Sunday, 12 February 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ Turtleneck and tights.

Melancholy I was, but I did not fret.
On with the skirt I said,
And the turtleneck.

~ Mackenzie Rose Walsh

Tights: Tie Rack
Boots: old New Look

Yesterday (being Saturday) me and the boyfriend went to the sea front to take these photos and the sun was so golorious it almost didn't feel cold, which meant taking my cardigan off to take the photos wasn't actually painful. We also went to see Chronicle that day, which was really really good and was only slightly ruined by a bunch of really idiotic teenage girls and a very creepy guy sitting next to me. Before that we went to this amazing American style restaurant called Coast 2 Coast where we had very delicious food and jelly beans along with our receipt - how amazing is that! We also discovered that Marina Village is home to the most friendliest in England, it's crazy!

Tea dress: old ASOS
Necklace: old Avon
Turtle neck: Hand me down from my grandma

Eyes: Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! dust in 'Fairy Dust'
Lips: Benefit's La La Land with Colourtrend's Lucid on top

 I really liked how my hair looked that day, it was almost a gradient of purple to lilac to grey. I wish it always looked that way. On Friday I met up with a friend, Bekki and I dragged her around my favourite shops in the lanes (and maybe got a bit lost looking for a shop I'd completely forgotten the location of). We ended up talking for like an hour in this really sweet café that played vinyls and made good brownies.
On another amazing note (this week has been a good week) my amazing boyfriend has bought me Lime Crime's Chinchilla, which is this amazing grey-lilac lipstick that I've been staring at for like, half a year. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I guessed, bless him. I cannot wait for it to arrive and it will be in the very next outfit of the day!
Bekki took this and you can see a few more photos of that day here, they're mainly of me, testing out a lipstick for a future post!
As always all photos (apart from the café one) were taken by the endlessly amazing boyfriend, go look at his Tumblr!


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