Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hair Dye Inspiration ~ emerald forests.

Mint, lime, bottle green, emerald, moss green, grass green. SO many shades of green and let me tell you, all of them have been hair colours. If my plans come together I may be dying my hair green soon, although this also may not happen, but in the mean times I'm going to weep over all the beautiful hair on the internet.
If you're looking for some other colours to cry your tears about then I have previously done a purple hairspiration post, turquoise, as well as dip-dye.

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mint green girl hair alternative hair dye inspiration mermaid tattoos floral crown headband piercings altgirl beautiful pretty lana del ray sidecut side cut curly wavy long washed out
lime green dyed hair dye floral headband daisy chain dip dye purple lilac lavender model chloe norgaard festival fashion
lime green hair dyed dye side cut model long straight alternative girl altgirl
lime green forest green turquoise blue gradient dip dye hair dyed altgirl alternative model pastel goth
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lime green grass dyed dye hair dreads buns goth alternative girl fashion cute
chloe norgaard lime green dyed hair dye dip pink red model
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Looking for more inspiration? This tumblr account is full of amazing images!

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Life According to Instagram ~ FOTDs & more!

Recently I've been instagraming a lot. It's like an easy, quick kind of mini blog where I can take a crappy selfie of any make up I've done quickly before I go out, as well as just giving little updates about purchases or if my cats do something cute. I'm still getting back into the swing of things and my uni work is not making this easier; I've had a 2500 word essay followed by a 6000 half dissertation, of which the deadline is three days after I start uni again, and this term is 5 days a week, so I'm going to be pretty busy.
I thought I would follow the example of other bloggers I follow and post a few highlights from my recent Instagram uploads - if you guys are interested in this being a regular occurrence, let me know!

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1 ~ from before Christmas, I re-ignited the love for my Gothic Lolita Rhapsody wig. <3 (full outfit here)
2 ~ one of my adorable, adorable Christmas presents
3 ~ a look using a headband I got for Christmas, as well as the Topshop bralet from this haul.
4 ~ one of my favourite looks from this year, first time having a central parting and beginning my foray into forehead gems.
5 ~ my unbelievably gorgeous Creepyyeha choker arrived. It is perfection.
6 ~ wearing my new baby, plus a rare sight at my actual hair; you can't really see it but I've had part of the side shaved.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sales Shopping Haul ~ Beauty & Fashion!

It's time for a pretty damn big haul. This stuff has been bought over a couple of months, although the bulk of it was during the post-Christmas and then post-New Year's Eve sales. I've actually bought a few things I've never tried before, it's kind of exciting, trying new stuff! Of course there are always a lot of things I order and then send back due to being ill fitting, or bad quality, so really this list isn't even everything I received...sometimes it's half tempting to take photos before I send them back to show you guys but I decided that even I am not that sad (yet...give it time).

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Some of these are essentials I had been running out of, but I think it's fun to see the every day things people buy as well...including a little treat from the half price gifts sale, which always has such awesome deals! And I had to purchase my own hair wax to cater for my new hair cut!
ê Batiste Dry Shampoo, £2.99
ê Be Enchanted makeup box, £8 (reduced from £16)
ê V05 texturising gum, £1,89
ê Nail varnish remover, £1.30
ê face wipes, £3 for three packets
All bought with part of the voucher I won from Beauty's Bad Habit giveaway. I've decided 2014 will be the year I play around with blusher. Who knows maybe by 2015 I'll be onto contouring as well. Decided to treat myself to some new makeup brushes but unfortunately the set I wanted was out of stock by the time I decided which one I wanted, so for now I just got a Real Techniques Stippling Brush and when it's back in stock I'll be doing for the eye set as well. The Tangle Teezer is for using on my super long hair wigs, I've heard nothing but good things.
L'Oréal Paris Post Party Beauty S.O.S., £6.50 (reduced from £10)

Legit bargain! Plus from a UK seller, which I am a fan of. I thought this style was really unique, so I just couldn't help myself! I definitely a fan of shorter wigs - so much easier to wear out and about.
ê Fashion wig Betty in mixed blue, £11.90 (reduced from £17)

I also ordered some adorable cut out flats but unfortunately they were out of stock by the time they sent out my order. So guuutteeddd. But this however is ridiculously cute and has satisfied what feels like my life long search for a good bralet. Good job me/Topshop!
ê Velvet bralet, £18 (reduced from £30)

Ah Primark, genuinely so fond of you. My old pair of glasses broke so the men's section served me well. I am also so in love with that hat! I wear it all this time and so much cheaper than the Topshop or Urban Outfitters alternative that are around £25. Also I wish I had found the Disney Little Mermaid t-shirt I've seen about, but this Alice one is just as cute!
ê Fake glasses, £2
ê Roll brim hat, £8
ê Disney Alice in Wonderland top, £8
ê Corduroy skater skirt, £8

H&M & New Look
Inspired by a few gorgeous looks I saw last year I got these flowers to put on either side of my head with my wigs. I'm sure I'll be putting a look of it up soon once I've done some playing around. I don't usually go for anything light pink, but I must really have the pastel bug pretty bad at the moment. I never wear earrings because they don't suit me and yet I still wouldn't resist these two from the super cheap New Look sales.
ê Hair flowers, £1.99 each
ê Star earrings, £1 (reduced from £2.99)
ê Reverse triangle earrings, £1 (reduced from £3.99)

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Face of the Day ~ champagne supernova.

Oh my! A face of the day? A face of the day!? When was the last time I did one of these?? (the answer is: ages). But just as I was running out of the door on New Year's Eve (about half an hour late...or more) I took a couple of quick snaps. I thought I would pop this up whilst I take a break from my dissertation writing (6000 words, here I come)! The make up was a little bit rushed because as ever, I am a terrible judge of timing. Perhaps not the best lighting or composition either, in fact we could say these were both pretty sub-optimal. Either way! I quite like the art deco-esque sun thing under my eye, and I am increasingly becoming a fan of fuchsia pink as a colour, something about it is really refreshing to my eyes. And I'm enjoying decorating my décolletage as well - this time using star stencils and glitter.
I should really take more photos at the moment, especially since I'm doing way more make up looks recently. For a sampling of that, take a look at my Instagram (@L_Figment)! More posts coming soon, including my Christmas/January sales haul!
If any of you guys did anything fancy for New Year's, show me!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain
(mixed with) Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in RF133
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Ivory

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Sugarpill pressed eye shadow in Love+
Concrete Cosmetics loose matte powder in Hi-Fi
Ceeyourself Cosmetic loose powder in Goddess
(mixed with) Collection 2000 Fix Me Up
Helen E Fixing Gel
Helen E glitter pot in Sand
Soap and Glory Thick & Fast mascara

Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalips
Rimmel lipstick in Bordeaux

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