Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Baby, You're a Firework.

For most people when it comes to this time of year they think of Halloween and get excited. For me, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I do love Halloween but Guy Fawkes Night is where my heart truely lies. I absolutely love it. The fireworks, the sparklers, the candy floss, everyone regardless of age gathering to watch the display. This year like most years I went to the local display in the my home village and really enjoyed it (as always).

 My favourite ones, the purple looks a lot richer in the light.

In honour of my favourite unoffical holiday (not that there are many of those really...) I did some firework inspired nail art. I've only just started getting into nail varnish and the fun it entails, so they're a little messy, but all in all I'm happy with them. They didn't take too long and contrary to what I thought would happen, the glitter stayed on my nails (without a topcoat) instead of steadily depositing itself onto everything.

There was supposed to be a bit more of a theme based around black, pink and teal but I wanted to experiment with different colours and combinations. I used normal glitter, which I have a lot of because I always buy a few bags at a local crafts fair I go to every year. It's nice to have found another use for it (apart from the occasional Christmas or birthday card).

 I also really like these ones too, love the teal & pink combo.

It wasn't really a very complicated process, but I'll explain it anyway:
1. Base coat, I chose black, teal and pinky red.
2. Get a clear top coat, paint on generously and quickly sprinkle glitter at the tip of nail (or dip nail in glitter - which looks amazing)
3. You can add a top coat after this but I don't think it's worth it.
This lasted 3 days before it started chipping which is pretty good considering the wear and tear my hands go through.

I think for a more accurate firework look just doing all black base nails and then different colours of glitter on top works really well. The nail varnishes I used are:
Black - Claire's Accessories
Teal - 17 Fast Finish in Peacock
Reddy/pink - 17 Lasting Fix in Chateau


  1. Looks fantastic!


  2. Love them!! very creative!!


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