Saturday, 25 February 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ blue shoes, grey day.

{I had a dream
That made me move to New York City
Cause I wasn't about to
About to let this magic slip away
But he did anyway
He was kind of Illusive that way
Like clouds on a promising grey day.}
~ Vonda Shepard
I love this blazer so much! I know I've worn it once before in this outfit, but I felt it needed more love. We did this shoot in a place called Swanage (it's in Dorset) where the boyfriend's parents have a flat (it must be nice being so well off). The loaction was in a pretty hard to reach place, so imagine my joy in trying to get to it in 4 inch wedges. So much fun. But they're so gorgeous, I got them in an ASOS sale a while ago and haven't give them enough attention. They're actually pretty comfortable and in that photo, a bit wet.
Standing on this was the boyfriend's idea and I was pretty skeptical, so he walked me up and then left me on this tiny stretch of cement so he could take photos. Occasionally I got splashed by a particularly mean wave and made a massive fuss. It may not sound like, but it was actually pretty fun. Apart from people stopped to stare at us and I tried to act like I wasn't just being a massive pansy. I got a but self conscious since everyone else was dressed in sensible walking gear and then there was me, in heels. The things I do for a good outfit of the day!
As you can see, my hair is still fading, and due to an insane schedule that I've got at the moment I won't be able to dye it the beautiful turquoise I've chosen until the 1st of April. I don't even want to think how aweful it's going to look by then but at the moment I still quite like it, the boyfriend calls it the "psycadelic lion" which always makes me laugh.
Top: New Look
Velvet blazer: Found at a vintage fair
Necklace: Possibly Topshop, possibly Warehouse. Either way, old.
Cords: Fashion Union
Wedges: ASOS
Bowler hat: Random shop in Brighton 
As always all photos were taken by the boyfriend, check out his tumblr!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog ! Your style is definately different from mine, which means I can get inspired way more !

    Obvs I'm following you ;)



  2. Those boots are to die!!!/Wotshernameagai

  3. love your hair!

  4. what gorgeous photos. wow. where do you live?

    1. I live near Gatwick, but these weren't taken there, they were taken in Dorset in a place called Swanage.



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