Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Outfit of the Day ~ petal head.

Maxi skirt ~ New Look
Crop top ~ New Look
Victoriana booties ~ stolen from my mother
Floral crown ~ ASOS
Sunglasses ~ Urban Outfitters
Ruck sack ~ Primark
Belt ~ New Look

This is the sort of outfit I've been wearing in the blistering heat of England at the moment. I love this maxi skirt - my legs are really sensitive to sunlight so it's nice to cover them up (that, and I don't like my legs and no one really needs to see them). I've also been trying to find something good to pair with this crop top, which I've had for a couple of months but not found a good partner for. It's such a nice, light top though, I like how loose it is. My make up was kind of messy though...still trying to perfect my technique for matte eyeshadow on primer, currently I'm finding it hard to blend. Anyone got any tips for that?
I'm back from my holiday now but these were taken during mine and the boyfriend's time in Devon with his brother and sister-in-law. We were down during the Way With Words festival which was so so good, I went to talks by neuroscientists, biochemists, divers, writers, philosophers, radio presenters. Ah, it was so fun and interesting and the location, a place called Dartington, which ridiculously gorgeous. I also spent an evening stargazing with a group of people using the boyfriend's brother's telescope and we ended up hanging out with Robin Ince of the Infinite Monkey Cage fame, who is intelligent, thoughtful and funny - definitely a winning combo. I also got to see Saturn which is so unbelievably perfect when you see it through a telescope - it's genuinely hard to really accept the idea that that perfect sphere with its perfect rings is actually real and a long long way away.
Other highlights of the holiday included a midnight paddle (fully clothed) in the river near their house, their giant, slightly feral, fluffy cat and visiting the local areas including Totnes and (if it wasn't obvious from the photos) a butterfly sanctuary that also had otter. I really love butterflies so it was awesome - there were so many and they were all so beautiful. And yes, that is a butterfly resting on my floral headband in the photos. Perfect timing! Generally the holiday was awesome, and when we were in Swanage I bought an inflatable ring and we spent some time chilling in the sea, sort of piled on top of each other.
I hope everyone else is having an enjoyable summer! What's your favourite thing to wear in the hot weather?

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  1. The black maxi skirt is so beautiful. Love the flowers in your hair

  2. You look stunning- perfect look I've never used eye shadow primer before so sorry I can't help :(
    So jealous you saw Saturn- I've only been star gazing once and couldn't see a thing


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