Tuesday, 11 October 2011

~ lilac laces ~

The first item I am going to share with you is, tragically not from a cute, quirky shop in Brighton, but from a highstreet shop, namely New Look. However, this is the only unfortunate thing there is to say.
I love these shoes.
Last month I decided I needed a pair of white brogues in my life. Lucky for me, they were in the clearance sale on the New Look website for £15! And actually comfy!
Originally they were laceless (they have elastic behind the tongue for a snug fit) but I have a small fetish for ribbons and an obsession with lilac at the moment so this happened.
Even my boyfriend (the one who also took all of these photos and most that will be on here, you can find more of his work here.) says he likes how they look on me, which is a massive achievement, let me tell you.
More photos from this "set" can be found here ♥.

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