Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lime Crime Velvetine Alternative ~ Peacock DUPE!

When I first saw Lime Crime's new Velvetine shade Peacock, as part of their limited edition trio (along with Buffy and Beet It), I fell in love a bit. But I couldn't a) justify getting the trio just for that one colour, especially since the other two really didn't excite me and b) was curious to see if I could in fact find a similar looking colour.
Like a lot of Lime Crime's colour, this one is pretty unique. I remember when Chinchilla first came out, I could not for the life of me find a good dupe anywhere, and then other companies cottoned on that grey-lilac was the thing and gradually more and more alternative made themselves known. Much like that, Peacock has been really difficult to find a dupe of, not half because the swatches of the actual product vary quite a lot as well. I see the original promo swatch as a dark teal, it has definite green undertones. However I have seen swatches where it looks more like a deep, dusty blue with very little to no green at all. Because I prefer the colour of the original swatch, that is the colour I set out to find a dupe of.
DupeThat, the best site for finding accessible, high street and sometimes indie dupes of all sorts of make up brands also seemed to struggle, only being able to find one option which wasn't a liquid to matte finish and also wasn't that close a match.
BUT! I think I have managed during my travels around the internet, to find a pretty good dupe! The actual swatch belongs with MsUndeadRainbows, from her Rainbow Reviews youtube channel (the actual video can be found here). The product itself is the Impulse Cosmetics Matte Lip Lacquer and the colour is Agent X. Have a look for yourself:
lime crime velvetine peacock liquid matte lipstick dupe alternative agent x impulse cosmetics lip lacquer dark blue teal rainbow reviews msundeadrainbow
Source: Rainbow Reviews
I think that is a pretty good match! So thank you MsUndeadRainbow for these amazing swatches! Personally I think this is a much better dupe compared to the Necromancy 's Necromantia, especially since this is actually a liquid to matte liquid lipstick and the colour is much more similar. Not only do Impulse Cosmetics offer sample sizes of all of their lip lacquer colours (which is a lot of different colours!) but the full size tubes are much cheaper that Lime Crime as well! Horray for affordable dupes! And if you happen to prefer a normal lipstick formula to the liquid one, then they also sell this colour in a normal tube!

That's all from me for today! If you've found another good dupe for Peacock, then let me know in the comments!

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  1. That's a pretty amazing colour! Quite tempting!

  2. Hi, just discovered your blog while searching for something about teal hair and WOW, you are so talented and creative with makeup!! I'll be following you on instagram for sure!!

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