Thursday, 28 June 2012

Labels I Love ♥ Wildfox

I thought today I'd show you guys one of the labels that I'm really in love with at the moment; Wildfox.
These first images are from their latest Lookbook - Star Crossed Lovers, which is based on "what if Romeo and Juliet survived?" As a massive fan of Shakespeare it didn't take much to catch my eye. Not only is this the lovliest concept the execution of the photos and the fashion are amazing. As with all their collections they bring their slogan tshirts as well whimiscal and simple designs and prints, managing to catch the essence of the idea. Mixing t-shirts with floaty skirts and cool jumpers with tiny shorts. I could've put all the photos from the collection on here, they're all so perfect and create such a romantic, 'we are young' sort of atmosphere. My favourite piece is either the blush pink top with the embroidered golden crosses or the t-shirt with the script from the scene from Romeo & Juliet where they fall in love.
To see the rest of the set go here.
These next images are from the collection that first caught my attention; Magical Creatures. I am in love with the teen witch meets girly punk vibe, all with the usual spoonful of whimsy. I'm especially adoring the butterfly wing print t-shirt - they've done angel wings before so it's nice to see a new spin on an old, potentially cliché classic. (for the rest of the set go here).
You should also check out their "Even Cowboys Get the Blues" photo set as well, it's so full of western belles being awesome in bustiers, bustles hoop skirts and tees.
And finally here are just some of my favourite pieces from various collections: 
Mermaids are definitely coming back big style and I'm such a sucker for slogan tees that this really is perfect. I love it in the seafoam green colour as well.
 Starlight Mermaid Skirt
Ugh! Just how amazing is this goddamn skirt! I've always had an obsession with starts and I'm really starting to get into maxi skirts and this is just so gorgeous!
Do you guys remember Sailor Moon? It's an Artemis jumper! And it comes in black too for those of you who prefer Luna! I'm so geeking out.
 Believe In Magic Malibu Zip Up Hoodie
This whole outfit is great but the hoodie has really won me over. I would never have thought of doing something so original with something I consider so sporty and causal. And more stars! Yay!

If you feel like browsing any of their previous collections they've got them all together here.

So, what do you think of Wildfox? Any of you lucky enough to own any of their stuff?
What do you guys think of this kind of post? I might do some more if you guys think it's a good idea. Sorry posts have still been a bit sparse, I'm still uber busy and haven't had time to take some quality photos with the boyfriend for a proper post, but I think I'm getting back on top so watch this space!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ every rose has its thorn.

 {For anyone
Can love a rose.
But only great
Hearts can
Love a thorn
~ Rose & Thorn, Mamie Free

Summer has finally arrived! Kind of. The weather is being insanely erratic (as it always is) but I have now finished all of my exams and have officially moved out of my uni accommodation. However I still haven't had time to chill out - my parents are preparing the house to put it on the market so I'm helping with that and I'm currently rehearsing for not one, but two plays: Shakespeare's As You Like It (with a steam punk twist) where I'll be playing Rosalind and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice where I'll be playing Charlotte Lucas. I'm really excited about both of them and a bit nervous about the first since opening night is coming up very quickly and I'm playing the lead role - which it's my first time doing, but I know it'll be fine! If you were wondering why I haven't been posting as much as I normally do it's because I've been insanely busy.
As for the actual outfit, I really like it! It's got a bit of a catholic school girl/Wednesday Addams feel to it I think without being suggestive or anything. I've been looking for a spiked headband for ages and just as I was about to cave in a buy one off Etsy I found one in New Look for a lot less! The spikes are stubbier but actually that's a good thing; it makes it more wearable in normal situations. The velvet skater dress is also something I'd been scouring ebay for and managed to win this one! I mean to pair it with many a different blouse in the future, so now I'm searching for the perfect collared long sleeve black chiffon blouse - I have a very specific vision.

So, how are you? Have the summer holidays/vacation started for you yet? Gotten any recent steals from ebay?
Spike studded headband ~ New Look
Pussybow blouse ~ New Look
Velvet skater dress ~ Miss Selfridge via Ebay
Black and white brogues ~ New Look
Velvet blazer ~ vintage

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Star Studding Inspiration.

 Recently I bought myself some star-shaped studs (as well as some cute little cresent moon ones too) and have so far studded these shorts. Now that the summer has arrived for me - exams are over and I'm back home, I hope to do way more DIYing, including more studding. Today I just thought I'd share with you some photos of inspiration if you're thinking about doing something similar.

If you've seen or made anything star stud related leave a link! I'd love to see!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nail of the Day ~ complimentary colours.

 I don't know why but I am really loving the combination of teal/turquoise and red at the moment (which is lucky, considering my hair is turquoise). For today's nails I used one of my favourite varnishes Green with Envy by Rimmel (which I talk a bit more about here) and Hot Gossip also by Rimmel. I found that Hot Gossip applied really well and was pretty much completely opaque after one layer, which is rather good!
I lost my patience a bit whilst doing the half-moon mani, so it is a bit messy! And unfortunately the boyfriend has ruined the combo a bit for me by saying it made him think of Christmas, which I hadn't thought of but is now all I think of when I look at them. Dammit!
What's your favourite colour combination at the moment? I'm also in love with lilac and turquoise!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ cirque du soliel.

