Saturday, 21 December 2013

Tis The Season ~ To Make Cards.

Every Christmas I like to make my own cards, I think it's a nice additional present and plus I find it kind of fun...who doesn't like messing around with glitter? I haven't had as much of a chance to make them this year as I usually do, so there's only a limited selection this time. For previous years, you can look here and here.
Anyone else like making their own cards? I always think mine look a bit like the efforts of a 10 year old but I don't care to look pro.
Also, forewarning: there are some swears involved.
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And here's a bonus image from Instagram of some of my wrapping;
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ candyfloss witch.

 Latex harness ~ VanityCage
Flower ~ H&M
Lace up dress ~ ASOS
Suspender tights ~ Missguided
Creepers ~ New Look
Rhapsody wig ~ Gothic Lolita Wigs
Floral crown ~ handmade by my sweet babe Charley

Look! An outfit! I've finally done an outfit! It's been so long! We have my beautiful friend Charley to thank for that, we went shopping in Brighton the other day and she was awesome enough to take some photos for me. However I did choose an awkward outfit to photograph, I don't know if it's visible on other screens but that dress has a cute little lace up section at the top and tights have a cool cross at the top too. So well done me for that. The lovely lady in Kate & Aud (a really sweet Vintage shop that I frequent, which can be found online here) was kind enough to let us take photos upstairs.
I'm really happy I've finally done an outfit with this wig! It was the first wig I ever bought and it was a bit overwhelming to begin with since it's so big and voluminous but I've gotten used to it now, and it's so pretty! Another thing I hadn't done in a while was my fake piercings - I genuinely love how real they look and since the fact I want to act means I have to minimise any face holes it's the perfect solution. That and I can change my piercings way easier than my legit pierced friends.
And finally I think we should all admire my gorgeous new body harness. I've been searching ages for the perfect one and in the end I contacted Sophie from Vanity Cage and asked her if she could do a custom order for me, which she was more than willing to do - she even sketched ideas for me, which was awesome! I will do another outfit later where you can see what lies underneath (there are two straps that sit under my bust) - I really love it! And I am pleased with my temporary addition of a flower to match my wig.
In terms of life, nothing much new to report. I finish my Christmas temp. job in just over 3 weeks and I have my first half dissertation due in January (although I have to do all my data analysis by Wednesday which is inducing some level of panic in me). I haven't made any Christmas cards yet which sucks! I haven't bought all my presents or wrapped any of the ones I do have, so I'm pretty behind on all aspects of life really. Never fear, I will catch up!
How is everyone finding the winter season? I'm loving all the leaves falling at the moment.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tie Me Up ~ bondage trend.

It's been looming for a couple of seasons now but I think the fetish trend is now in full swing, much to my delight. I'm talking BDSM inspired clothing, with straps and mesh and spikes with an excess of leather, PVC, metal and a hint of latex. It's restraint made sexy, with things intended for the bedroom now intended for the high street. Beforehand the lingerie as outwear was all soft and floaty, but this gives it a harder twist. People like Creepyyeha have been doing it for years but now the high street is catching up, with places like Missguided dipping into the trend as well. I really bloody love this trend so I thought I'd share with you some finds from mainstream and indie stores a like!

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Creepyyeha matching colour flower and spike choker ~ £30.79 (I love the teal one or there's a listing with silver spikes)

Creepyyeha Ravish Me garter and bra set ~ £123.31 (everything this woman makes me want to cry for joy)
Vanity Cage pentagram harness ~ currently not listed, but available on request 
(or alternatively this pentagram dress by Missguided)

As always I spent far too much time and had far too much time on this list. I tried to stick to things you could justifiably wear casually (or underneath your casuals). Without that criteria there would have been a few more pages, including a lot more latex, because let me tell, some of the pieces on Etsy are legitimately stunning. So with that done, is there any aspect of this trend you like? Or maybe something you don't like? I know I have a friend who doesn't like the fact BDSM is finding a mainstream audience, what do you think?

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ Monster Mash!

