Sunday, 8 December 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ candyfloss witch.

 Latex harness ~ VanityCage
Flower ~ H&M
Lace up dress ~ ASOS
Suspender tights ~ Missguided
Creepers ~ New Look
Rhapsody wig ~ Gothic Lolita Wigs
Floral crown ~ handmade by my sweet babe Charley

Look! An outfit! I've finally done an outfit! It's been so long! We have my beautiful friend Charley to thank for that, we went shopping in Brighton the other day and she was awesome enough to take some photos for me. However I did choose an awkward outfit to photograph, I don't know if it's visible on other screens but that dress has a cute little lace up section at the top and tights have a cool cross at the top too. So well done me for that. The lovely lady in Kate & Aud (a really sweet Vintage shop that I frequent, which can be found online here) was kind enough to let us take photos upstairs.
I'm really happy I've finally done an outfit with this wig! It was the first wig I ever bought and it was a bit overwhelming to begin with since it's so big and voluminous but I've gotten used to it now, and it's so pretty! Another thing I hadn't done in a while was my fake piercings - I genuinely love how real they look and since the fact I want to act means I have to minimise any face holes it's the perfect solution. That and I can change my piercings way easier than my legit pierced friends.
And finally I think we should all admire my gorgeous new body harness. I've been searching ages for the perfect one and in the end I contacted Sophie from Vanity Cage and asked her if she could do a custom order for me, which she was more than willing to do - she even sketched ideas for me, which was awesome! I will do another outfit later where you can see what lies underneath (there are two straps that sit under my bust) - I really love it! And I am pleased with my temporary addition of a flower to match my wig.
In terms of life, nothing much new to report. I finish my Christmas temp. job in just over 3 weeks and I have my first half dissertation due in January (although I have to do all my data analysis by Wednesday which is inducing some level of panic in me). I haven't made any Christmas cards yet which sucks! I haven't bought all my presents or wrapped any of the ones I do have, so I'm pretty behind on all aspects of life really. Never fear, I will catch up!
How is everyone finding the winter season? I'm loving all the leaves falling at the moment.

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  1. Alien Flower Eyes8 December 2013 at 22:29

    This outfit is lush and you look sexy. And Charley MADE the flower crown?! DUDE.


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