Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lipstick Rainbow ♥

I'm getting so excited by lipsticks at the moment, and can you blame me!? When there are so many amazing, unusual colours starting to appear, now you don't have to wear just reds and pinks, there's a whole new world of colour. Because of my fondess for colourful lipsticks I have many favourites. Here are some (and by some, I mean lots) of my favourites! Obviously I couldn't include them all, so in some instances I've only shown one lipstick from a company that does a whole range of amazing colours, so if you have the time check them out (especially some of those indie companies, they deserve love.)
If I haven't included a source link, then it's just the same as the product link.

Nyx ~ Citrine, (source), Ka'Oir ~ Ooh La La, Mac ~ Morange (source), Lime Crime ~ My Beautiful Rocket.
My Beauty Addiction ~ Spiced Pumpkin, Morgana Cryptoria ~ Shrieking Orange, OCC ~ Banjee, (source), Sweetpea & Fay ~ Heavens To Betsy.

Lime Crime ~ New Yolk City, Ka'Oir ~ Banana Milkshade, Sweetpea & Fay ~ Crazy Cab, OCC ~ Traffic, (source).

 Illamasqua ~ Violate, (source), Barry M ~ Green, (source), Evil Shades ~ Mage, (source), Lime Crime ~ Mint To Be.
Ka'Oir ~ Jamaica, Sweetpea & Fay ~ Scuba Gear.

 Illamasqua ~ Gender, (source), Ka'Oir ~ Pool Party, Evil Shades ~ Miscreant, (source), Stargazer ~ 104 (source).
 OCC ~ RX (source), Evil Shades ~ Cyanide (source), Ka'Oir ~ #Kaoirdoll, Illamasqua ~ Disciple (source).
 Lime Crime ~ No She Didn't, Sweetpea & Fay ~ Yeti, Kaoir ~ Baby Bleu, Sweetpea & Fay ~ Nordic.

(for a more comprehensive list, go here)
 Sweetpea & Fay ~ Musidora, Illamasqua ~ Fury (source), Illamasqua ~ Kontrol (source), Mac ~ Goes And Goes (source).
 Ka'Oir ~ Rude Girl, Evil Shades ~ Dark Princess (source), Stargazer ~ 103 (source), Lime Crime ~ Airbourne Unicorn.
 Ka'Oir ~ Racquel, Lime Crime ~ D'Lilac, Stargazer ~ 115 (source).

OCC ~ Feathered, (source), Ka'Oir ~ Virgin, Sweetpea & Fay (almost white) ~ Heliotrope

Other websites to check out if you're looking for a something unusual (I didn't include them in the photos because there weren't good enough swatches...I'm so obsessed with visuals):

8th Wonder Mineral Cosmetics (not so much lipsticks but some amazing lip glosses)
Portland Black Lipstick Co. (they have a lot of really unusual colours, inlcuding some lovely darker shades)
Sobe Botanicals (lots of unusual and interesting shades)
My Beauty Addiction (they have a really gorgeous looking pigmented lip glosses) 
Eccentric Cosmetics (they have some really nice, bright shades)
Providence and Grace (there are some pretty shimmery colours here)
Manic Panic (they have what looks to be a really nice dark green)
If you have a favourite wesbite or particular lipstick, let me know in the comments below!


  1. I really love the colour of Illamasqua's Violate! xx

    1. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. I'm loving Kontrol!

  2. orange lisptick is so sick! i wanna try lipsticks in everyshade!

  3. lovely shades.. need to go and buy me some lipstick x

  4. wonderful post!! thanks for the links included too..I will definitely be purchasing some of these!!

  5. Colored lipstick paradise!!

  6. These are nice colors you should add milan rowe to your list. They have some pretty nice colors.

    1. Oh, I've never heard of them before. Thanks!

  7. Theres a new indie line out now called petit gateau whipstix, she has some amazing colors too. I have been a fan of OCC and Ka'Oir too for a while now. But I decided to try petit gateau WhipStix out too. I was pretty impressed.

  8. Five years later Lol, I'm in the market for a good white lipstick. Great comparisons, who knows if they're still available... 😀 I'm on a mission


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