 Wig ~ Snowslide by Geisha Wigs (cut)
Make up ~ Snazaroo and Sugarpill
Floral crown ~ handmade by my beautiful babe Char
Underbust corset ~ Ebay
Chiffon top ~ For Love and Lemons via ASOS
Chiffon skirt ~ Club L via ASOS
Stockings ~ cut up tights from Ebay
Make up ~ Sugarpill, Illamasqua and Snazaroo

First things first; I am so sorry that I haven't posted in the past two months, I even missed my two year blog anniversary which was on the 4th of October. I have been at a level of busy that I have never had to deal with before, including a 20 hour a week (minimum) job, lectures and my research project. All I do at the moment is drive and work. I have been wanting to blog for ages, I have about a million outfits I want to photograph but not only do I not have the time, I have less hours of light in which to take photos. Genuinely I have missed it so I am going to try real hard to keep some kind of level active may not be weekly but hopefully there'll be some stuff up here fairly regularly (famous last words!).
This post is kind of a cop out in that these photos were taken during my Halloween party, which I held last weekend, but I liked my costume, and actually everyone else looked amazing as well. I was genuinely pleased with the level of commitment from all, we had a ghost/dead lady/Miss Havisham (me), a tonne of zombies including a zombie ring leader, a Dracula and another vampire, a crazy scientist, a skeleton and a steampunk gent. Plus one of my babe friends decorated my house whilst I was at work so I came home to the most gloriously Halloweeny house!
Other than being stupidly busy and Halloween I did MCM again, which was awesome fun - even if my cosplay wasn't finished and some of the stuff didn't arrive on time...I went as a fem Kyubey from Madoka Magica and my darling cosplay buddy went as the male version. I need to find photos of that...
What did you dress up as Halloween? I swear this year everyone put a legit effort it, it was so awesome seeing all the different costumes.

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Wishlist ~ Lusting for Missguided.

Dore PVC Midi Skirt, £12.59 (on sale)

Missguided, how do you manage to do it every time? I want everything! Everything! Is it weird that I like the skin tight PVC skirt - it's one of those things I love the look of but could never wear...too many lumps and bumps, but it looks amazing. Same goes to the white leather skirt. Tassled kimonos are so cool, who doesn't want one? I'm afraid though, that the English weather is not very accommodating to that sort of style at the moment, unless you're up for layering long sleeves underneath. The off shoulder dress just had that effortlessly cool style, but bodycon definitely isn't usually something I can pull off - always a fan of off shoulder though. The mint dress is a nice combination of pastel goth and the bondage elements that are in at the moment but I have enough simple, strappy dresses at the moment! No more! Finally that mesh bustier dress is gorgeous and kind of classy but interesting at the same time.
What do you think of Missguided's current offerings? Are you as in love as I always am?

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ victorian vampire.

Chiffon dress ~ french market
High neck top ~ F&F 
Crochet tights ~ ASOS
Wedge boots ~ ASOS
Amber bracelet ~ Past Time
Cross bracelet ~ ASOS
Purple lipstick ~ 'Kontrol' by Illamasqua

(Not to be mistaken for Vintage Vampires...I'm so good at with thinking up names sometimes.)
If only I had added some cute black lace gloves then I would have been the perfect baby vamp, but then that might have been overkill. I also had my hair cut a bit more and I think it's now ever so slightly too short, but it's fine, it'll be back to normal in like a week. I haven't worn this dress in ages, mainly 'cause I didn't like the fact it didn't have any sleeves, but adding another high neck top underneath it not only adds sleeves for warmth but also a bit of extra ruffle to the neck.
I am currently sick as a dog (potentially an exaggeration) and rehearsing for my play, which starts in a week and a half, but as always, I'm annoyingly busy and poor bloggy is suffering as a result. I've also just gotten a part time Christmas temp job at The Entertainer, which is a chain of toy stores in the UK. I can only imagine it's going to be vaguely nightmarish, considering the potential for children having tantrums and stressed out parents around Christmas time. Fortunately I start next month so I have time to finish my play...however, when I do start I will have to start balancing the job (20 hours a week), my uni work and my third year project.
I also had to say no to going to a fashion show with some friends this Saturday due to a one off waitressing job at a wedding, I am so sad! But I need the money to go towards some acting classes I'm about to start taking so little sacrifices and all that.

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Nail of the Day ~ Grey Berry Ocean.

Barry M in Berry Ice Cream 
Model's Own Indian Ocean
(Mavala The Elle Grey)
Grey Blueberry Ocean

That was fun title to come up with! I haven't been posting very regularly because (as usual) life got super busy! But I wanted to do a post that wasn't another Outfit of the Day or something lipstick related, so I thought I'd do a good old classic Nail of the Day! I haven't properly painted my nails in ages but I really like the combination I ended up choosing. Indian Ocean is such a gorgeous duochrome topcoat, which I've previously layered over nude (which can be found here) - as with all duochromes depending on what colour you layer it on, the prominent colours vary. Compared to the nude, putting lilac and grey underneath bought out the pinkier shades and less of the golden/copper ones. I genuinely can't decide if I prefer it on top of Berry Ice Cream or Elle Grey. I tried to do something the accent nails but it went wrong twice so I left them blank.
Which layered colour do you think looks better?

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