Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ocean Colours ~ Hair Inspiration

I have decided it's time for a new hair colour (if you've seen some recent photos of me you'll understand what I mean), last time I went purple and did an inspiration post before it so following tradition I have gathered inspiration for the next colour I plan on going: turquoise (although I'll include some blue or green that looks nifty too).
Unless otherwise stated, source is here.


  1. Ooo, love the pics and the colour choice.
    I was turquoise fot quite a lot of last year, it was fun :)

  2. Aqua hair is perfect for being by the sea, and a nice and crisp colour for going into spring. Can't wait to sea it! Do you do it yourself?

    1. I do. Well, I say I do - I get my friends to help me out (but really they do it all for me, I just sit there).


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