Thursday, 3 November 2011

GUCCI ♥ fur & jewels. {part 1}

There's been a lot of (faux) fur accessorising the catwalks for A/W 11 in the form of coats, shrugs, stoles and cuffs and it has all been so beautiful. There's also been an abundance of gorgeous, rich colour. Think burgundy and wine, deep turquoises and teals, golds, ochres and royal purples, in sumptuous materials; satin, silk, chiffon and suede.

I think that one design house has managed to sum up these two huge elements of A/W 11 in a really amazing collection; Gucci. They've focused so well on real, old time glamour and with so many colours and textures to choose from, a gucci winter isn't going to be a bland or monochrome one. I mean seriously, just look and drool. These clothes exude so much luxury and sophistication, so feminine yet mature.

Obviously most of us mere mortals can't even allow ourselves to dream of owning anything from their Ready to Wear collection. So, I've scoured the internet and have found some examples where you can actually get a little bit of the Gucci glamour, all below £60 (apart from one, but it's an exception!).

{1 - Next berry boots, £89} 
{2 - H&M nail varnish, £0.99} 
{3 - Warehouse pussy bow dress, £60} 
{4 - Next berry heels, £30} 
{5 - ASOS faux fur racoon tail, £10} 
{6 - New Look blazer, £29.99} 
{7 - New Look fur stole, £9.09} 
{8 - Awear belted skirt, £30}

{2 - Topshop silk shirt, £40}
{3 - New Look belted mac, £22} 
{4 - Awear skinny belt, £6}
{6 - Asos maxi skirt, £40}
{7 - Oasis bag, £40}

Part 2 will be bringing more afforable inspirations and a little on how to pull off the Gucci look.
And I have the most perfect shade of lipstick that matches those seen on the models. I just can't wait to show you at some point next week when I also put up my own Gucci inspired look.


  1. I really liked the red inspiration, super stylish yet super affordable. Great!

  2. I absolutely love all the jewel tone colors and the faux furs that are in this season!

  3. I love the mustard and the red they look so earthy aand lovely :)

  4. Beautiful color palette!!! I love these colors.


  5. i like the mostardish shirts!!! really awesome!!! i would love to get some money and be able to buy all things i want!

  6. Great post! I love all the jewel tones happening out there this fall. Teal is especially interesting. Love the inspiration and also your shopping boards. Nice!

  7. I know, teal was probably the colour most easiest to find - there'll be a shopping board of teal and purple in Part 2.

  8. Those red pieces look fantastic! That bright red really stands out in a crowd and I hope I can pick up those boots. Nothing says risque like red boots ;)

  9. Haha! Quite right! I completely agree.

  10. wow that #5 looks amazing for that price!

    your newest follower Michelle


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