 "I’m not the one,
but he still is
I’m like the second
Not even a part of this
I’m not the only
And I’m not the one
Now I’m sitting in the darkness
While he walks on the sun"

~ The One, Cameron Godfrey

Ah! For once an outfit with varied sources. When my gran gave me the maxi cardigan I couldn't believe that she could own something so cool and all of a sudden right on trend! I'm not saying she hasn't got a good sense of style but it's definitely more aimed towards bright colours (turquoise, pink) and white. Needless to say I am very glad to call it my own now! As for those leggings I bought them a while when I needed an affordable alternative after falling in love with vertical stripes, triggered in part by the amazing Motel Jordan jeans. You can also see my DIY star studded shorts in more detail, what do you think? There are stars around the top as well. Now that summer is coming and my exams are coming to an end I'll be doing a lot more DIY and a lot more studding I think.
And don't you love that lipstick? I pretty much matches my hair! Although it's fading to green at the moment so I'll be redoing it soon. Portland Black Lipstick Co. are always a strong favourite for me and their new colours are awesome, they're pretty much all I'm wearing the moment and I'll be doing a swatch/review of some them in a few weeks, so look out for that.
Last Saturday I went to the Vintage Nation fair which was pretty good considering it was the first time for the event, it's got nothing on Vintage Fair though, but I think it could get there. I bought one thing which I'll show you all in the next outfit post I hope!
Apart from that I'm revising hard and rehearsing hard for a play I'll be in at the beginning on July - it's Shakespeare's As You Like It with a steampunk twist. I seriously can't wait!
Ohyeah! And do you like my kitty! She's called Nuage (french for cloud) and is the loveliest cat ever.

Lips ~ Portland Black Lipstick Co. in Difficult Island
Bowler hat ~ market in Brighton
Maxi cardigan ~ vintage (from my gran)
Cold shoulder top ~ New Look
Moon necklace ~ Avon
Stripped leggings ~ Ebay
Boots ~ New Look
Skinny belt ~ ASOS 
Sunglasses ~ supermarket in France

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Review: Snow White and the Huntsman.

The other day the boyfriend and I went to the cinema and I decided we were going to see Snow White & the Huntsman and I thought as a bit of change I'd do another film review (the last one was Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). And it's spoiler free!

So first up, the main actors! The evil queen was played by Charlize Theron who is absolutely stunning and definitely looks the part, but unfortunately she didn't act all that well. She went from quiet to loud with no shading in between, although I did like the attempt at giving her a back story. Kristen Stewart (the role of Snow White) on the other hand wasn't that bad, although occasionally pulled that angsty Twilight face she is so well known for. Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman was not only very easy on the eyes but also acted pretty well, although his Scottish accent at the beginning during a voice-over was a little funny, thankfully it was better/less noticeable once there was on screen acting involved. The seven dwarfs were good with a few well known faces (in particular Nick Frost of the Hot Fuzz fame) with exception to one who I think was a bit of a sentimental casting, that is to say he wasn't very good at acting but was probably genuinely blind.
As for the look of the film it was very visually pleasing, with some beautiful and atmospheric scenery. I'd say it was like Tim Burton but with less colour and drugs - could definitely tell it was the same team who did Alice in Wonderland. There was one scene is particular I felt they stole (or were 'heavily influenced by') from a studio Ghibli film - Princess Mononoke and through-out the film you could see inspiration had been taken from a few films and books, in particular there was a bit of a Lord of the Rings vibe as well.
The costumes - especially the queen's outfits were nothing short of stunning, think traditional garbs with intricate bird bones and spiked metal as a contemporary twist. It had quite an Alexander McQueen feel to it, in a very good way! CG was also gorgeous, including their interpretation of the 'mirror on the wall' which I loved. In fact generally their attention to detail, be it the creatures in the forest, the costumes or the CG was really very impressive.

And finally the story. It was quite predictable and full of typical 'just in time' moments which means most of Snow White's journey was based on luck. It also took a while for the story to get into a nice rhythm, but I liked seeing so much of the world they were trying to show us. I also feel like some of the weaker parts of the plot were due to the fact that they prioritised visuals and beautiful shots over logical story (e.g. Snow White's main costume which she has on in the castle really doesn't make much sense; beautiful dress plus practical leather trousers and boots?). I felt that the ending was quite forgettable too, but as a general I found it quite enjoyable.

So, in summary! It was a beautiful film but with a slightly one dimensional story that I enjoyed none the less. Definitely go see this film if you want something easy on the mind and gorgeous to look at.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nail of the Day ~ space-age triangles.

Hey there!
Sometimes instead of doing just one colour I will experiment a little with my nails (I'm planning at some point trying that really cute heart mani I keep seeing everywhere but I can't find a good tutorial for it, any suggestions?). I mainly do this as a form of procrasination and since I have exams coming up my nails have suddenly become way more interesting. This time I tried arrow/triangle type shapes using some of my newly purchases Barry M nail varnishes (and tape). I used Matt White and also one of their new ones called Silverly Lilac, which is so pretty! What I found interesting about it is that I actually thought it looks prettier without a white base, which is awesome because it saves me time!
The white is slightly blue tinted due to my hair and as you can see I got lazy with my right hand so just left it without doing triangles. 
Have you done/seen any interesting manis recently? Link me up!
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