Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ keys to the castle.

{Well it's love
It's love
It's love
Make it hurt

The keys to the castle

(are right where I left them)
The princess walked in
Just to take more attention.}
~ Taking Back Sunday
Drop-hem skirt: New Look
Top: New Look
Heeled brogues: old New Look
Tights: ASOS
Key necklace: old New Look
Cross bracelet: ASOS
Cross earcuff: New Look (bought recently but can't be found on the website!)
Face: Illamasqua lipstick in Disciple

I wish I could talk about how cool doing this shoot was and how I barely felt the cold but I cannot tell you how horrible this day was. I had this outfit and where I wanted to shoot it set in my head and there was only one day me and the boyfriend could really do it so when it started raining in the morning I said I didn't care and that we were still gonna do it. I regretted that decision the minute I got out of the car and start walking through the wind and rain, and it got even worse when I took my coat off to take these photos. Either way, the place - Scotney Castle is another National Trust place that I love, in fact it is probably one of my favourite places. Had we stayed longer there would probably be more photos showing off how beautiful it is there. I'm sure I'll end up doing another shoot there at some point. I apologise for sweeping away the cool facade Amy built for me when she featured me on her blog the other day which I am so honoured by, she's such an awesome blogger, so go and give her some love.

So, the actual outfit. Was feeling a bit gothic, did you notice? I needed a contrast after this. I am so in love with New Look's gorgeous chiffon dip-hem skirt, it's so pretty and floaty and dramatic. I also needed to wear Illamasqua's Disciple lipstick some more as well, I think it's so amazing. In fact, most of this outfit is pretty new, including the ear cuff (I'm too much of a wuss to actually pierce my cartilage).

As always all photos are taken by the wonderful boyfriend, go and give his tumblr some much deserved love.


  1. beautiful girl, your lipstick is absolutely delightful. as are these photographs, you did a wonderful job working with the elements.

    have a happy week.

    autumn jordan

  2. The photos look beautiful (as always!) and thanks for the mention too! x

  3. That is some great photography!! and that skirt and that necklace are awesome!
    BTW great blog =)
    That Haute Dude

  4. Loved it. The skirt is fabulous! you look like Death, from Sandman. realy cute.


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