Monday, 19 August 2013

Style Inspiration ~ Bloggers, part 3.

Okay, last part of my series focusing on fashion bloggers that inspire me with their unique style! I'll be doing one more bonus post focusing on a few beauty bloggers who wield make up brushes like no other as well. You can find Part One here, and Part Two here of the Blogger Style Inspiration series. I also wanted to feature Karin from Wunderlust (of the Rouge Pony accessories fame) but her blog seems to have disappeared? Anyhow, let me know which bloggers inspire you! I'd love to find more and you can never follow enough blogs.

Let's start with the fact that Hannah looks like a complete model. But let's continue with the fact that she rocks simple, almost minimalistic grunge so well. And I wish I could pull off a bindi as well as she can.

Ah jeez, Annika is so freaking adorable! Plus she's also studying neuroscience and blogs about science in a really accessible way which makes me feel so bad for under-representing my field of study. And she's a wearer of wigs! I love her quirky style, especially her lolita, vintage and pastel looks, including that super cute boater hat! Also check out her 30 day outfit challenge where she generates 30 outfits from 12 items, all of them are golden!

Jessie's got acid grunge dooowwnn. I love how colorful and bright her style is whilst still being edgy and interesting. Always jealous of her shoes and how well she can accessories!

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  1. Oh you are SO cute, honored to be on your amazing blog girly xxxxxxxxxx

  2. This is so awesome that you're blogging about other bloggers, it's great to get style inspiration from ordinary people on a regular budget instead of celebrities! Definitely checking out all the bloggers featured :-)


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