Saturday, 24 December 2011

Nail of the Day + Hair Updates

Nail Of The Day.
Straight out, I absolutely love this colour. It is so gorgeous! My boyfriend and I had our own little christmas the other day and this was one of my presents from him. What's great is that I wouldn't have chosen this colour myself but once it was on my nails I was so pleased, I seriously couldn't (and still can't) stop staring at it.
It's Rimmel's Green With Envy (819), which is an odd name since it really isn't that green, I'd personally give it a more 'Mermaid's Tear' sort of name, because it's actually a really lovely teal colour. It's also part of their "60 Seconds" range which meant even though I needed 3 coats it took no time at all.
All in all, I am unexpectedly in love with this colour.
Purple Hair, Continued.
This part is in answer to interest some people expressed in how well my hair dye fades. I know a lot of people worry about this sort of thing; when it comes to dying hair un-natural colours and how quickly it fades and needs renewing.
For a proper reminder look here, which has photos of my hair the day after I dyed it purple (Directions - Plum).
It's been a month since I dyed it and in that time I washed it about 6 times (with lots of dry shampoo), which I know to people who don't dye their hair is just horrendous but to those of you who do dye you know it's pretty much the norm. As you can see the colour has only just started fading, which is amazing. The first photo of the post is also a month's worth of fade.
You might have noticed my roots are a little odd looking (sort of fushia), this has nothing to do with the dye and every thing to do with my roots not being as bleached as the rest of my hair.
If you have any more questions on hair dying feel free to ask, I'm thinking about doing some form of hair dye review/FAQ post possibly in the future and maybe show some of my previous colours (pink, red, turquoise...) Tell me what you think!

Here's just a quick comparison between when it was first dyed to a month later.
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As always all photos taken by my boyfriend, find his tumblr here.


  1. I love that color. It is so pigmented and gorgeous!


  2. I love all the colors in this post! Such pretty shades.

  3. Hi!
    Love your blog! Found you on an IFB group, follow back at

  4. Hi! I would like to ask what shade was your hair after you bleached it, and before you put the plum on it? I'm trying this colour soon so I would need to know about what shade of bleached blonde I would need ^^

  5. Hi! My originally colour is very dark brown and very thick so I had to bleach it quite a lot. Before I dyed it it was medium to light blonde but very definitely nothing close to platinum blonde.
    I hope that helps, if you need to know anything else, just ask :)

  6. Great nails...and fabulous hair! Always wished I had the courage to dye mine like this x

  7. I'm the anon from before :3 I have black hair so I doubt my first bleach with 30 vol. would lead me to blonde, maybe a pale orange colour. Would Plum take into that base? :0

    Also, did you bleach your own hair yourself? How did it go? Any other tips? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

  8. I wouldn't recommend trying it after only one 30 vol if you want a similar colour to what I have. If you look at the colour by my roots, that's the colour when my hair was bleached once and then dyed (when I was redoing my roots). If you are going to bleach your hair just once I'd recommend doing 40 vol.
    I did bleach my own hair, with the help of a friend. I know some of my friends do it entirely on their own but I find it easier when someone can see behind my head for me.
    As for general tips here are a few links to sites that give good advice:

    I hope that helps! If you've got any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

  9. I LOVE your hair color:) Great post!

  10. Cool nails! Loving the purple hair!!! Great blog!

  11. LOOOOOOve your Hair!!
    and your snood too..


  12. I love the hair! I would never be brave enough to do it, but I know my sister would! I already forwarded her the link to this post! The aqua nails are terrific, too!

  13. I still think it looks amazing and the roots shade just makes it even more awesome, the nail polish is perfect I totally love it <3

  14. amazing hair color!!!! love your nails too :)


  15. Love the nail varnish! And your purple hair makes me miss mine! I loved it, but now I'm a 'real' person I'm not allowed :(

  16. Your hair is gorgeous! I've always wanted to do mine some crazy color like purple. And the nail polish is awesome :)

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs


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