Saturday 24 March 2012

Portland Black Lipstick Co. swatches

When I recieved Portland Black Lipstick Company's Black lipstick whilst I was doing my comparative review of many black lipsticks I also recieved a few samples of some of their other, darker colours. I was so impressed with their black, it was by far the best out of all the lipsticks I tried so I decided I wanted to share their other colours as well, 'cause I feel this company deserves more love! I'm not getting paid by them to say it, I was just really blown away with the quality of their black and their other colours are really unusual and lovely as well.

Something I have to point out before we go any further is any blotchyness is entirely down to my application, since the samples came as slices in packets I used them to practise using a lip brush (something I've only started doing very recently) which means I'm not very good at it yet - although hopefully you'll see some improvement. The point of these swatches is to show their colour, if experience (of their Black which I have in full size) is anything to go by then these should apply like a dream from the bullet. If you want a better idea of how they look applied properly look at my comparative review of their black lipstick.

Upon looking at the actual samples before application, the formula looks like it has very very fine glitter in it, which translates as a subtle metallic sheen instead of a sparkle, which is what I personally prefer.

Blue Lagoon
A dark green base with an emarld shimmer.
This colour looked more green in the sample but on the lips it looks like a lovely, moody teal.
blue lagoon

Indigo Blue
A dark blue base with a really rich dimensional blue shimmer.
This one is my absolute favourite. Just so pretty.
Indigo blue

Artifical Amythest
A dark purple base with a pinky-purple shimmer and just a hint of gold (which is more obvious when looking at the actual sample in it's packet).

Coffee, Black
A dark mocha base with a very sparse orange/brown shimmer.
This one has less glitter than the others which means the shimmer isn't as obvious. In real life it looks almost black in some lights and it makes me think of the 90s for some reason.
If you want to see what it looks like in natural light, I wore it for this outfit.

Pewter Cauldron
A medium gun-mental base with a subtle, white shimmer.
Like "Coffee, Black" this one doesn't have as much shimmer as Indigio Bridge or Artificial Amythest.

A very dark grey base with orange/gold and green shimmers.
This one has a lot of fine glitter, like the earlier ones. It's a really interesting, inbetween colour, I don't really know what colour I'd actually call it?

And here's just a comparative swatch so you can see them all together:
Portland Black Lipstick Company Swatches Pewter Cauldron, Artifical Amythest, Indigo Bridge, Blue Lagoon, Metallurgy Coffee, Black.
L-R: Pewter Cauldron, Artifical Amythest, Indigo Bridge, Blue Lagoon, Metallurgy and Coffee, Black.

Have you ever tried any PBLC lipsticks? What did you think? Got a favourite shade?


  1. I've never even heard of this brand, but I love the Indigo one :)

  2. Love the purpley one, so pretty! I've been meaning to get black lipstick for ages :D

    1. Well, I'd highly recommend the PBLC one!

  3. The light blue is basically my favorite lipstick :) Cyanide!

    1. They don't make that one anymore, but they do have a shade called Difficult Island now which is pretty similar.

  4. I was googleing for black lipstick I came across your page... And discovered this wonderful brand!! Thank you for posting this =D

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I could introduce to such a great company!
      Let me know if you try out any of their products, I'd love to know what you went for.

  5. awesome, I cant wait to try them

  6. The company makes great eyeshadows too.

  7. I've been in search of a dark teal! They're all more similar to turquoise, black, emerald green, or dark blue. I am so happy I found this! Also, thank you for posting what they look like on. They look quite different than the colors shown on the site. :) So, thank youuuu!


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