Friday, 28 October 2011

Owls ~ Etsy special

How are you doing?
Today I wanted to write about something I've been seeing a lot of lately, and am deciding to name a micro-trend (if Elle can do it then so can I!): owls! They're everywhere! Not that I'm complaining, I really love them and let's face it, they're so cute! However, the issue with me and owls is I'm very particular about how I like my owls, which means I'm very picky about what owly things I like.
Even though I'm so picky, in the end I was spoilt for choice, thanks to one of my favourite online shopping haunts: Etsy. For those of you not familiar with Etsy it's like Ebay, but just for people who make their own products (artisan craft style), and it is amazing! I've got to say, one of my favourite things about Etsy (apart from the VAST choice of stuff) is the prices, generally these hard working artist sell their goods for prices that would make you blush (in a good way).
So, here are a true variety of owl related things that I think are worth taking a look at.
This ring has such a nice vintage feel to it, plus the shop makes them with different coloured eyes, this one was my favourite.
Etsy shop: vintageterra
 Here's a nice graphic print, there's another owly top from this shop that I quite like, but this one just about wins. I think this would like great just tucked into some jeans, or could be fun to customise.
Etsy shop: Claylicious
Not everything has to be fashionQ I must have one of these cute, coloured owls!
 Etsy shop: Ashley Percival
 If you don't find this print adroable, then something is wrong with you! SO cute.
Etsy shop: Bumbleboo
Perfect for adding a little bit of owl-chic to a bag, a beanie or a scarf.
Etsy shop: Nanachoo
I think this is a nice (and super cute!) alternative to the typical bronze, vintage looking necklaces (refer to my own for example, haha!).
Etsy shop: Prototype Design
I think I might have to get this owl print skirt for myself. Perfect for a little 1940s inspired outfit.
Etsy shop: Nom Nom
 This little fella is a bit more simplistic and cartoony, but still so sweet.
Etsy shop: Tiny Tangerines
You need to get ready for those cold and windy days now (especially here in Brighton where the wind is brutal!), and this hat is just the thing.
Etsy shop: Mia's Unique
This shop sells a lot of different things (tops, cardigans etc) with this little owl on it. Everyone needs a good tote, right?

This is just a tiny selection of stuff. I have seen owls in so many shops, ranging from the highstreet to the little independent shops here in Brighton and just in time for Halloween too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Outfit of the Day ~ a little bit of wonderland.

black white 1940s dress pearls Think everyday wonderland.

My boyfriend and I decided to go into the woods near my house to shoot this outfit. We went along our usual walk, where part way there's a little gap in a fence that takes us to a clearing with a stream. We spend a lot of time there, when we can, him taking photos whilst I just enjoy the surroundings.
The weather was lovely as England continues to surprise me by refusing to admit that it should well and truely be autumn by now.
Originally I was going to wear something different because the dress hadn't arrived yet, but just as I was selecting an outfit it arrived, just in time. The walk was lovely, apart near the end when he decided to throw leaves on me. Those photos didn't make the final cut.

 black white 1940s dress pearls 
Necklace: (fake) pearls, stolen from my mum.

black white 1940s dress pearls
Dress: Pearl Lowe for Peacocks, got in the sale last week for half price online (so chuffed).

Ring: my mother's wedding band.

pink hair leaves pearl white black pattern 1940s dress
  Makeup: Rimmel lipstick in Asia and Rimmel Volume Flash mascara.

white brogues lilac ribbon
 Shoes: look down a few posts.

Broach: gift from my boyfriend's mum, originally from
pink hair leaves forest woodland pearl white black pattern 1940s dress
As always all of these were taken by my (super-talented) boyfriend.  

I really really love this dress. I'm not sure how well it translates, but it made me feel like a (slightly, dare is say it, glam) 1940s housewife. I like the length although normally I prefer something a little shorter, in this case I liked feeling the floaty material around my knees. Originally I was going to wear this with heels but I think the brogues give it that slight masculine twist, which I like.

