Friday, 31 May 2013

New Kitten Photos Here!

I don't think I need to come up with some complicated title for this post. I have a new kitten and you should all see how adorable he is. He arrived about a week ago and my dad has decided to call him Guinness but I call him Guinea Pig, because it's a way cuter name. He's about 8/9 weeks, entirely fearless and super fluffy. The other (three) cats we already have (I know, we are indeed a crazy cat family, it's kind of embarrassing  are pretty unsure of him but they are veeerrrry gradually acclimatising. I'm hoping eventually our lovely lady Nuage will adopt him and her second child, which is what she did when we bought these guys home.
The only downside about having Guinea Pig now is that I am supposed to be revising but more often than not I am just watching him and squealing at all the adorable things he does, like for example, whenever he arches his back and moves, he sort of walks side ways, with his hind legs leading, it's ridiculous.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ My Neighbour Totoro.

Polo shirt ~ ebay
Skirt ~ Boohoo
Braces ~ ebay
Boots ~ ebay
Umbrella ~ Sports Direct via ebay

And now for something slightly different. Last Sunday I attended London's MCM Comic Con 2013, this time was my third year going. Since the last one, my friend Dan and I had had the plan to go as Totoro and Satsuki from the eternally wonderful (and slightly surreal) Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbour Totoro. This was perfect since a) it wasn't a challenging costume for me and b) my hair was going to be short. I had vaguely planned on sewing the skirt myself but in the end, having left no where near enough time for anything, I bought everything. To my dismay the braces and skirt did not match and try as I might (tea, felt tip ink and food colouring were all tried) I could not darken them so sadly that was an annoying detail I had to get over. If anyone knows how to dye cotton elastic I'd be grateful to know...the internet tells me it's impossible.
All in all Expo was really good, and I was a lot less nervous than last time, which was nice (last time I was super anxious and the crowds sort of freaked me out). As usual I spent a majority of time at the Artist's Alley and experienced my first strawberry flavoured shaved ice and chilled cream filled pancakes. Dan nearly died of overheating so Bekki (who also came with us) and I forced him to chill out for a bit, but to be honest I think we were all getting pretty damn sore, both of them had been there the whole weekend as well - I don't think I could have survived. Now it is time to begin planning the next cosplay for October! Bekki is also the one who took the photos which is why I have deviated from the usual style of my outfit posts.
As always, I'm sorry I haven't been posting very regularly, being in three plays whilst revising for exams has taken up a lot of my time. We also got a new kitten who I will be posting about very soon! Kitten spam! Also, I got featured on Fashion Rocks My Socks! It totally made my day and on the same day one of my lipstick reviews got featured on Powder Doom as well! So hello to all my lovely new followers! 

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 A boom box passed our way so I had to break out into all singing, all dancing Satsuki.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Trending ~ Suspender Garter Leggings.

Something I have been seeing a lot of and really liking recently are suspender or garter or cut out leggings (depending on who you ask). I always loved suspender tights when they came out (who doesn't have a pair of those amazing Henry Holland ones?), so I suppose suspender leggings was always going to be a natural progression. I've been searching for a decent but affordable pair, since some of the ones I have found (mainly Black Milk) are way out of my price range. I thought I would share with you the options I have found.

suspender garter chap leggings tights graphic print black milk
Black Milk ~ £63.67
They have a crazy selection, starting with classic black in matte or wet look to loads of gorgeous and weird prints including lots of different, but equally gorgeous galaxy ones. They are the most expensive of the lot, but I always hear really good things about the quality of Black Milk Leggings and their prints are generally amazing. Even their plain metallic look like liquid silver and gold.

suspender garter chap leggings tights stripped tie dye velvet mesh nasty gal
Nasty Girl ~ £31.48 to £40.67
They also offer matte, wet look and mesh in black as well as a few other black and white options and these awesome velvet tie dye ones! I also found some with ties instead of clasps, which is pretty cute for a more laid back boho look. I thought the buttons instead of clasps was interesting, although I don't know if I would wear them, they make me think of old style pyjamas...or maybe that's just me.

suspender garter chap leggings tights affordable wet look missguided cheap black milk dupe
Missguided ~ £19.99
I bought the leggings on the right (£14.99) and unfortunately they are a bit disappointing. There was only metal grips at the front - the backs were just plain, the material was very thin and the actual leg of the legging is very short. Sad times since these are so affordable. However, recently this new pair on the left has been added and they are much better, with grips on both sides and thicker looking material, much more like Black Milk (which they are clearly trying to dupe) - I'm tempted to buy a pair, since they are just so much cheaper!

suspender garter chap leggings tights velvet stripped widow goth
Widow ~ £44.89
As well as offering plain black and stripped, Widow also offer a crushed velvet option in both black and burgundy, and as we all know I am very partial to a bit of velvet. The question is, which colour? Or I should I just go beetlejuice?

