Monday, 2 September 2013

Nail of the Day ~ Grey Berry Ocean.

Barry M in Berry Ice Cream 
Model's Own Indian Ocean
(Mavala The Elle Grey)
Grey Blueberry Ocean

That was fun title to come up with! I haven't been posting very regularly because (as usual) life got super busy! But I wanted to do a post that wasn't another Outfit of the Day or something lipstick related, so I thought I'd do a good old classic Nail of the Day! I haven't properly painted my nails in ages but I really like the combination I ended up choosing. Indian Ocean is such a gorgeous duochrome topcoat, which I've previously layered over nude (which can be found here) - as with all duochromes depending on what colour you layer it on, the prominent colours vary. Compared to the nude, putting lilac and grey underneath bought out the pinkier shades and less of the golden/copper ones. I genuinely can't decide if I prefer it on top of Berry Ice Cream or Elle Grey. I tried to do something the accent nails but it went wrong twice so I left them blank.
Which layered colour do you think looks better?

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