Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lime Crime Velvetine Alternative ~ Peacock DUPE!

When I first saw Lime Crime's new Velvetine shade Peacock, as part of their limited edition trio (along with Buffy and Beet It), I fell in love a bit. But I couldn't a) justify getting the trio just for that one colour, especially since the other two really didn't excite me and b) was curious to see if I could in fact find a similar looking colour.
Like a lot of Lime Crime's colour, this one is pretty unique. I remember when Chinchilla first came out, I could not for the life of me find a good dupe anywhere, and then other companies cottoned on that grey-lilac was the thing and gradually more and more alternative made themselves known. Much like that, Peacock has been really difficult to find a dupe of, not half because the swatches of the actual product vary quite a lot as well. I see the original promo swatch as a dark teal, it has definite green undertones. However I have seen swatches where it looks more like a deep, dusty blue with very little to no green at all. Because I prefer the colour of the original swatch, that is the colour I set out to find a dupe of.
DupeThat, the best site for finding accessible, high street and sometimes indie dupes of all sorts of make up brands also seemed to struggle, only being able to find one option which wasn't a liquid to matte finish and also wasn't that close a match.
BUT! I think I have managed during my travels around the internet, to find a pretty good dupe! The actual swatch belongs with MsUndeadRainbows, from her Rainbow Reviews youtube channel (the actual video can be found here). The product itself is the Impulse Cosmetics Matte Lip Lacquer and the colour is Agent X. Have a look for yourself:
lime crime velvetine peacock liquid matte lipstick dupe alternative agent x impulse cosmetics lip lacquer dark blue teal rainbow reviews msundeadrainbow
Source: Rainbow Reviews
I think that is a pretty good match! So thank you MsUndeadRainbow for these amazing swatches! Personally I think this is a much better dupe compared to the Necromancy 's Necromantia, especially since this is actually a liquid to matte liquid lipstick and the colour is much more similar. Not only do Impulse Cosmetics offer sample sizes of all of their lip lacquer colours (which is a lot of different colours!) but the full size tubes are much cheaper that Lime Crime as well! Horray for affordable dupes! And if you happen to prefer a normal lipstick formula to the liquid one, then they also sell this colour in a normal tube!

That's all from me for today! If you've found another good dupe for Peacock, then let me know in the comments!

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Face of the Day ~ catch up!

Due to not having access to a good camera most of my efforts with make up have only be documented on Instagram, but I thought I would do a round up of my recent favourite looks!

white eyeliner illamasqua lime crime wig crimped wig fairy faerie flower crown floral crown kawaii cute simple white eyelashes white mascara make up alternative
I love this look! It's like a cute little nymph! And the wig complimented it perfectly! This was for the opening night of a play I wrote and directed, so I wanted to make an effort.
 WIG ~ ebay // LIPS ~ Portland Black Lipstick Company in 'The Coral Is Coming From Inside The House' // EYES ~ Illamasqua Precision Eyeliner in 'Scribe', can't remember the rest! //
wig lime crime velvetine black velvet witch witchy make up fotd hat illamasqua scribe white eyeliner glitter 70s 60s retro alternative goth gothic
This was for a murder mystery I attended where my character was a bit of a vixen. Turned out quite 70s in the end...
 WIG ~ Tressair // LIPS ~ Lime Crime velvetine in Black Velvet // EYES ~ Illamasqua Precision Eyeliner in Scribe, Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner, Lime Crime glitter in Taurus 
illamasqua apocalips lipstick matte turquoise face dots markings tribal fire make up yellow orange red eyeshadow eye shadow alternative alt look concrete minerals sugarpill love+
Just a day when I felt like spending some time on my face. There's something really clean looking about this, although I ended up adding a colour similar to my lips under my eyes to really tie everything together.
 LIPS ~ Illamasqua lipstick in Apocalips // EYES ~ Concrete Minerals loose eyeshadow in Ember, Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in Love+, Barry M white eyeliner 
make up eye eotd gold glitter sugarpill chromalust loose eyeshadow goldilux poison plum 2am concrete minerals ravage nyx jumbo eye pencil milk mac time to tango purple glittery hen do party false lashes
For one of my best friend's hen night we went to a cabaret show, so I really wanted to glam up to the max. I had the whole day to get ready so it was really chill. I'm really happy with how this turned out!
 EYES ~ Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow in Goldilux, Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Poison Plus and 2am, Conrete Minerals eyeshadow in Ravage, Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, Mac Time To Tango pressed shadow 
my beauty addiction mba breathless lip paint lipstick lips wing necklace tatty devine pegasus winged eyeliner cat eyes alternative rockabilly hair rat bumper bang retro make up fashion mesh harness
For seeing The Ruling Class with James McEvoy, I went for a bumper bang and a simple face. 
LIPS ~ My Beauty Addiction in Breathless // EYES ~ random palette
lips make up revolution velvet vamp matte liquid lipstick glasses gender neutral gender fluid curly hair 30s hair retro period witch witchy alternative make up fashion choker boy
A more every day look for a rehearsal. Lately been challenging myself with using only a limited neutral palette...mainly it's boring but paired with a dark lip and I can just about deal with it!
 LIPS ~ Make Up Revolution in Velvet Vamp, Lime Crime in Black Velvet // EYES ~ No. 7 palette
GLW gothic lolita wigs classic spiral in turquoise dreads dreadlocks synthetic dreads implexus pastel flower floral fairy faerie titania pearls lips lipstick teal apocalips illamasqua lime crime glitter glittery pisces pblc portland black lipstick company difficult island blue magical sugarpill mochi acid 2am love+ poison plum kiko cosmetics pearly meadow green indigo blue white eyeliner white eyelashes contouring
WIG ~ Gothic Lolita Wigs with Implexus dreads added // LIPS ~ Illamasqua in Apocalips, Lime Crime glitter in Pisces // EYES & BROWS ~ Portland Black Lipstick Company in Difficult Island, Sugarpill in Mochi, Acid Berry, 2am, Love+, Poison Plum, Kiko Cosmetics in Pearly Meadow Green and Indigo Blue, Miami slick eyeliner in Aureus Tourquaise, Lunar Sea eyeliner by Lime Crime

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