Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Outfit of the Day ~ a little bit of wonderland.

black white 1940s dress pearls Think everyday wonderland.

My boyfriend and I decided to go into the woods near my house to shoot this outfit. We went along our usual walk, where part way there's a little gap in a fence that takes us to a clearing with a stream. We spend a lot of time there, when we can, him taking photos whilst I just enjoy the surroundings.
The weather was lovely as England continues to surprise me by refusing to admit that it should well and truely be autumn by now.
Originally I was going to wear something different because the dress hadn't arrived yet, but just as I was selecting an outfit it arrived, just in time. The walk was lovely, apart near the end when he decided to throw leaves on me. Those photos didn't make the final cut.

 black white 1940s dress pearls 
Necklace: (fake) pearls, stolen from my mum.

black white 1940s dress pearls
Dress: Pearl Lowe for Peacocks, got in the sale last week for half price online (so chuffed).

Ring: my mother's wedding band.

pink hair leaves pearl white black pattern 1940s dress
  Makeup: Rimmel lipstick in Asia and Rimmel Volume Flash mascara.

white brogues lilac ribbon
 Shoes: look down a few posts.

Broach: gift from my boyfriend's mum, originally from www.1928.com.
pink hair leaves forest woodland pearl white black pattern 1940s dress
As always all of these were taken by my (super-talented) boyfriend.  

I really really love this dress. I'm not sure how well it translates, but it made me feel like a (slightly, dare is say it, glam) 1940s housewife. I like the length although normally I prefer something a little shorter, in this case I liked feeling the floaty material around my knees. Originally I was going to wear this with heels but I think the brogues give it that slight masculine twist, which I like.

On a random, completely unrelated note, I was watching Countryfile the other day and there was lady on it who's name was Rosemary Moon. I wish that was my name.


  1. Wow, these photos are gorgeous! Looks like an amazing place to spend time. Love your pink hair and the whole outfit. The dress is very old-time glam, you're right. The print is so cool!

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  2. Oh goodness, I'm in love with your hair. I have a red streak in my hair too. Or actually, had, because it's beginning to fade.
    Beautiful shoes!I love the lavender ribbon.


  3. Beautiful style, the shoes are so cute! really love them!

  4. Beautiful dress and photos! great hair too :)

  5. Adorable!Really great place for a photoshoot;) And I like your dress a lot!;)

  6. These photos are gorgeous! Love this post!-Jessica



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