Thursday, 28 June 2012

Labels I Love ♥ Wildfox

I thought today I'd show you guys one of the labels that I'm really in love with at the moment; Wildfox.
These first images are from their latest Lookbook - Star Crossed Lovers, which is based on "what if Romeo and Juliet survived?" As a massive fan of Shakespeare it didn't take much to catch my eye. Not only is this the lovliest concept the execution of the photos and the fashion are amazing. As with all their collections they bring their slogan tshirts as well whimiscal and simple designs and prints, managing to catch the essence of the idea. Mixing t-shirts with floaty skirts and cool jumpers with tiny shorts. I could've put all the photos from the collection on here, they're all so perfect and create such a romantic, 'we are young' sort of atmosphere. My favourite piece is either the blush pink top with the embroidered golden crosses or the t-shirt with the script from the scene from Romeo & Juliet where they fall in love.
To see the rest of the set go here.
These next images are from the collection that first caught my attention; Magical Creatures. I am in love with the teen witch meets girly punk vibe, all with the usual spoonful of whimsy. I'm especially adoring the butterfly wing print t-shirt - they've done angel wings before so it's nice to see a new spin on an old, potentially cliché classic. (for the rest of the set go here).
You should also check out their "Even Cowboys Get the Blues" photo set as well, it's so full of western belles being awesome in bustiers, bustles hoop skirts and tees.
And finally here are just some of my favourite pieces from various collections: 
Mermaids are definitely coming back big style and I'm such a sucker for slogan tees that this really is perfect. I love it in the seafoam green colour as well.
 Starlight Mermaid Skirt
Ugh! Just how amazing is this goddamn skirt! I've always had an obsession with starts and I'm really starting to get into maxi skirts and this is just so gorgeous!
Do you guys remember Sailor Moon? It's an Artemis jumper! And it comes in black too for those of you who prefer Luna! I'm so geeking out.
 Believe In Magic Malibu Zip Up Hoodie
This whole outfit is great but the hoodie has really won me over. I would never have thought of doing something so original with something I consider so sporty and causal. And more stars! Yay!

If you feel like browsing any of their previous collections they've got them all together here.

So, what do you think of Wildfox? Any of you lucky enough to own any of their stuff?
What do you guys think of this kind of post? I might do some more if you guys think it's a good idea. Sorry posts have still been a bit sparse, I'm still uber busy and haven't had time to take some quality photos with the boyfriend for a proper post, but I think I'm getting back on top so watch this space!


  1. Does that cute little dress say "I'm really a mermaid"? If yes, that is sooooo awesome. You should get it.

    1. :) haha, yeah it does! I would love to have it but unfortunately it's a little above my budget.

  2. Hi I think your blog is awsome so I nominated you for the Liebster adward, please check out my blog for details.

    I love this photo set- I wish I owned all these clothes!

    1. :) thank you! I'm glad you like my blog so much!

  3. oh wow -- i LOVE the romeo and juliet collection! i especially love how the photoshoot looks like it was inspired by baz luhrman's romeo + juliet :)


    1. Yeah, I can totally see where Baz Luhrman's version was used as inspiration and I love it!

  4. Great photos, such a lovely blog full of inspiration! I cant wait to see future posts!

    1. :) thank you. There's lots more to come.

  5. Hi, I just found your blog, I am not even sure if you are still active. Wildfox is my favorite brand, I am scouring the globe to find some coveted pieces.

  6. Hi, I just found your blog, I am not even sure if you are still active. Wildfox is my favorite brand, I am scouring the globe to find some coveted pieces.


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