Tuesday, 5 March 2013

50 Facts About Me!

If you hadn't noticed the whole fashion blogosphere has divulged 50 facts about themselves and I thought it only proper if I did the same. I'm afraid these won't be very exciting but genuinely (to my surprise actually) enjoyed reading other people's facts so I can only hope the same will apply to you. Although I am doubting whether I can come up with 50 facts (interesting or otherwise) about myself, or whether anyone will read til the end, but the boyfriend has informed me that he will regardless.
Thought I'd include a photo of me in a normal situation, as opposed to a 'blogger' one

1. I'm currently studying at the university of Sussex, doing a degree in Neuroscience with Cognitive Science
2. The boyfriend and I have known each other for nearly 9 years, been best friends for a lot of those years and together for about 2.5 of them
3. I am half french from my mum's side and french was my first language
4. I am currently considering a fairly big career change once I've finished my degree and it's pretty scary
5. One of my pet peeves is people talking about/to their pets all the time, unfortunately I am also guilty of this which is even more annoying
6. When I was young I used to be afraid to go to sleep in case the next day when I woke up I wouldn't be me anymore - pretty strange
7. I have an absolutely terrible memory and I really hate it
8. I am currently planning on getting a pixie cut very soon (think Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson)
9. I'm a massive book worm, always have been
10. My favourite book of all time is probably Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (which I plan on reading in french soon - it's good practise)
11. I'm one of those people who wants to do about a million things with their life which makes making decision about the future and balancing time between different interests hard
12. I can't cook for my life, apart from pancakes
13. I don't have one specific favourite colour, there's usually about four at any given time and they change all the time
From a recent production of Pride and Prejudice I was in, can you spot me?
14. Used to do a lot of sport when I was younger, including fencing, horse-riding, karate, golf and swimming but now I do barely any
15. One of my proudest academic achievements was my teacher giving full marks for the first time ever in his career to me, for my creative writing coursework during my GCSEs
16. I'm currently learning to drive and hoping to pass before the summer *fingers crossed*
17. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily a geek, but I enjoy video games (even though I am poooor at them), anime and X-Men.
18. I'm 20 years of age
19. I feel kind of insecure when my hair isn't dyed an unusual colour, which is pretty sad, especially since if I get a proper, normal job it will have to be a normal colour
20. Having my blood taken causes me faint to and means I can't give blood - luckily the boyfriend can pump that stuff out in no time so he does it on my behalf
21. My hobbies outside of blogging include acting, writing, singing and occasionally drawing
22. I have recently developed an addiction to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Omg.
23. Currently on a spending ban so I can afford to go to both Comic Con in May and IMATS in June
24. I used to be part of a band and we recorded one song called 'Rave on the Moon'
25. Out of all the hair colours I've had I think turquoise was my favourite
26. If I could choose one book for the world to read it would be Ben Goldacre's 'Bad Science', it's a depressingly eye-opening read
27. I'm kind of socially shy/awkward, which results in me swearing a lot (not agressively though), usually in the presence of new acquaintances
28. Most of my friends used to be male so it's taken a while to realise it, but having girlfriends is awesome too
29. My old best friend was the vicar's daughter which meant I went to church for a fair few years when I was younger even though I'm not religious, but it was fun
30. Sometimes I like to wear fake glasses and a lot of people hate that about me
31. I attract weird/broken people. But I like weird/broken people so it usually works out
32. One of my biggest regrets is leaving my two big art projects at school and never picking them up, meaning they've probably been disposed of now
33. Favourite holiday is Christmas, quickly followed by Guy Fawkes' Night and Halloween
34. But I hate horror films
35. I'm currently into The Pretty Reckless, Gotye, The Pierces and Alt+J
36. I used to have a lot of insane house parties but now I can't really drink alcohol; it was crazy fun while it lasted though
37. Sometimes I wish I was just covered in loads of beautiful, colourful tattoos - but I am way too afraid of the pain (and the cost and any multitude of other reasons)
38. I have a constant internal battle about what I want my personal style to be; sometimes I want androgony with super short hair, sometimes I want to embody the pastel goth look, sometimes I want to be all vintage.
 Dorkiest photo of me ever? Potentially. Best photo of a Lion King reenactment using a puppy ever? Definitley.

39. Indecision is the bane of my life
40. Of my many ambitions, I think I would one day like to publish a book
41. I don't like my legs at all, but I'm fairly fond of my waist
42. I don't get people's proper hatred for Coldplay, James Blunt or Nickelback. I like all three
43. I hate clubbing, and dancing, unless it's male lead, like Ceroc
44. I really like mythology (including Egyptian, Greek/Roman and Norse) and fairytales
45. I'm currently reading Cloud Atlas (having seen the film and enjoyed it) and 1Q84
46. I go through phases of being completely at peace with how I look and then loathing all my features. But I'm pretty sure that's standard for girls my age
47. I really like flowers of all kinds
48. I'm currently hunting for the perfect framed taxidermy butterfly
49. I'm a cat person, but I still love certain types of dog - as long as they're soft
50. Sometimes cute girls are too cute and I want them all, is that just me?

And that's it! If you got the end, let me know, 'cause you probably deserve a medal or something! And I keep considering not having that Circle of Life photo, but I think it's funny enough to leave. We will resume normal, fashion and makeup related programming soon.


  1. I read it all. Now where's my medal? =]

    1. Haha! How about a bucketful of love instead? :)

  2. Your hair looks so cool in that turquoise colour, it really suits you <3

    Ellen xx

  3. Fencing? Snap! Me too!
    Also will you get dressed up for comic con? I'm hoping to go, if I can sort out tickets...

    1. Haha, cool!
      And yes I am, but I will tweet you about it :P

  4. Awww, I love the Lion King photo! I'm not a massive fan, but I like nickelback, have grown to think Coldplay are alright, but James Blunt...nooooo!

    1. :P then I guess it was worth putting it up then!

  5. #6 is pretty weird... #35, I love Gotye too, after "that song" I downloaded his back catalogue and its been a permanent fixture on my ipod since.

    1. Haha! Thanks for confirming that xD
      And yeah, his stuff is pretty good, I really like Bronte and State of the Art.

  6. I'm ridiculously indecisive too, I have so many little plans in my head that I can never pick one! I also have a terrible memory! xx


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