Monday, 17 October 2011

Dry shampoo, the stand-off.

Today's post is a short review.
The other day I went shopping to get some new dry shampoo. As a person with unnatural coloured hair (currently pink and some vague shade of uncertain green) I use quite a lot of dry shampoo to avoid washing my hair too often and therefore avoiding the colour fading too quickly.
I went into Superdrug (because now I have their advantage card I am out to accumulate points!) to look for my usual; Batiste. However I saw that there was some kind of two-for-one deal for their own brand dry shampoo, so I thought I'd try that out. For the sake of this review I'll call it Superdrug own.

Batiste vs. Superdrug

Sorry about the horrendous photo, this one was taken by me.
The normal quality of photos will return next time, I promise!

The first thing I noticed is how aweful Superdrug own was to inhale once sprayed, unlike Batiste which smells pleasant enough even after excessive spraying. With Superdrug own the smell was fine if I sprayed a small amount, but if I did a general all-over-the-head sort of coverage the smell was aweful and felt really, for a better way of putting it, toxic, like, I could definitely smell those solvents, and they were strong. This doesn't happen with Batiste. And at least with Batiste when I moved into a different room to avoid inhaling too much of it, the scent didn't follow, with Superdrug own it did, and it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

Also, on a minor note Superdrug own felt slightly wet, when spraying it and once on my hair it felt a little damp, which was odd. Once brushed though, the dampness just subsided to feeling a bit cold.

Finally, the actual efficency of Superdrug own isn't as good as Batiste. At least with Batiste I know something is happening because I can see the white dust on my hair until I brush it out and afterwards my hair feels softer, looks fluffier (and fuller) and is generally improved. With Superdrug own there was no initial whiteness (that I can see) and the effect after brushing wasn't anywhere near as satisfying that Batiste.

I would not recommend Superdrug own (unless you're really skint), but would definitely recommend Batiste!

I will be trying out different makes of dry shampoo in the future (as long as their not too expensive). I plan on giving Boots own brand a go next time and also Tresemmé, unfortunately I have to get through two 150ml cans of Superdrug own. *exasperated face* this is what I get for being a sucker for a cheap deal.

EDIT: I do have two thing to say in Superdrug's defence:
1) they are cheaper, so the differences are to be expected.
2) my second can of their dry shampoo (called "Heart on Your Sleeve") smells a lot better and a lot less chemical than the original (called "Away With the Fairies").


  1. I don't have a natural hair colour either and know exactly what you mean! Sadly with dry shampoo, the more expensive the better. My favourite-

  2. Oh cool! That's really useful to know, thanks! <3

  3. I would actively avoid the Tresemme dry shampoo, it's not a patch on Batiste in terms of scent or efficacy. Nor is their waterless shampoo formula, which to be honest is a waste of money compared with Batiste dry shampoo - I tried these on a three for the price of two offer. I wouldn't have wasted my money at full price...

  4. I've never tried dry shampoo before...but I should because I wash my day every two day since it gets greasy easily. I think investing in a high-quality one is a lot better! xoxoxoo

  5. Ooops, I meant, I wash my hair every two days :-)

  6. Yeah, you should definitely try one! It saves so much times as well.

  7. Dry shampoo is on my shopping list. I was gonna go for Pssst, but if I don't see that I'll check for Batiste since you gave it a good review :)

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  8. I've been wanting dry shampoo forever and its not available in India :(


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