Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Collection 2000: Dazzle Me!

Today I have a simple post for you all. Before I really got into makeup, or at least "grown up" makeup I used to love going to the Collection 2000 section of Boots because it was the brightest part of the makeup section. Whenever my mum caught my gazing at the pretty, sparkly glitter she'd let me get three at a time (thank the lord for 3 for 2 on all cosmetics that seems to be a permanent fixture of Boots), so over the years I've built up quite a collection of them, I've even got 2 that are discontinued - that's hardcore. I do intend to do some looks with them but I thought it would make sense just to swatch them all, it might be of use to someone, somewhere.
So, I will be swatching: Magical, Heavenly, Fairy Dust, Illusion, Pixie and just for fun the two discontinued ones: Mystery and Bewitch.

A very shimmery green with hints of gold
Thoughts: So pretty, very shimmery and nice pigmentation.

Also very shimmery, with one is a blue on the cusp of being turquoise
Thoughts: I love this, it makes me think of peacocks. Having looked at it again more closely I definitely need to wear it again soon!

Bewitch (discontinued)
A more standard indigo blue with hints of purple
Thoughts: slightly less pigmented.

Fairy Dust
A vibrant purple with a whisper of red
Thoughts: Used it in this outift.

A less shimmery but very bright hot pink
Thoughts: This one is a bit of an odd one out. Very pigmented, but in exchange there is a lot less shimmer to this one, in fact I'd go so far as to say it's pretty matte, but it's staying power is awesome.

A shimmery/sparkly irridescent white with hints of gold and green
Thoughts: Not very pigmented at all, but very sparkly.

Mystery (discontinued)
A very inky black with hints of green
Thoughts: I think it's shame this one is discontinued because it's really gorgeous.

And here are the actual swatches:
 Taken using flash
Taken under softer lighting conditions

Overall verdict: Even though consistency was a bit lacking when it came to pigmentation there are some really pretty colours with lovely, subtle undertones. I think these are great for an afforable, colourful eye dust, and a cheaper alternative to Barry M's Dazzle dust (how come the names are basically the same?). I'd definitely recommend using with a primer.


  1. These look lovely! I've never even thought to look at the loose shadows from Collection 2000 before.
    I like the look of Mystery best though - always the way, liking the discontinued one! xx

  2. must check them out... especially the pixie one.... great review! x Marina

  3. They are amazing!!!!! I love magical and mystery!!!!!!



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