Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rainbow Cake + Psychedelic Pig.

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This post will just be a quick 'look what I made' post. Last Sunday I went to see a friend (Mook) to try take 2 of a project we had attempted at Christmas last year - making a rainbow cake. You know, those awesome ones you always see photos of on tumblr and stuff, in fact Betty Leopard made a pretty successful one the other day.
Unfortunately mine and Mook's turned out horrendously the first time round:
My reaction to how bad the buttercream tasted
It may look horrendous (and the inside looked worse) but trust me, it tasted a lot worse. The main reason being that we used very cheap Asda food colouring which firstly did a very very bad job of colouring (hence that first photo) and secondly made everything taste disgusting. Needless to say it was a hilarious day but our goal was not achieved.
However, take 2 turned out AWESOME. With a new set of better quality food colouring we set out to make our dream rainbow cake. We were literally on pins the whole time afraid something was going to go wrong, not letting ourselves believe that this time it would turn out well. When we have finally finished we danced around the kitchen in complete disbelief about how beautiful our cake was. And behold!
When it went into the oven they looked like play-doh. And those are chocolate chips as well (which we thought were an ingenious addition)
Look how amazing it is! It may not look as ridiculously perfect as some others but we were (and still are) damn proud of it. Although the orange buttercream came out a bit too coral and just wouldn't go brighter. It tasted fine as well! Like actual cake instead of...hell. It was super sweet though so we're thinking next time we'll use a different recipe.

During the same day we also decided to draw on a piggy-bank for funsies. We split in half and we did one side each. I'm pretty pleased with the result, I especially love it's sweet little face (I may be biased since I drew it):
My side
Her side
Isn't he sweeeeet?

Have you made a rainbow cake before? Link it!


  1. Loving the second rainbow cake! Looks amazing and the little pig is so cute too! x

  2. The second cake looks great! Love the lilac icing and heart sprinkles :)
    I've used ASDA food colouring before and have found it has a funny taste :/
    Thanks for linking my post, I was very impressed with my cake!

  3. I have such a thing for piggy banks. That one is so damn cute! ^^

    Also, I want some of that rainbow cake. It looks nomalicious. xxx

  4. the first looks fun, the second looks stunningly amazing! Good job!
    The piggy is great, love its patchworky pattern!

  5. that looks delicious!

    wanna follow each other?

  6. oh my God i love the cake! looks yummy :9

    Pudding Monster


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