Tuesday, 1 November 2011

White Night Weekend.

For Halloween me and the boyfriend spent the weekend together.
We went shopping in Brighton. Specifically we were looking for the perfect vintage thick knit cream jumper for me. I get very a specific idea of what I want and I will look every where for the exact vision in my head. In the end we didn't make a decision so instead I bought 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts as a Halloween treat. (it's not something I normally do). The special Halloween ones tasted like orange and were all sparkly and looked good with my nails! Purple + orange = perfect Halloween combo! On the way back to the car we saw some interesting graffitti, it makes me think of V for Vendetta. I need to watch that film again!
We went back into town to again look for that chunky knit jumper and we found it! Downstairs in the vintage section of Juju for £30, which was a pretty good deal. Harry (my boyfriend) offered to pay for a 1/3 of it, which was sweet ♥.
He decided he wanted a cool jacket, so we tried some out in To Be Worn Again (both of them) but being so tall and broad shouldered none of them fit. Eventually we found the perfect one in Snooper's Paradise, it's a dark blue velvet blazer and I'm so jealous of it! It doesn't even suit me at all so I can't steal it! I've decided I want one similar to it but in dark green.
Later, we went to the annual White Night festival. It's an event where loads of different places and areas around Brighton do all sorts of artsy installations and activites. I had picked up a leaflet about it and that morning we had spent time deciding which things to go to, which was hard since there was so much going on.
After walking through Jubilee Square (the main hub of activity) we went to the first thing on our map; Return to Eden. There was a giant, optic fibre tree with 3 wicker and paper maché animal sculptures around it, each one presenting the past, present and future. You had to write a wish on a piece of cloth ascertaining to one of these, tie it to a rope surrounding the tree and lay a little LED candle near it. We got there quite early but returned later once we'd done our own to see the accumilated effect and it was lovely. Lots of wishes and little candles (electronically) flickering. It was such a sweet idea. We wrote a wish for the present, I wrote it on one side and he wrote it on the other.
We went to loads of other things including a creepy art installation in the Pavillion gardens, a hilarious fashion show in the library based on polyester and an exhibition at the Brighton university involving interaction and sound. As we wandered around we came across a band who had taken up one of the pianos that had been placed around town. The singer was so enthuastic and they sounded really good.
We carved the pumpkins we had bought the day before. We did this last year as well, that being the first time Harry had ever carved a pumpkin (what kind of childhood doesn't involve pumpkin carving?) so it made me very happy to introduce to him the immense fun of plunging your fist into that big old vegetable and pulling out handfuls of gunge. He went for the Aperture Science logo from Portal (my idea!) and I went for a girly Ms. Pumpkin.
It was a good Halloween weekend.
As always all photos taken by my lovely boyfriend, more of his stuff can be found here.


  1. great photos!Happy halloween in the late! I want these donuts!

  2. Happy halloween to you too! Heh heh, I finished them all yesterday and they were all delicious!

  3. yummm!
    Krispy Kream is my favorite :(
    With Hazelnut and chocolate
    love photos!

    will be glad if you follow or at least pass by



  4. it seems like a great weekend! hope you had fun
    nice blog


  5. I think I'd be scared of eating something glittery! I wouldnt be able to trust it! hahaha

  6. I love eating glittery things! It feels so weird but fun!

  7. Love this...happy Halloween! I actually work right about a Krispy Kreme shop!

    Found your blog via IFB, following now! Would love if you checked out/followed my blog as well :)

    Looking forward to more great posts!


  8. Ahh those krispy kremes look delish! I used to live in Brighton and totally missed out on this festival (if it was around 5 or 6 years ago..), it looks amazing! And v impressed with pumpkin carving skills xx


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