Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nail of the Day ~ space-age triangles.

Hey there!
Sometimes instead of doing just one colour I will experiment a little with my nails (I'm planning at some point trying that really cute heart mani I keep seeing everywhere but I can't find a good tutorial for it, any suggestions?). I mainly do this as a form of procrasination and since I have exams coming up my nails have suddenly become way more interesting. This time I tried arrow/triangle type shapes using some of my newly purchases Barry M nail varnishes (and tape). I used Matt White and also one of their new ones called Silverly Lilac, which is so pretty! What I found interesting about it is that I actually thought it looks prettier without a white base, which is awesome because it saves me time!
The white is slightly blue tinted due to my hair and as you can see I got lazy with my right hand so just left it without doing triangles. 
Have you done/seen any interesting manis recently? Link me up!


  1. Hello dear great nail art!!!
    i love your different ideas!!!

    it would be great to feature a post on it
    I have never done a feature on nails and if you are interested i could share this post to my followers.

    if you are interested send me through email the steps you have undertake to have such a beatuiful results.
    with different pics.
    let me know
    here is my email
    if you have any questions let me knoW

  2. Love these! Subtle yet sooo cool.

  3. cute :) i love mint colors!

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  4. That looks amazing, will definitely be trying it out soon, love the silvery lilac colour, it's a little bit different :) XX

    1. :) yeah, it's a really lovely colour!
      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Love this mani! Looks so much more pro than my attempts at nail art!

    1. Awh, thanks. I've got to say it does take a while though - and I'm pretty rubbish at everything other mani there is.

  6. They look very cool! Love the colour choices :)
    Kendall from x

    1. Thanks :) I'm obsessed with those 2 colours together.


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