Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Outfit of the Day ~ cirque du soliel.

 "I’m not the one,
but he still is
I’m like the second
Not even a part of this
I’m not the only
And I’m not the one
Now I’m sitting in the darkness
While he walks on the sun"

~ The One, Cameron Godfrey

Ah! For once an outfit with varied sources. When my gran gave me the maxi cardigan I couldn't believe that she could own something so cool and all of a sudden right on trend! I'm not saying she hasn't got a good sense of style but it's definitely more aimed towards bright colours (turquoise, pink) and white. Needless to say I am very glad to call it my own now! As for those leggings I bought them a while when I needed an affordable alternative after falling in love with vertical stripes, triggered in part by the amazing Motel Jordan jeans. You can also see my DIY star studded shorts in more detail, what do you think? There are stars around the top as well. Now that summer is coming and my exams are coming to an end I'll be doing a lot more DIY and a lot more studding I think.
And don't you love that lipstick? I pretty much matches my hair! Although it's fading to green at the moment so I'll be redoing it soon. Portland Black Lipstick Co. are always a strong favourite for me and their new colours are awesome, they're pretty much all I'm wearing the moment and I'll be doing a swatch/review of some them in a few weeks, so look out for that.
Last Saturday I went to the Vintage Nation fair which was pretty good considering it was the first time for the event, it's got nothing on Vintage Fair though, but I think it could get there. I bought one thing which I'll show you all in the next outfit post I hope!
Apart from that I'm revising hard and rehearsing hard for a play I'll be in at the beginning on July - it's Shakespeare's As You Like It with a steampunk twist. I seriously can't wait!
Ohyeah! And do you like my kitty! She's called Nuage (french for cloud) and is the loveliest cat ever.

Lips ~ Portland Black Lipstick Co. in Difficult Island
Bowler hat ~ market in Brighton
Maxi cardigan ~ vintage (from my gran)
Cold shoulder top ~ New Look
Moon necklace ~ Avon
Stripped leggings ~ Ebay
Boots ~ New Look
Skinny belt ~ ASOS 
Sunglasses ~ supermarket in France


  1. Oh my god that cardigan :O I've been looking for one like that for ages- in do jealous now!
    Fantastic styling- I really live the lipstick I wish I had the skibtone a d lips to we're blue lipstick

  2. haha, thanks! I don't really consider skintone when I wear makeup/lipstick, you shouldn't either (that's probably really bad advise).

  3. you look great as per!i want that lippie!!

    1. Awh, thank you! :)
      It's a great colour, right?

  4. awwhhh! I love your hair, your tights and your cat!!
    Nice blog, I'm following you via GFC!

  5. Wow.. your photos are some of the most creative i've seen in a while. Kudos to your cameraman!
    Really cool style! I'm following your blog.

    - Shubana
    -- CoeurDecors

    1. :) thank you - I know, my photographer is wonderful, I'm very lucky.
      Thanks for the follow!


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