Monday, 28 January 2013

Etsy Special ~ In the name of the moon!

It's been a while since I've done an Etsy Special but it is now 2013, the year the Sailor Moon remake comes out! To be honest I'm always a bit conflicted about my love of anime, it makes me feel like a massive dork, but the fans of Sailor moon have produced loads of cool, cute paraphernalia to make me feel a bit more at ease as an adult Sailor moon fan. Some fanmade merchandise can be a bit tacky but hopefully I have found some more tasteful things but affordable things for everyone's preferences!

The Rabbit's Den, Moon and Star 14K Gold Filled Necklace ~ £12.93
Of course the things you can buy can be a tribute to Sailor Moon without making a direct, fan-specific reference, take this adorable crescent moon and star necklace for example. So precious. Special mention to this more elegant version by E. Ria Designs.

How about secretly, subtly emulating your favourite character? Sailor Jupiter's little rose earrings will do nicely! Saturn's earrings by KPONOS are pretty cute too.

Affray Patchwords, Sailor Moon Symbol Patch ~ £3.27
I love everything about this patch! I love the idea of customising a 90s inspired denim jacket with it. Plus, there's a patch for every character, apart from this delibrate isolation due to it no longer being a planet? So mean! They're also super affordable!

LesserKey Shop, 6 Assorted Stickers ~ £3.24
I've already shown you an example of super pretty, indie, Sailor Moon stickers, so here are some more cartoony but equally adorable ones. Special mention to these cuties by Little Paper Forest too (plus they're on sale!).

Supporting independent artists whilst showing your love for Sailor Moon? That's Win-Win right? I absolutely love this print. So much. It is perfection! Special mention to this badass print by Teacup Bee and another quirky take on two of the coolest villains; Black Lady and Mistress 9 (am I being too geeky? Sorry I'm not sorry!) by the Glucose Girls.

Daily Lacquer, Lovely Moon Nail Varnish Collection ~ £31.09
I absolutely love the idea of a nail polish series inspired by Sailor Moon and the inner senshi, and luckily it's been done by a couple of Etsy sellers. This set of 6 is my favourite, they do a really cute father/daughter duo as well, for Chibi-Usa and Mamoru. Obviously the collection is sold as singles too (at £5.83 each). This set by Kawaii Nail Lacquer gets a special mention for being oddly visually accurate, if that makes sense.

So, we know how much I like laser-cut acrylic jewellery and all of a sudden a bunch of shops have come up with awesome designs which replicate compacts used for transforming. Starlight Deco Dream did some (my favourite design is linked) but all their designs are sold out, same applies to Kuma Crafts (who used to be on Etsy) who had loads of varied designs! Unfortunately Japanophile UK are on hiatus at the moment but they do some really cute designs as well - I should know, I have one!

Manifested Dreams, Saturn Phone Charm ~ £3.24
On the same theme as laser-cut acrylic, I love these simple, cheap little phone charms available in all the senshi's planterary symbols. If you prefer that with a really pretty mirror effect and on a chain then there is another option by Mercury Henshin.

CR Sparkle Galaxy, Sailor Moon Inspired Bow ~ £16.19
I just like this, plus it's available in silver, but if you're paying homage to Luna gold is the way to go! Or if you feel like copying Venus' cute red bow, I really like this one by Ruby and Sue.

 Pink Sugar Shop, Sailor Moon Bow Shirt
I also wanted to mention these super cute tshirts - unfortunately there are none for sale at the moment but I thought they were a cool idea, and if you really want one for yourself then there is this non-etsy seller called Meatball Head also sells tshirt of all the different bows.

Last but not least, special mention to Anime Couture Jewelry who do really sweet, imaginative charm necklaces, each with charms that represent a specific character (even a lot of minor ones too). Also Southern Moon Creations who do tiny little sculpted jewellery based on items like the henshin rods and Pluto's Garnet Orb, this little star locket pendant is my favourite.
So, that's been my little collection of moonie things. Did I geek out too much? Anything you like? Is there anything I missed you guys think I should know about? Let me know!


  1. Awesome post! My sister-in-law is a huge fan and her birthday is next month, so I fully intend on hitting up one of these shops!

  2. Thank you SO much for including me in your brilliant post. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.


    1. You're more than welcome! I'm surprised you even found the post :P

  3. LOVE Sailor Moon so pretty excited about the remake and pretty much want all these things. Stickers are super cute but love the wee art pieces x

    1. :) hee hee, I'm glad there's a fellow "moonie" (slightly cringe name) about!

  4. Does this remind me of my childhood or what!!!?? I loved sailor moon when i was a kid!
    And it's great to some of the details being put on t-shirts and such!!! Awww now i want to curl up in the couch with pyjamas and just watch sailor moon for an entire day haha!!!/Azure

    1. Hehe, I'm glad I've reawakened the fandom within you!


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