suspender garter chap leggings tights lace turquoise teal purple lipgloss and black etsy
Lipgloss and Black ~ £39.52 just for shorts
Ooohh, so many things I want! I love the unique and interesting variation on a theme with their side suspenders. Lipgloss and Black also sell the classic design in a few different colours, although be warned that some of the listings are just for the suspender shorts, and you have to buy the leggings separately, this means that actually if you want to get a matching set it turns out pretty expensive.

suspender garter chap leggings tights affordable cheap black milk dupe
Fabulous Dresses ~ £24.35 - £54.12
These guys make the plain black as well as a few other fun prints, including the USA flag. I'm oddly drawn to the dollar print and obviously the lovely planet print. Some of the cheaper pairs are really good considering Black Milk does a metallic version and they are much more expensive. 

suspender garter chap leggings tights graphic print poprageous black milk dupe
Poprageous ~ £62.46
These guys also sell a crazy range of patterns, comparable to Black Milk. They also have galaxy prints as well as a gas mask damask (yes, you did read that right, and it is as awesome as it sounds), camo and some others. I think my favourite is a draw between the octopus print and the floating fedora hat print. I suppose because the prints are so amazing looking the price is only marginally less than Black Milk.
They're also currently offering $10 (£6.63) off their leggings with the code: POPRAGE4EVA!

suspender garter chap leggings tights metallic pink hot lip service
Lip Service ~ £42.29
From what I can find Lip Service offers only this amazing pair of metallic hot pink garter leggings, but they are pretty damn awesome. There's something about hot pink at the moment that is really appealing, and metallic is definitely in at the moment. If you're a bit cyber goth inclined then these are the pair for you!

Just Plain Black
Here's just a selection of a few more places where you can find just plain black suspender leggings, some of which have a slight variation:
Dark Moon Boutique ~ £37.18 (the grips are heart shaped! Such a cute little twist!)
Kalypso Blue ~ £25.71 (just basic, wet look suspender leggings black)
Lazy Oaf ~ £45 (with little mickey mouse hands instead of grips - you've probably seen them before)
Oasap ~ £29.44 (they also do a burgundy velvet like the Widow leggings)

Alternatively, if you want an even cheaper option, you can always try making your own, using some leggings, grips (cheap off ebay) and this really neat DIY how-to video from Youtube, I'm pretty tempted to make some myself.
Let me know which was your favourite take on the suspender legging; do you like the classic black or maybe the graphic prints? And also link any other brands that I have missed out. Let me know in the comments!

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ Velvet and Mesh.

Mesh top ~ H&M
Leather jacket ~ Primark
Spiked collar ~ bracelet from New Look
Velvet skirt ~ Primark via Ebay
Boots ~ New Look

Ah, this mesh top! It's so sporty and I'm so not but I love it, I'm fan of mesh! It was kind of an impulse buy but I'm glad I got it! I also saw an amazing pair of platform khaki trainers but they weren't in my size, which sucks, because they were actual perfection! Not so sure about the leather jacket, it's a very different fit to what I'm used to, kind of big on the shoulders but tighter around the waist. I bought it ages ago but haven't really worn it much. I'm not sure if it's obvious but I've currently been trying to experiment with different poses, I don't want to bore you all with the same pillar straight poses I'm inclined towards, having said that I'm not a model so you can't expect too much. Some of the out-takes are pretty damn bad. Also on the topic of experimenting, I've started wearing more makeup again and it's been really fun - mainly enjoying bright, matte eye colours (read: Sugarpill and Concrete minerals). Speaking of which I bought two new Illamasqua lipsticks yesterday during their 50% flash sale. I cannot tell you how excited I was seeing that on my facebook feed, I knew exactly what I wanted as well, I've been wanting Kontrol and Apocalips for ages and now they are mine! Squee!!
As for recent life happenings, it is super busy, rehearsing three plays and revising for exams, as well as practising with my musical partner for an upcoming gig, just a little charity event but should be fun. All this means that blogging hasn't been as regular as I'd like, but I've got a few reviews coming up which I'm exciting to share!

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Haul post ~ recent purchases!

Yes, I know I had a spending ban, but I didn't stick to it very well...although I did do pretty good by my own standard. Plus some of this was bought after the ban ended, and some of it was bought for me by my lovely mothership. Some thing have been omited since they're presents for people who may or may not read this here blog. Let me know if you've bought anything awesome recently - I love a good haul post!

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Family Crests of Japan ~ £8.99
The Virgin Suicides ~ £3
American Psycho ~ £2
The Ticket That Exploded ~ £2
Elephants On Acid ~ £3
DIY Couture ~ £3
I keep buying more books, this needs to stop! What's worse is there are loads more that I want to read. Ugh! But seriously, I did not realise the untapped source of cheap books that is HMV, I got four books for £10. So good! I was really impressed by their selection as well, The Ticket That Exploded is a sci-fi book that was part of a the 100 Must Read that I mentioned in this post. The book on Japanese crest was from an awesome crafts fair at Penshurst Place and the DIY book is from an independent book store in Brighton.
Also, sorry for the lack of regular posting at the moment, uni got a bit busy but also due to having a new laptop I don't currently have any image editing software which means I have to get the boyfriend to do everything.

