Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oh, My Deer. ~ Etsy Special

I know, hilarious and over used pun, I am so at the cutting edge of digital media.
So, last month was a feature on all things owl, and this month another animal feature; deer! They have been slowly making themselves known to me and I'm starting to love them like I love owls. To be honest most of these items are things I desperately want, I won't lie. And I think you'll feel the same way when see them.

Etsy shop: Kokofox Studio
Figurine, £16.62
There are a lot of kitsch deer figurines around on Etsy but these are by far the cutest, plus the most versatile. I know if I had one I'd be painting it right up.

Etsy shop: Sarahkdesigns
Christmas cards, £7.94
When I first saw these I didn't even realise there were deer on them, but take a closer look and sure enough, there they are. These cards are so imaginative and a nice alternative to your usual christmas card.

Etsy shop: Bugga
Reindeer necklace, £10.59
Christmas themed, simple and quirky. What more could you want? I am loving that little bell as well!

Etsy shop: Tiny Owl's Magic Attic
Hat knitting pattern, £3.64
I wish I could crochet/knit! If that were the case then I would proudly be sporting one of these absolutely endearing (see that! Another pun!) hats. Maybe I should get this for my gran and hint heavily as to who she might make one for, hm...

 Etsy shop: Sugarsnap,
Tote, £13.20
I just love this print so much. Deers + damask, what more could you want?

 Etsy shop: The Door Stop
Antler wall hook, £18.61
Along with a deer obsession comes an antler obsession. This guy is just perfect for a log cabin. Practical and awesome, they come in a few different colours as well.

Etsy shop: jDUCT
Stag wallet, £14.56
Here's something for that hipster man in your life. It's just so funny! Everything looks cooler with a pair of fake glasses on, right? (to be honest, I myself have two pairs...guilty!)

Etsy shop: Maria Handmade
Small antler hairband, £13.32
Need. Just need. SO bad.

 Etsy shop: Cranberry Lover
Little deer purse, £3.31
It's so simple but so sweet, somehow I'm drawn to it. Perfect for carrying a lipstick and a mirror around without loosing them in the depths of your bag.

So, which one's your favourite? Found anything deer related recently? Let me know, leave a comment, I want to see! I need to get my Christmas shop on! I've got about a million people who needs presents and I have bought about 3 so far. Ah!
(update: expect a Christmas haul at some point soon! I went crazy in London!)


  1. All of these deer etsy things are so cute! I'm loving the knit hat and that funny wallet too. Great finds!

  2. Super cute idea with all the deer related products! Love it. That hat is adorable.
    xx. Jillian

  3. That hat is absolutely adorable!

    Found you in IFB Links a la Mode!

    Come by, say hi and stay awhile -

    xo Kristle

  4. Such cute finds!! Especially the deer hat!

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