Saturday, 19 November 2011

Purple Rain ~ Hair Inspiration

So, if you hadn't already noticed from earlier posted I have unnautrally coloured hair. Unfortunately my roots awere getting extreme(ly bad!) and the colours had faded into rather unattractive colours so today I redyed my hair (with the aid of the Wife, a.k.a Nic).
I've finished the proccess just this minute and will definitely upload some photos of it soon but until then here are some photos I used as inspiration.
(Unless otherwise stated, the source is this.)

Aren't they all so beautiful!?


  1. I thought of dyeing my hair own. I thought it needs some color/life. but then again, i hear people complain about their hair dying after a couple of months... so i can't take the risk, but i always love the thought of coloring my hair with something red/orange like Hayley's of Paramore. The color rocks!

    btw, i like the violet color :)

  2. Orange/auburn is going to bed next colour, for sure. :)

  3. Oooooooooo can't wait to see yours! The inspirations are beautiful! Super duper beautiful.

  4. absolutely cool!
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  5. Wow!! So tempted to go pastel purple! Love your blog, we're now following! JS x

  6. Wow.. can´t wait to see how does your new purple i guess? new hair looks.. im too chiccken to do that!! butit looks great!


  7. Heh heh, I'll be putting up photos of my new hair very soon, probably tonight or tomorrow morning. :)


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