Friday, 23 August 2013

Review & Swatches ~ My Beauty Addiction Lipsticks

I found out about My Beauty Addiction when I was browsing Etsy for exciting lipsticks (when am I not?). I really liked some of their colours but as is often the case didn't want to buy a full size and find out the pigmentation was rubbish or I didn't like the formula or something. Luckily they recently introduced sample sizes, where you can choose any three colours for £2.73 which I think is super reasonable, even with postage and packing. I will probably (definitely) be ordering a few more, especially since they've now introduced some more interesting shades.

Packaging: each sample comes in a sweet little clamshell with plenty of product, which is easily accessed with a finger tip or lip brush. The label simply gives the name of the product (but not the company, which is kind of odd) and the quantity of product (0.16oz).

Price: £2.73 ($4.00) for three samples, or £5.12 ($7.50) for one full sized, bullet lipstick. The sample price is amazing considering how much product you get, and the full size price is also very impressive!

Formula: I found the pigmentation varied a little between colours. Emerald was definitely the best and would totally recommend it as a dupe of Lime Crime's Serpentina, it's slightly brighter but the general deeper metallic green theme is the same. I applied each lipstick with a combination of finger and lip brush. As a general idea, I wore Emerald for three hours in which I experienced no fade, then I ate some pizza and after that there was fade but it wasn't that bad, so I'm pretty impressed. Paranormal and Sapphire performed slightly less well.

A bright, metallic true purple. Not too pink, not too blue.
my beauty addiction lipstick swatch swatches paranormal purple

A bright, metallic green. 
my beauty addiction lipstick swatch swatches emerald green
A bright, metallic electric blue.
(I also included this in the second part of my blue lipstick review)
my beauty addiction lipstick swatch swatches blue sapphire

Let me know which is your favourite shade! Ever tried My Beauty Addiction products before? Would love to hear about your experience.

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  1. Great review! I was thinking of trying out some lipsticks by them and really wasn't sure. I'm still not sure, but that green looks really nice!


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