On a random, completely unrelated note, I was watching Countryfile the other day and there was lady on it who's name was Rosemary Moon. I wish that was my name.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Dry shampoo, the stand-off.

Today's post is a short review.
The other day I went shopping to get some new dry shampoo. As a person with unnatural coloured hair (currently pink and some vague shade of uncertain green) I use quite a lot of dry shampoo to avoid washing my hair too often and therefore avoiding the colour fading too quickly.
I went into Superdrug (because now I have their advantage card I am out to accumulate points!) to look for my usual; Batiste. However I saw that there was some kind of two-for-one deal for their own brand dry shampoo, so I thought I'd try that out. For the sake of this review I'll call it Superdrug own.

Batiste vs. Superdrug

Sorry about the horrendous photo, this one was taken by me.
The normal quality of photos will return next time, I promise!

The first thing I noticed is how aweful Superdrug own was to inhale once sprayed, unlike Batiste which smells pleasant enough even after excessive spraying. With Superdrug own the smell was fine if I sprayed a small amount, but if I did a general all-over-the-head sort of coverage the smell was aweful and felt really, for a better way of putting it, toxic, like, I could definitely smell those solvents, and they were strong. This doesn't happen with Batiste. And at least with Batiste when I moved into a different room to avoid inhaling too much of it, the scent didn't follow, with Superdrug own it did, and it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

Also, on a minor note Superdrug own felt slightly wet, when spraying it and once on my hair it felt a little damp, which was odd. Once brushed though, the dampness just subsided to feeling a bit cold.

Finally, the actual efficency of Superdrug own isn't as good as Batiste. At least with Batiste I know something is happening because I can see the white dust on my hair until I brush it out and afterwards my hair feels softer, looks fluffier (and fuller) and is generally improved. With Superdrug own there was no initial whiteness (that I can see) and the effect after brushing wasn't anywhere near as satisfying that Batiste.

I would not recommend Superdrug own (unless you're really skint), but would definitely recommend Batiste!

I will be trying out different makes of dry shampoo in the future (as long as their not too expensive). I plan on giving Boots own brand a go next time and also Tresemmé, unfortunately I have to get through two 150ml cans of Superdrug own. *exasperated face* this is what I get for being a sucker for a cheap deal.

EDIT: I do have two thing to say in Superdrug's defence:
1) they are cheaper, so the differences are to be expected.
2) my second can of their dry shampoo (called "Heart on Your Sleeve") smells a lot better and a lot less chemical than the original (called "Away With the Fairies").

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

~ lilac laces ~

The first item I am going to share with you is, tragically not from a cute, quirky shop in Brighton, but from a highstreet shop, namely New Look. However, this is the only unfortunate thing there is to say.
I love these shoes.
Last month I decided I needed a pair of white brogues in my life. Lucky for me, they were in the clearance sale on the New Look website for £15! And actually comfy!
Originally they were laceless (they have elastic behind the tongue for a snug fit) but I have a small fetish for ribbons and an obsession with lilac at the moment so this happened.
Even my boyfriend (the one who also took all of these photos and most that will be on here, you can find more of his work here.) says he likes how they look on me, which is a massive achievement, let me tell you.
More photos from this "set" can be found here ♥.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole.

Welcome to Good Morning Angel.
Somehow you have managed to stumbled upon my little corner of the world, situated in (temporarily) sunny Brighton. I have always loved Brighton for it's unashamed sense of life, it is never afraid is shouting "I'm different! Isn't that awesome?" Although there are many sides of the town I am not yet acquainted with (but plan to, in the future), the fashion here is something that really excites me and I want to share it with anyone and everyone. This is by no means just a fashion blog (whatever that may be), it will be a small slice of my life and of the things that make me happy.

If you stay a while maybe you might like what you see.

wings sparklers light long exposure
photo by my one and only

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