La Mort Dove T-shirt ~ £20 (gift)
The other day I found this tattoo parlour/shop I had completely failed to notice in a small town near where I live. These shirts immediately caught my eye; I love the weird, creepy designs (I mean, who doesn't love a dove that's been shot with arrows wearing a crown?) but as always be as tight fisted as I am with my money my mum pretty much forced me to chose my favourites so she could buy them for me. She is ridiculous.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain ~ £6.99 (bought with Boots points)
Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Orbit ~ £7.99 (bought with £2 off voucher)
I don't know why but I just really wanted Apocalyptic, it's the brightest goddamn pink I've ever seen and it doesn't really suit me but I just couldn't help myself, plus it was on sale on ASOS for a while. This new Rimmel foundation is lightest I have found, if any of you have pale skin you know how hard it is to find affordable, light foundation. This one definitely seems promising, I've worn it a few times and it colour is definitely a huge improvement to the usual offerings, but it is a bit too liquid for my liking and the coverage isn't amazing. I've already reviewed the Nail Candy, which can be found here.

 Ladybird and leaf brooch ~ £9
Normally I wouldn't spend that much on a brooch (because I'm ridiculously cheap) but it is so realistic and hand made and everything I love. I got it from the same craft fair as the Crests of Japan book, and I remember seeing them last year and being tempted and this year I gave in. It literally took me 15 to 20 minutes to decide on which to get, there were loads and each was just ever so slightly different. I also bought a little ladybird pin for £2 which I'm currently wearing on my bandana. I may not wear this brooch, but it was worth buying it just as a piece of art.

Cute stickers ~ around £3 together
A~ha is a shop in Brighton that specialises in cute Japanese-type products, including loads of Studio Ghibli plushies, but they're closing down sadly. On the upside I got these stickers for super cheap, but I will be sad to see the shop go.

Tiger Spice Jars ~ two for £1 Has anyone been to a Tiger? They are these amazing shops kind of like Ikea meets Muji - it's full of loads of super cheap, cool products, mainly home ware but really, there is everything you could ever need there. I am in love and every time I got in I try to resist leaving with half of the store. These jars were insanely cheap and I think I will probably paint them, they may end up being part of a birthday present.

Bath bombs ~ £1 each
Another shop in Brighton having a clear out, but for re-purposing as opposed to closing down was Purple Heart, so I nabbed a bunch of bath bombs, bought a few for my mum that I knew she would like. And the shop is also from the craft fair.

Tattoo pattern fabric ~ £18/m
This material was crazy expensive but also crazy awesome. I intend on making a simple circle skirt with it, hopefully. I saw it at another craft fair (the IHCF in London) and sort of needed it. It'll look pretty weird but I dunno, hopefully I'll be able to pull it off.

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ Primavera bianco.

Bandana ~ To Be Worn Again
White wig ~ Snowslide by Geisha Wigs
Glasses ~ stolen from my mum
Demin dress ~ ASOS
Pentagram necklace ~ Me & Zena
Sailor moon necklace ~ Japanophile UK
Lace body ~ New Look
Devore shirt ~ vintage fair
Cowboy boots ~ Fashion Union

I'm so glad I've finally done an outfit wearing one of my wigs! I've had this one for a few months now and I've started wearing it more often - I don't have the confidence/patience to wear it where I live, which is either a very conservative suburban town or a very chavvy, aggressive town (I live between two places at the moment), so I only wear my wigs when I go to London or Brighton, which is a shame. One day when I live in Brighton these problems won't exist, but I get super bored of people just staring and smirking and stuff.
Anyway! I love this wig! As for the rest of the outfit, the demin dress is pretty much all I wear at the moment, layered with different things underneath and on top, so even though I've worn it in an outfit not too long ago I wanted to bring it out again. The weather has been so gorgeous lately so it was fun to go out, huzzah!
In recent event news, last weekend I went to a Geisha Wigs meet (the site where I bought this wig), where I got to see Maria, the owner of Geisha Wigs as well as loads of the sponsored models (I didn't realise I would be the only normal customer there!), but they were all gorgeous and really fun to hang out with, so I regret nothing. It felt good to be surrounded by other people wearing wigs and we got stopped a few times by people who wanted to take photos. Last week I also went to an Ludovico Einaudi concert at the Brighton Dome (hence the little tribute to him in the title, translated it says 'white spring'), a friend of mine was too ill to go to go so offered me the tickets, which was incredibly kind of her. Suffice to say, it was amazing. Just, incredible and spellbinding and all other words that describe magical sounding music. Live performances offer so much more than recording, there's almost too much to take in! Special mention go to the badass cellist - I've always wanted to play the cello and he just fuelled the fire.
That's it for today, I hope you've been enjoying the lovely spring sunshine (I have, in moderation). And out of curiosity, do you wear wigs? Are you tempted?
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