Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fashion Dupes ~ the same for less.

The other day I was trawling Missguided whilst deciding what to get with my 15% student discount and I came across a few dupes that I think will delight you just as much as they delighted me - Missguided is just so much cheaper than all of these brands and the products are basically the same.

Left: Topshop Geek Sweater, £29 
Right: Missguided Selisa Geek Sweater, £11.99 (usually £14.99)
Both shops offer the jumpers in different colours and the same print on t-shirts too. For whatever reason I vaguely prefer the filled in black letters to the empty white ones, but at more than half the price that's the kind of difference I'll willing to ignore. I wish Missguided did a Dweeb dupe, I love the word Dweeb. Also, anyone else noticed the new trend of this sort of geek-culture labelling going? Apprently faux geek (a.k.a geek chic) is back again.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I have loved and yearned for Black Milk suspender leggings (or anything of theirs really) for so long but they are just so expensive and as far as I can see, I can find no other dupe anywhere else for this particular style. I have in fact already bought them and obviously the quality is no where near those of Black Milk. The material is pretty thin and leg is a little short, not to mention the suspender effect only goes half way, the back is just plain. BUT having said that, I love the style and it is such as discount from the original version, so I'm going to let them off.
Right: Teneale Striped Dress, £18.99
I don't know if this counts as a dupe or not but the general idea is the same; monochrome striped dress, horizontal then vertical. Simples. I also love that the models' poses mirror each other, model dupe!

A pretty simple dupe, and probably one you can find in a lot of other places, but I definitely would not pay £26 for it. I'm actually not so hot on this style (probably because it absolutely doesn't suit me).

Left: UNIF Hellbound Platform Shoes, £152.45 ($244.95)
Again, these are not an exact dupe. The Missguided version has more seams and a leather look, but the overall effect is there, if you want bloody massive platform shoes, here's a cheaper option for you. One of the more expensive Missguided items actually but again, less than quarter of the original price!

And that's it for my little selection of dupes. I know I'm making it sound like Missguided is just a brand that copies other companies but actually, they do a lot of really cool designs that are 100% their own. I'm loving their selection of crop tops (which you may be seeing on here very soon since I bought two) and also their suspender dress.
So, what is your opinion on dupes? Better to pay the full price for the original or is cheap and cheerful more your thing? Found any good dupes that I should know about?


  1. I actually have those missguided geeks and although I would call them more of a big lita (Jeffrey Campbell) dupe they're the best heels I have ever owned!! Sky high but unbelievably comfy :)

  2. I find it insane that people are paying that much for a t-shirt with the word Geek on, just because it's from Topshop, when there are tons of dupes out there...sometimes I do go for the higher priced option, purely because I find Topshop (dresses particularly) give a much better fit for me, but for basics it's pretty insane! x

    1. Yeah, I completely agree! I feel like, for more tailored, quality things maybe pay a bit more but not like £15 for a vest or whatever.

  3. Thanks so much for the dupes on the jumper (I have wanted that forever) and the cute grey dress. I absolutely love Topshop but find their products can be so expensive, so it is great to be able to find similar styles elsewhere. I think it depends really what you are wanting from the dupe...if its just because you like it then it will be fine but sometimes the quality and fit might not be there on something cheaper and it might not last as long. I think sometimes you get what you pay for. Just came across your blog and think its fab, so following now :-)
    Lianne x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and following!
      I agree, Topshop is great but definitely overpriced. And sometimes not even that good a quality.


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