Saturday, 5 January 2013

Favourite Blog Posts of 2012.

First post of 2013! Happy new year!
Inspired by Gwen from This Fashion Is Mine (and subsequently loads of other bloggers), I decided to do my own blog review for the year, looking at my personal favourite posts. I know mine's a bit later but I've been super ill so you'll have to excuse me! You can click on the photos to go to the original posts. Warning - this is a very image heavy post!
It's pretty interesting to see how my style has changed. I think this is when I started to really feel the gothic vibe I dig so much at the moment, although I think it's developed a bit since then.

My amazing retro rockabilly hairdo from my first ever (one of very few) blogger events this year.
The point when the fade of my purple was actually pretty. That phase did not last long.
Other worthwhile mentions of February: My Lipstick Rainbow, the most viewed post on my blog and my part 1 of my Review of Black Lipsticks, which is also quite popular. They're both posts I'm pretty proud of.

Got to try out the awesome brand that is Illamasqua, and found a new favourite lip colour in the dark navy blue of Disciple.

I dyed my hair turquoise which I think to this day is still my favourite colour.


Started to experiment a lot more with nail art this year and I think this is one of my favourites (even though the photos aren't great).

This was a good month for the blog! I pretty much like all of the posts I put up during July in hindsight, which is a rare thing indeed.
This is the year I also discovered and tried many wonderful brands (such as Illamasqua, Sleek and Sugarpill), including a new and permanent favourite; Portland Black Lipstick Company. I also did possibly the favourite outfit of the year in July, but it's a close call. And one of my few successful DIY.

New hair in the form of a turquoise and black cruella. Loved this style so much and I really like the outfit as well. Ah, suspender tights.

Let us mourn the loss of one of my favourite hats, which can be seeing being worn here.
One of my favourite nail colours of 2013 - Pink Spice by Accessorize.

I had my hair professionally cut for the first time in ages.
A less successful, but still kind of pretty DIY.
One of my favourite Face of the Day's (the outfit isn't bad either)
Other worthwhile mentions: I totally spotted the Emerald Trend before Pantone!

Another redye of the hair, this time a sort of rainbow dip dye.

The first of the makeup tag, but the last Face of the Day of the year!

And that's it! I hope my blog has been at least slightly entertaining for my lovely followers and this year as always, I will strive to make better content for you all!
What were you highlights of 2012? Are you looking forward to anything in 2013?


  1. love febs first pic!!you should do a hair tutorial on how to get ur hair like that!!

    1. Ah, I wish I could but that style was done by a hairdresser at the event.

  2. Great post! I love seeing how much your hair has changed in only a year!

    1. :D thank you! Haha, yeah, it's been pretty diverse and this year I have no plans on stopping (in fact I already have a few things lined up in my head).

  3. WOW, you take such gorgeous photos! Beautiful post!

    1. Ah, thanks! I wish I could take all the credit but it's actually my boyfriend that takes the photos :P


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