Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Comprehensive Collection of Purple Lipsticks.

Plum, lilac, lavender, aubergine, indigo, violet, royal purple.
There are a lot of purple lipsticks out there and I am particularly fond of all of them. Following my reviews of a few pastel (including Lime Crime's Chinchilla, Portland Black Lipstick's The Purple Cloud, Stargazer's Glitter Violet and CeeYourself Cosmetics' Unicorn) and dark purple lipsticks (including Rimmel's Kate Collection 04, Revlon's Va Va Violet, Stargazer's 133, CeeYourself Cosmetics' Gothica and Portland Black Lipstick Company's Artificial Amethyst) I thought I would include as many swatches as I could find as well as any links that haven't been swatched. For some of the shades I did find swatches but I didn't think they were good enough to really represent the lipstick and also I ignored lipsticks I didn't think were purple enough (e.g. too blue, too pink or too red, such as Barry M's palest lavender which was pretty sheer and quite pink). Also, eventually this will go out of date, already Lime Crime's Kaleidoscope is discontinued and so are a few of the Mac shades, but I trust ebay won't let you down if you're desperate.

Dusty, Heather Pink Hued Purples
1. Mac ~ Goes And Goes (source), 2. Lime Crime ~ Airbourne Unicorn, 3. Mac ~ Up The Amp (source)

Lilacs, Lavenders & Pastel Purples
 1. Mac ~ Fresh Amour (source), 2. Secret Kisses ~Sade (source), 3. Ka'oir ~ Racquel, 4. Lime Crime ~ D'Lilac, 5. Stargazer ~ 115 (source)

Medium Purples
1. Beauty Addiction ~ Paranormal, 2. Fierce Magenta ~ Grape Parfait, 3. Flawless Beauty ~ Pastel Purple, 4. Secret Kisses ~ Rockstar (source), 5. Secret Kisses ~ Popstar (source), 6. Mac ~ Go For It (source) 
Deep Dark Purples
 1. Lime Crime ~ Kaleidoscope, 2. Mac ~ Potent Fig (source), 3. Nyx ~ Seductive (source), 4. Sweetpea & Fay ~ Musidora, 5. Illamasqua ~ Kontrol (source), 6. Manic Panic ~ Deadly Night (source)

Plum Purples
1. Lime Crime ~ Poisonberry, 2. 17 ~ New Black (source), 3. Maybelline ~ Midnight Plum (source), 4. Nyx ~ Egglant (source), 5. Nyx ~ Medusa (source), 6. Mac ~ Cyber (source)

Metallic and Duochrome Purples
1. Sobe ~ Purple Rain (source), 2. Stargazer ~ 103 (source), 3. Sobe ~ Monster Mash 

Blue Hued Purples

1. Ka'Oir ~ Rude Girl, 2. Morgana Cryptoria ~ Catheral (source), 3. Morgana Cryptoria ~ Darkwave, 4. Morgana Cryptoria ~ Fallen Angel (source)

No Swatches
Freak Laboratory ~ Foxglove - £8, Cassia - £8.50
Stargazer ~ 130 - £3.50
Manic Panic ~ Plum Passion, Purple Haze
My Beauty Addiction ~ Stargazer, Paranormal - £4.65 
Spectrum Cosmetics – Pocketful Of Posies, £3.82
Evil Shades ~ Dark Princess, Last Dance - £2.79
Morgana Cryptoria ~ Midnight Plumeria - £7.44, Violet - £3.10
Milan Rowe ~ Lavender Lust, Material Girl, £8.69
Sleek ~ Mulberry - £4.99
Muylinda ~ Purple Pumps - £3.81
BL Soaps ~ Jester, £7.12.
Moi Cosmetics ~ Paranormal, £3.75.
If you happen to stumble upon a good swatch that I didn't see or just a new shade I missed, let me know and I'll add it! And that is it! These posts have taken ages but were also super fun. I am now absolutely lusting Illamasqua's Kontrol, Lime Crime's Poisonberry and Morgana Cryptoria's Cathedral. What about you?


  1. I've never really thought about wearing purple on the lips. but it looks soo good! Such a shame the Lime Crime Kaleidoscope has been discontinued - I love it! Amazing selection of shades though :)


    1. I know, it was super pretty! I'm glad you liked the post :)

  2. Wow they all look fab in these pics! Love the pink hue ones and the really deep purple ones

    1. :) yeah, there are some pretty gorgeous shades.

  3. I have a swatch on my page of milan rowe lavender lust and also their other purple shade Viva La Lilac. If you want me to send you my swatches let me know

  4. This is the super-useful lipstick post of my dreams. Thanks for making my research easier. :)

    1. Happy to help! There's a blue one coming soon as well :)

  5. You know you read too many makeup blogs when you can identify the bloggers in the swatch.

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