Saturday, 3 December 2011

London in Christmas Spirits ~ a haul post!

Last Wednesday I took a break from revision and took a trip up to London with the boyfriend (who will  onwardly be referred to as he). It turned out to be a very long but very wonderful 8 hours of travelling around various parts of Christmasy London so I'm glad I opted for comfort instead style that day. Everywhere was so beautiful and full of lights, especially the Southbank Christmas market which was just amazing. The photos are a bit all over the place today but it was hard to keep continuity.

Summary of What I Bought
Kurt Geiger, Primark, various stalls at the Southbank Christmas market. (doesn't the blouse look so creepy just lying there?)

Oxford & Regent Street - Things Purchased
Our first stop was Oxford/Regent street. Oh goodness, as always, the ultimate high street. I had made a list the night before so as to limit how many shops I visited (and therefore limit how much waiting he had to do, bless him). Also, on a side note I can't believe how many of some shops there were, I spotted at least four Accessorizes and H&Ms! Four! It seems just a little excessive.

My first purchase was from Kurt Geiger which is definitely not somewhere I'd normally go into, ever, but as an Elle subscriber I got a £25 gift card so I went to spend that baby up (with minimal spending on my behalf). It took a bit of browsing their sale section (because most of their full price stuff is way beyond my budget) until we spotted the faux fur (you can just about see it in the above summary photo in the bottom left hand corner) originally £60 down to £30 and it was a done deal, even though he would have preferred the red one I thought navy was a bit more versatile. It is so soft and luxurious and I love it.

(this is technically from Southbank but it's pretty so it doesn't matter)
My other purchases came from Primark. And HOLY MOTHER. It is untrue how busy it was in there. Like, genuinely scary. I think my local one is better e.g., more clothes, less people, win win. I don't think I'll be going back in there in a hurry, there should be a warning outside: Primark, Oxford Street - only for the most hardcore of bargain hunter. I am afraid to say I am not that hardcore.
First are my amazing glittery deer! I've been looking for a perfect pair, I found some in Next, Paperchase and BHS but these ones are far superior in size and price (£4 each)!

Then I got this lovely cream blouse for a tenner. Again, I'd been looking for the perfect floaty blouse but most of the dip-hem ones are too extreme, this one was just right and I loooove the tie, massive fan of pussy-bows is me. I also got a snood (which you can see in that top summary photo) which is so soft and thick, I was torn between that burgundy or a mustard one, but burgundy won.

Some Thoughts on Other Shops Visited:
New Look - same old, but still awesome, they have so many coats going so cheap at the moment, I almost felt an obligation to buy one.
Muji - never heard of it before but it's SUCH a cute shop! Simple, affordable, quirky, I just love it. I saw a really darling little snowflake stamp set but I didn't buy it...feel like maybe I should have.
Forever 21 - it was the first time I stepped into a Forever 21 store and I really liked the general feel, it was quite chill actually, considering it's on Oxford Street. There wasn't anything I particularly loved but I feel like their next seasons will probably pull me in.
Pull&Bear - never heard of these guys as well but really liked their stuff, it was like an edgy H&M. Also, nice prices.
Hamleys - we always visit Hamleys when we're in the area, it brings out the kids in us. My favourite level is the ground floor with all the adorable stuffed toys (and secretly I sort of love the girl's level too).

Southbank ~ the Christmas Market
Once we were done there it had gotten dark. I wish we'd taken more photos of the some of the shops, Selfridges, Debanhams and Boots all looked amazing and lit up, but we were in need of a break so we hopped on the tube to Embankment, crossed the bridge and went up to the terrace to chill, have a drink and stare in awe/anticipation at the Christmas market (that last bit might have been just me).
The market was just so perfect, like a series of little workshops from the North Pole selling all manner of lovely things. We wandered up and down and I found a lot of presents for people.

First this little leather notebook for a friend (it's lying on a fur scarf I got from Primark but returned, I wasn't crazy about it so it wasn't worth keeping). I love how authentic and real it feels.

Then this locket which is actually a clock when you open it. It came from a hut that was all £10 and £15 fob watches and watch necklaces, there were so many different kinds but this one is my favourite. Perfect gift for another friend, I think she's going to love it (I know I do).

Aren't these guys so cute!? The top I'm keeping for myself because it is just too cute and it makes me think of Christmas pudding with holly or misltoe on top. The others are perfect little presents and isn't the bag they came in so sweet?

Once we were done we grabbed a delicious Angus beef burger from one of the stalls and then some marshmallows dipped in chocolate from a  fountain but we wolfed it down too quickly to even think about taking a photo of it. All in all a wonderful day, even if I did wake up the next day with genuine muscle ache.

What are your favourite shops to visit in London?
As always all photos are taken by this guy.


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  3. Gorgeous pictures!


  4. OHHHH that blouse is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  5. you found some fabulous items! i am especially in love with the blouse and the glittery deer...i may have to do some diy deer myself!

  6. I NEED that blouse! I wonder if I could find it online, so gorgeous :( Also, the bokeh in the top photo is breathtaking.

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  7. Frickin' eck!! Awesome shopping haul! We still need to get down to Oxford street before it gets too busy! Love the white blouse!

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  8. Oh, I just love that top. LOVE. IT. I love it!

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  11. That blouse definitely looks less creepy when it's hung up, haha. Also, I really love the locket/watch -- I bet the recipient of the watch will love it, too!

  12. Nice haul!

  13. Loved your shopping! That blouse is to die for!!


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