Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vintage Bonfire Weekend.

I had a very busy but very awesome weekend last weekend.
Just the most amazing teacup stall at Brighton's Frock Me.
As always, all photos are taken by my super talented boyfriend, more of his stuff can be found here and on his tumblr.
I went to see the film "In Time". Unfortunately I did not enjoy it. I really liked the concepts about time it put forward but the actual storyline, plot and characters were all lacking. It was like a cheap, wannabe Chris Nolan film (I'm sorry I even have to mention his name next to this film). Honestly would not recommend seeing it. I mean, it wasn't shocking, it was just very disappointing and slightly frustrating. The only highlight was Cillian Murphy who did what could with a potentially interesting character. Mini review over! Have you seen it? Did you like it? I'm happy to hear a positive opinion about the film!
On a brighter note I also did some firework inspired nails which involved a lot of glitter! You can see the end result here.

Some mushrooms we saw on the way to the woods.
Me and the boyfriend went for another walk in the woods to take some photos for the outfit of the day (which can be found here). Unfortunately the spot we initally wanted to use didn't look great so we ended up making it up as we went along. It was still an enjoyable walk, the leaves are finally starting to change colour which is always beautiful.
After that we (along with my mum) went to see a woman about some kittens. I am SO excited to be getting two more in Decemeber (we already have two, but we just want more!). They were just so sweet, but that's to be expected really. There was a really beautiful tabby but it had already been vouched for. We're torn between 2 gingers ones and the runt of the litter which was ginger and white. The lady was amazing, quite old but so full of life!

Later we went to the local firework display. I really love the little village display, it's always full of so many different people and age groups. Fireworks will never get old! Naturally I bought some candy floss which was delicious.
When we got home me and the boyfriend decided to play around with some sparklers in the garden like we did last year. You'll be able to see more of those once I've uploaded the outfit of the day post (which like I mentioned earlier can now be found here). We also did 2 sky lanterns, one of which got stuck in a tree. Typical. We got the hose out but it burnt out before we have to take any drastic action.
My dad and I trying to unfold the lantern without ripping it too much.
What did you do for bonfire night?

The outfit I wore, skirt was my mum's, shirt and brogues are New Look, pendant is vintage (great-grandmother's).
On Sunday me, the boyfriend and one of my close friend Nic (a.k.a Wife) went to Frock Me in Brighton. It's a vintage clothing fair (more info here) that goes around the country and I was lucky enough to stumble across it one day whilst looking for Brighton fashion blogs (there is a lacking of them). It was actually a really good event!
Only £2 entry and there was such a variety of stuff and in a great range of prices. Even though most of it was vintage there were also a few carfter stalls with handmade stuff, I loved in particular Humdrum hats, I'm pretty sure at some point in the future I am getting one of their cloche hats. Nic bought 2 amazing silky headscarves (£3 each) and a really nice white and navy dress (£10!). I wish we'd taken a photo of it so I could show you all.
Whilst wandering around we came across the most amazingly elegant woman who looked liked she'd fallen right out of the 1940s. She was kind enough to let us take a photo. Just look at how perfect she looks, even her pose is so authentic!
There were so many amazing things and loads of accessories that I wanted to buy. In the end I bought 2 things, a dark green velvet jacket (£12!!) and a mohair cloak. Yep, a cloak. Sometimes I buy things on a whim, but it's so comfy and amazing! A nice alternative to the highstreet options. Plus I got it for £40 even though the original price was £60!
There was so much to look at that even now as I look at these photos there are things I didn't notice before. There were so many gorgeous broaches, I wish I had bought one, luckily Frock Me will be back next year at some point! When it returns my aims will be to buy a nice broach, a pair of gloves and maybe a hat. Garanteed I'll come back with something completely different, but that's all part of the fun of it really, isn't it?


  1. Great photos!
    You're wearing a lovely outfit in that picture with the fireworks!

    I hope you check out my new blog sometime:

  2. Brighton has a lot of lovely shops! Great photos!x

  3. It really does! It's hard for me not to spend a fortune every time I go through the lanes.

  4. This is fantastic! The firework shot got me first - and then all that delightful vintage just topped it off perfectly! What an awesome weekend! xx

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  5. omgggg woww!! that is amazing! i wish i knew of places like this in london!!! (shocked)


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