Friday, 16 December 2011

New Additions ~ A Bundle of Kittens ♥

I know. That title makes no sense.
Last week we bought home 2 new kittens (making the sum of felines in my house a grand total of 4). My one is called Mr. Bunny and the other is called Perl; my dad named her after his favourite language to write computer programs with...what a dork. It beats the other possibles: C (or C++) or Java. Those names are just horrendous. Now do you understand my still slightly nonsensical title?
This one is Perl and in real life she likes so like a gremlin it is untrue. She's very very tiny for her ages because she's the runt of her litter (in this photos just 8 weeks), compared to her brother she looks about 5 weeks. She has huge eyes and a teeny weeny rat like tail. She can be a little grumpy when you try and pick her up but once she's one a warm body she will sleep for hours (provided big brother Bunny is there too.)
And this one is Mr. Bunny. He looks a lot like one of our older cats when he was a kitten. He never stops purring and he's all mine! Look how adorable and perfect he is!
And here they are together. Bundle of kittens!

So, this post was basically just to gloat about how unbelievably cute my new kittens are and to say sorry for not posting for what seems like an ages, but life is being a bit crap (exams, laptop breaking, car accident etc) so I haven't been able to keep up. Do not fear, I am still around and I have many things lined up!
I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season!


  1. Oh my god!! I'm in love!! They are so cute!! you're so lucky to have so many! I love it when kittens play and pounce and jump around. They are the cutest creatures ever.

  2. Ahhh they are so cute! x


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