.

  Off-shoulder crop top ~ Missguided
Skeleton tights ~ ebay
Tie dye socks ~ DIY
Velvet skater skirt ~ Primark via ebay
Studded choker ~ New Look
Space charm necklace ~ ASOS
Creepers ~ New Look

I wish I could've done this outfit outside - it just feels like an outsidey type outfit, you know? The boyfriend called it very theatrical, which is quite like. This is a variation of what I wore about a month ago to go and see John Green (the author) and his brother (Hank Green) who make up the Vlog Brothers; if you don't know who they are and are partial to a bit of geekery, youtube them!
So, that actual outfit; I like it but I wish I could've incorporated a bit more colour into it, maybe something mint or lilac for a more pastel goth vibe, I guess lavendar lipstick will have to do for now. Speaking of goth, I am currently craving big, chunky goth boots with a million buckles and a chunky platform, even though I highly doubt I'd suit them. As for the horns; I am torn, the ones on the listing looked slightly different, less fat, and I think that's better but I still really like them, just need to work placement and burying them in my hair so they look a bit more...natural...or at least as natural as little black horns can look. Finally, I have been seeing a lot of my fashion inspirations wearing skeleton tights and I bought them on the day before my spending ban began, I am so relieved they fit since they came from a japanese company. I expect to be living in them for a while.
I am also going to casually suggest/desperately beg for you to nominate me for the Company Style Blogger Awards. Because even making the shortlist would make my life, even though the likelihood is like...minimal.


  1. Ahh L. you look amazing, loving the little horns - they're so cute! :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was originally a bracelet, but I thought it was better suited to this task.

  3. I love this outfit! Specially the top, super cute! ♥

    1. :) thank you! I'm in love with that top too.

  4. You are so gorgeous! The little horns are kick ass. They blend in with your hair color just enough to make it look subtle...almost like they are real horns! haha.

    1. Thank yoouu <3
      That's sort of what I was hoping for! I'm glad it worked and that you like it! :)


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