Saturday, 6 July 2013

Haul Post ~ Topshop, Primark and more!

The other day day BFF1 and I went shopping in Brighton, for a total of 6 hours. I hadn't done the main high street in ages and the tail end of the sales were calling my name. So here's what I bought! I've also included a few recent online purchases as well.
Also, a question to my regular readers; I was considering making this a video post since I was struggling to lay all the thing out in a pleasing way, but in the end I didn't, so I was just wondering whether you guys would like videos hauls in the future or do you prefer this format?

MOTO corduroy pinafore dress ~ £25 (originally £42)
During my hunt for the ideal pinafore a few months ago I came across this one online and it was perfect, apart from the price tag. I had given up the hopes of ever having it when it sold out on their webite during the sales. But by some curious miracle I found it sitting on the sale rack, without a tag, in a size too big. I still haven't decided if the fit is alright or if I've just trying to kid myself because I've wanted it for so long. Only time will tell.

I love cats badges ~ £1.99
Statement t-shirt ~ £5 (originally £7.99)
Lace vest top ~ £10
H&M can seriously take all my money. They are just ticking all my boxes at the moment; their prices, their clothing and accessories, just everything! There was a tonne more stuff I could have bought if I hadn't been strict with myself. Also massively pleased to have found the last 'I Never Liked You Anyway' tshirt in the sales. I'm currently on holiday in Swanage and it's pretty damn hot so I think this will come in super handy as a light, thin top for general chilling. This photo doesn't really show everything off very nicely but rest assured you will be seeing them all in outfits soon.

New Look
Plain black bandeau ~ £2 (originally £2.99)
So cheap! Hurray! Just for maintaining minimum modesty with sheer or lacy tops or super low arm holes (see above). H&M does a pretty cute lace one but it's £5.99. I know, shocking. I am such a cheapskate sometimes. I didn't even pay for this - I still have vouchers left over from Christmas.

Lace crop top ~ £4
Aztec/Navajo ruck sack ~ £9
Hurray for Primark! After having purchased these, we went into Miss Selfridge and found the same top but for £16 instead (although I do imagine the lace is of a much better quality). And even though I have enough bags I couldn't say no to adding this one to my collection, it's a perfect size as well.

Urban Outfitters
Zinka coloured sun block ~ £4
Circle sunglasses ~ £8
I bought these online during the UO sale, I've been wanting another pair of circle sunglasses (I have a pair from Primark that are a bit smaller and with thicker frames), plus these are darker which I like. And although there is not much of a need for purple suncream I'm just obsessed with the idea of using it as war paint onto of my usual sun cream. If you're interested they also sell lime green, pink and loads more colours.

Roses & Clementines
Roses and Clementines floral crown ~ £14
This is the boyfriend's present to me for getting 200 GFC followers, bless his face! He let me choose it and by the time I decided this was on sale! It is really big - a lot more upright than I usually go for but I have a wig that I think would go perfectly with it. Hopefully I'm right!

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  1. That flower crown is beautiful! :)
    Jessica xx

  2. I love the floral crown and the round sunglasses! awesome stuff

  3. Ooh you picked up some amazing bits! I really want a floral crown, and that one is lovely I'm now browsing their sale section and wanting so much of it! I'm also loving H&M at the moment, it's the only real shop near my work so I often go for a lunchtime browse! x

    1. Oh, lucky! I'd love to be able to browse H&M daily. Although, my bank account would definitely suffer.

  4. I don't usually look at hauls (they're to I tempting to my purse) but you're are always perfect. I want so much of it! I love a coloured sunblock, we had ones when we were younger that I remember in my teens using on my lips, they used to get dry and sore in the sun. Might have to buy it for my holiday this year.

    1. Awh, I must have missed out on that during my childhood. I love the idea of wearing it lips though!

  5. Love that flower crown, it's beautiful! Love the pinafore/dungaree dress too. Yay for sales!


    1. Unfortunately the pinafore dress doesn't fit right, but it was still an awesome find!


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