Wednesday, 16 November 2011

GUCCI ♥ fur & jewels. {part 2}

Here is the second part to my hommage to Gucci's A/W 11 collection.
Part one can be found here where you can find more inspiration focusing on ochre and red and images from the actual show (not taken by me of course). All items featured there (and here) are under £60, apart from one (but sshhh,we'll just ignore that).

P U R P L E  H A Z E.
{1 - New Look fur coat, £31.49}
{2 - Awear fur collar, £16}
{3 - Fashion Union shirt, £25}
{4 - Next scarf, £9}
{5 - Topshop trousers, £40}
{6 - H&M nail varnish, £1.99}

T U R Q U O I S E  D R E A M.
{1 - Fashion Union skirt, £25}
{2 - Bank fur snood, £18}
{3 - H&M coat, £39.99}
{4 - New Look dress, £24.99}
I have #4 in red and I love it!
{5 - Asos fedora, £14}
{7 - Oasis jumpsuit, £75}
{8 - Topshop blazer, £55}

Taking On Gucci.
Now a little on actually pulling off a Gucci look. Here are a list of key things I think are essential when considering how to approach this. 
  • Aim for inspiration, not replication. When taking inspiration from this collection there should be less of an aim to replicate a look, after all they are so colourful that it might look too much out of the context of a fashion show. Instead take your favourite elements and work them into your usual style. For example, I personally adore the ochre colours and the floaty rich materials, so a satin shirt with a chiffon scarf or a long flowing skirt would fit in with the rest of my wardrobe a treat. Alternatively a bold fedora with a darker outfit makes a cool statement.

  • Own the fur, don't let the fur own you. As for fur, don’t go overboard, it can be quite hard to actually pull off a coat made entirely of fur, considering how even the slim models like bulky wearing them. Instead go for a fur collar on your coat (there are an abundance of these at the moment), or some cute cuffs (ASOS has some). 

  • Keep it feminine, but not too girly. If you want the sophistication offered by this collection make sure you don't make your outfit too girly, nothing too short and not too many accessories, let the simple elegance speak for itself. The same applies to the make-up, just a flick of mascara, a little eyeshadow and of course, those gorgeous deep red lips.

Later this week I’ll be showing you my take on the Gucci look which I really can’t wait to show you (along with that perfect lipstick I mentioned in part 1)!

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe (or that you've seen) that you love and think fit in with this winter's Gucci look? Or even a whole outfit? I would love to see them.


  1. Love all your pics, especially the New Look faux fur jacket, and what a bargain too!x

  2. beautiful post!!

  3. You've got such a lovely blog! x

  4. These are two of my favorite colors!!


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