Friday, 28 October 2011

Owls ~ Etsy special

How are you doing?
Today I wanted to write about something I've been seeing a lot of lately, and am deciding to name a micro-trend (if Elle can do it then so can I!): owls! They're everywhere! Not that I'm complaining, I really love them and let's face it, they're so cute! However, the issue with me and owls is I'm very particular about how I like my owls, which means I'm very picky about what owly things I like.
Even though I'm so picky, in the end I was spoilt for choice, thanks to one of my favourite online shopping haunts: Etsy. For those of you not familiar with Etsy it's like Ebay, but just for people who make their own products (artisan craft style), and it is amazing! I've got to say, one of my favourite things about Etsy (apart from the VAST choice of stuff) is the prices, generally these hard working artist sell their goods for prices that would make you blush (in a good way).
So, here are a true variety of owl related things that I think are worth taking a look at.
This ring has such a nice vintage feel to it, plus the shop makes them with different coloured eyes, this one was my favourite.
Etsy shop: vintageterra
 Here's a nice graphic print, there's another owly top from this shop that I quite like, but this one just about wins. I think this would like great just tucked into some jeans, or could be fun to customise.
Etsy shop: Claylicious
Not everything has to be fashionQ I must have one of these cute, coloured owls!
 Etsy shop: Ashley Percival
 If you don't find this print adroable, then something is wrong with you! SO cute.
Etsy shop: Bumbleboo
Perfect for adding a little bit of owl-chic to a bag, a beanie or a scarf.
Etsy shop: Nanachoo
I think this is a nice (and super cute!) alternative to the typical bronze, vintage looking necklaces (refer to my own for example, haha!).
Etsy shop: Prototype Design
I think I might have to get this owl print skirt for myself. Perfect for a little 1940s inspired outfit.
Etsy shop: Nom Nom
 This little fella is a bit more simplistic and cartoony, but still so sweet.
Etsy shop: Tiny Tangerines
You need to get ready for those cold and windy days now (especially here in Brighton where the wind is brutal!), and this hat is just the thing.
Etsy shop: Mia's Unique
This shop sells a lot of different things (tops, cardigans etc) with this little owl on it. Everyone needs a good tote, right?

This is just a tiny selection of stuff. I have seen owls in so many shops, ranging from the highstreet to the little independent shops here in Brighton and just in time for Halloween too.


  1. I am utterly obsessed with owls!! such a cute post xxx

  2. I would love to have that owl print in my room. Nice post :)

  3. I'm obssessed with owls, great pics and fab blog!
    I'm definitely following!

    Check me out if you like.


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